World of Warships- Brest First Impressions: A Super Dunkerque?

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Hey guys, today we have the First Impression Review of the new Techline TIX French Battlecruiser Brest, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. always consistent with the reviews, keep it up champ

  2. Just saw one in rank today, very good ship in the hand of good players, like she straight up bow in and made an Georgia blow up ( detonation), don’t know how but Georgia didn’t citadel her during the drive by

  3. Hey, SLM! About the design, they aren’t further development on the Dunkerque but rather an alternative design – or based on said desgins at least.
    Before settling on the Dunkerque the MN made a bunch of studies on larger cruisers/smaller BC armed with or around 305mm guns, that’d displaced less than the Dunkerquse eventually did. After a bunch of designs they settled on the Dunkerque. They decided that having two Dunkerques was better than having three or four smaller, less survivable units.
    p.s.: it’s been a while since I last read on this subject, so if I got anything mixed up, please do point it out. 🙂

  4. RuSomeKindaIdiot

    You make a great case for Nerfs just a soon as WG squeezes every penny out of containers.

  5. Brest is looking great at its release… it almost has me bracing for a round of NERFs. Still, I can’t wait to see what the Tier X will look like.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      The t10 is even better. Not a huge fan of the t8, and Brest at t9 is an improvement but still toward the lower end of t9 tech tree cruisers IMO. But Marseille is pretty good until RNGesus decides to take your dispersion for himself.

  6. Leona Thotskaya

    It is really getting to the point where they should break the Battlecruisers out of their respective ship types and make a new class in game for them

    • Agreed, same with large cruisers they need to be their own class

    • People have been saying this for years and WG keeps saying that it isn’t required, but they keep releasing these ships that just don’t fit in in well as cruisers or BB’s (especially in modes with limited class numbers so they don’t get picked most of the time). WG has its pet projects such as CV rework, subs, and now Super Ships (tier 11) so I expect nobody in the office really cares to focus on making a new class of ships, going through the MM to update it to balance things, and then update the tech trees/premium/special ships. They should of done this early in the games life as it would be a much bigger job now.

    • @Gouden Leeuw no that would be too many and actually blur the lines further between large cruisers, battlecruisers, and light battleships.

  7. You will be happy to hear the tier X is even better then the Brest, has a good chance to become one of the best cruisers in the game, no joke.

  8. you keep forgetting to show how many flakpuffs it throws up in your reviews. flak is the only thing that does anything in AA.

  9. Notice that the 2nd turret blocks the view of the bridge forward. This would be a non-starter in ship design.

  10. I do appreciate the review. That said, not sure how I feel about it from these gamble-like crate tech line preview ships. Doing a review on premium or special resource ships feels a bit different than these preview tech ships, at least in my opinion.

    • Or at least you can keep the random aspect of ot just show us what we will get so I can see if I have to buy 2 bundles to get it or 20 bundles

  11. Dunkerque is the first and only premium I’ve ever bought(I did get the Duke of York, but I think that was with coal), and I don’t know why everybody says it sucks. Well, I do, but I really enjoy it. The only thing thats annoying is when you get an Atlanta on the other team, because then it can shoot you over any island that you try to put yourself between to isolate ships to shoot, and light fires while you have no way of retaliating. I;m excited for when these come out, because I’m a big fan of the French cruiser line.

    • I find a lot of people either think it can just sit in the open bow tanking or rush in due to the speed. She is really a ship that requires smart plays to do well in, and she can hurt in good hands.

    • Love the Dunkerque and I do enjoy it when people underestimate it

  12. I have always been biased to the French ships. Definitely going to grind this event to the full.

  13. Looks fun, I just got through the tier 10 French BB line so it would be a nice fit. Also working on the Italian cruiser line, up to tier 8, and I love ships I can throw around and basically open water/maneuver tank.

  14. I’ve got the Brest and she’s crazy. Double citadel in one shot to Musashi has made me fall in love with this ship

  15. If this line actually has good AA with DFAA, then this line is just better then the Dutch Cruisers

  16. I don’t like French ships in the game as a whole, Jean Bart being an exception. But I’ll be honest, the low, sleek hull and stripped back superstructure of the older ships is always aesthetically pleasing to me.

  17. Oh glad ya got one! I snagged mine on the 5th box and was looking forward to your review!

  18. High Caliber Replays

    SLM: “Don’t waste your money, kids!”
    Norton antivirus: *I’m going to stop you right there*

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