World of warships – Brawling God

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  1. I hate Derpitz! haha

    • How can you hate this baby

    • It cant be citadelled and now fire buff(max 30 sec, first 50 sec) Tirpitz is a beast! I with Mogami or my little Fiji dont have chanche!! haha

    • @Mario Grilli There are few ships in the game that can be damaged as consistently as Ger BB’s, the fact it can’t be citadelled (and because it is so popular everyone knows it) encourages to fire middle to upper broadside thus this increasing overall number of scored hits (cause when you fire at waterline it is very likely some shells will dive into water to far from the ship), and because it has 120mm+ at the thinnest part on the broadside means that rarely any hit will overpen.
      Lets compare the situation when firing at North Cal; you aim lower – for citadel – which reduce number of hits, you score citadels (or none at all cause RNGesus) and pens (if you are lucky), and bunch of overpens. The damage is either catastrophic or negligible.

      tldr; immunity to citadels on Ger BB is not a problem, it only makes damage against them more consistent, and not like NC where there is either Dev Strike or glorious overpens.

    • Błażej Kurdyła true, Tirpitz ding a lot of sheels thanks to big armor, then HE ALL LIFE :))

    • Mario Grilli

      Lol wtf, it still has the same fire duration. ….and the turtleback is even a historical thing . ….

      And bbs are ment to counter cruisers ?

  2. Server lag is a way of WG telling us that players should use stealth build on every battleship…

  3. You run ifhe in your sec. Build too?

  4. Gneisenau > Scharonhorst for secoundaries. With AA Flag I’ve got 85 AA rating on a 10 Points Captain and secoundarie build.
    I even dare to say that Gneisenau is one of the best german brawler. Its damn fast (with flag as fast as Iowa), it is slender from the front/back and 380s is enough punch for top and mid tier.

    Why her over Scharnhorst? Ever tryed to Citadel a Gneisenau? Also most player forget that she has torps because she’s the only non premium ship that has torps afaik.

    I know you did play her a few days ago but if you like, I can only recommend her in the secoundarie build. =)

  5. Tirpitz is bae ❤

  6. Fun to watch Flambass. Had a silar game in my Bismarck the other day. Fun as hell. 🙂 Can’t wait to brawl in Roma…

  7. This is how BBs should be.

  8. Thx for that Vid it perfektly shows why I love her :3

    Btw did you ever heard of Breaking Benjamin? They are a awesome Band

  9. That spotting bug is the same in Asia server , so annoying!

  10. The delay of the enemy ship being rendered isn’t server lag. There always used to be a short delay ie. ship would show on the map just before it was rendered but not to this extent. You would have easily gotten a return volley off and even get a bit angled before that guys shells arrived. The extra delay came in after they decided to get a bit more fancy and have ships “Fade in” or “Fade out” instead of just popping into existence. What ever way they’re applying that effect, that’s what’s causing the idiotic delay. Could just be me but after they tweeked the muzzel effects and added the extra large water splashes(looks nice but annoying as hell) that delay got even worse I think. To me it feels like they’ve hit a limit of their game engine and maybe gone a bit over it.

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