World of Warships – Brest World Damage Record

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Heh. He said “Breast”. Fnarr! You could almost say he was keeping abreast of events. Just because it’s juvenile doesn’t mean it’s not funny!

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  1. Easily my favorite jingles video, already seen it 4 times today!

  2. Jingles: *Posts World of Warship Breast World Damage Rec-*

    Me: *Clicks Instantly*

  3. A country that has a town by the name of “Shitterton” shouldn’t really give any other countries grief over city names, Jingles

  4. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    Came for jingles stayed for French jokes

  5. Jingles always has the Brest of jokes

  6. “To be fair, the Brest does have big guns…”.

    I’m getting more and more interested all the time !

  7. i dont even play these games but ive spent hours watching these clips over the last couple of weeks haha

  8. Normally its the Brest that gets milked, not the brest doing the milking!

  9. Panik_im _Schriftbild

    that endless horn just gave me high blood pressure

  10. the second of silence before he says the ship’s name… i love it.

  11. Brest thing I’ve seen so far today.. to be fair I do like these French heavies.. toulon is fun at T7.. would be great with a reload booster but probably OP as hell

  12. France has Brest and UK has Bristol. Having been to both IMO the biggest t*ts are definitely in Bristol (and not by size of mammary gland) – mostly at the University as the locals are normal, friendly people who like a drink or 12 (I was at the rugby!)

    I love the fact that Jingles said he would stop making juvenile jokes and then almost immediately, without joking, talked about how the Brest had big guns

  13. You are really just a big child Jingles. And I’m laughing along with you! 😀

  14. Çağlar Kalaycıoğlu

    I am happy that Jingles lives his second adolesence in such a joyous mood.

  15. Nothing wrong with some Brest play.
    Well done Jingles.

  16. I made it 1 minute in before cracking up, keep it up Jingles

  17. he will need a pair of brest and by the size of it to have a full view you need see he from far away . just like a strip club

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