World of Warships – Breaking a record HI YOUTUBE

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You thought previous match in ranked was crazy? Wait till you see this one.

I had to break a record to pull a carry, meanwhile my whole Twitch chat was saying “HI YOUTUBE” because they knew this would end up here.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 7:38 How to make a Gascogne

  2. MyopicAutisticMetal

    video’s are always so quiet, I have to turn up my speakers to hear past the hiss. G.K. and Yamato = Double Strike!

  3. Heal buffs make it a bit easier to get but still bloody well played

  4. Hi Twitch …(* ̄0 ̄)ノ

  5. I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen the damage meter go up on a battleship.

  6. That Yamato kill is just pure filth … love it!!!

  7. 4:21
    Mrs. Citadel: “NANI?”

  8. cccooooooolllllllll

    The stalingrad on the enemy team misplayed, he should have gone for the reload boost and finish flambass, then he could have gone against the petropavlosk and win.

  9. Almost forgot: Hi Twitch!

  10. Droid Motorola 388

    Glad it was you who carried the team and not that thunderer at the end…

  11. Harugumo: *Hoots friendly horn*
    Flambass: “What did you say? You got a problem?”
    *Sad harugumo noises*

  12. I remember once on yt Flambass citadelled a GK with his Massa and now again with his bourgogne … it must feel so good to do that from close range

    Beautiful performance

    • Слава Сахно

      It is because of turning. GK`s went full right and its hull dive into the water on the left side making turtleback angle irrelevant.

    • Василий Чапаев

      Слава Сахно wait I thought devs said the physical position of the hull doesn’t affect the damage model,it remains untilted

    • Слава Сахно

      @Василий Чапаев You should check the source or context of that statement. Because since CBT (haven’t played earlier) it was in such way.

  13. He deletes the Yama with a single turret, then fires the other (working) turret at Stalingrad. In effect, doing 100k dmg from a single reload, in spite of a busted turret.

  14. “That they might screw this up…” ….that’s cute 🙂 lol

  15. Shrayes Bhagavatula

    Start of the match:
    “Wait, it’s all healing buffs?”
    *Always has been*

  16. Think of how much more fun that battle had been if someone could have deleted you from above with no risk to their ship. Spreadsheet agrees.

  17. I was fortunate enough to watch this game live. Absolutely great performance.

  18. 5:59 – Damage : 26’754
    7:55 – Damage: 240’890
    214’136 damage in a minute and 56 seconds… ouch!

  19. That was a glorious flank. 3 to 1 odds and Flambass just drops his visor and charges them like a lancer.

  20. Kinda weird how it says damage in game: 336226, but in end statistic it says 336224 ?!? The ramming gave me a kick though ! HAHA yes…

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