World of Warships – Bretagne First Impression

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Bretagne is next in our first impression series, the ship is familiar to anyone who’s leveled American Battleships. 340mm, solid gun arcs and stubby layout. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V French Battleship Bretagne Replay


  1. Nice meme

  2. 12:30 tier V’s have 19mm plating which is overmatched even by 283mm. So 356mm would make no difference except you would be probably facing more guns.

  3. 4:17 DO NOT ignore AFK ships. One of these days, one of those AFK targets you refuse to fire upon is going to make it to their keyboard/reconnect into the game just in time to shoot you in the back and lose you the match. I have done this to unsuspecting players a few times myself now. By all means if there is an active, shooting target that threatens you, they get priority. But never turn your back on an enemy if you can help it. Farm the damage without guilt.

    The reason why so many ships in so many nations had the ABQXY gun layout is because it was the convergent solution of the time to the problem of getting five twin centreline turrets into a battleship. There was no conscious copying; given the internal layout and everything else they needed to fit in, it was just what worked best. The British dabbled in staggered cross-deck firing for a while (APQXY), but even they came around eventually.

    • I believe in throwing a volley or 2 of HE at AFK ships just to get them burning, then let the fires run their course. Also, yes, if I’m in a ship with torps, I’m all for sending torps their way. I don’t see it as damage farming. I see it as removing guns from the map that might load in later, which I’ve seen far too often. I will say though, that when shooting at an AFK at longer range, I don’t like to waste a lot of volleys on them when there are live enemies in range. Get them burning and then focus on the live ones. OTOH, if I’m in a DD, then I will absolutely nail’em with torps the instant I’m in range.

    • I did that this morning, had to change a nappy on my kid mid fight, came back with a nagato cruising past my afk kamikaze and firing with secondary’s while engaging another ally bb just as I got back, I unloaded all 6 torpedoes into his broadside from 3km range. He was not happy

    • sjp1987 This is the sweetest thing. It’s even sweeter if you manage to do it after they’ve burned DCP for something else and can’t heal the Damage Over Time back fast or soon enough to avoid flooding out. Say hello to your Dev Strike or possibly your Liquidator award (I managed to win both plus a Flesh Wound off the same kill once, although that one wasn’t a comeback from AFK.)

    • You don’t ignore AFK ships, but you should prioritize ships that are shooting back higher.

      Also where did those abrevs for the layouts come from?

    • Royal Navy usage, and common usage by agreement for ships of other navies. Look at Warspite, for example, or Queen Elizabeth. A and B turrets up front, X and Y turrets behind (Y the hindmost, naturally). Now look at Iron Duke. Much the same except for the centre turret – by Royal Navy usage, that was Q turret. If there are TWO centre turrets (e.g. Fuso), those are P and Q. If you look at a King George V, she has three turrets – two in front, one behind – and they are A, B and Y. Now look at Nassau. Six turrets – one each end, four in the middle on opposite sides: A, P1, P2, Q1, Q2, Y.

      Note that other navies did use other designations to describe the same thing – for example, Tirpitz and Bismarck have an ABXY configuration by British standards, but the Germans themselves called them Albert (I think), Bruno, Cesar, Dora.

      I certainly did specify in my original post that if there’s a shooting target, shoot it first. But the AFK’s need to die, and others have quite rightly pointed out that planting a few torpedoes and flooding it out and/or starting some fires before walking away are good ideas. At the very least, if the player comes back to the keyboard they’re going to have a lot to deal with and a crippled ship at best if/when they finally get moving again. At the very least, they need to be treated as a ship that MIGHT come back to haunt you at any time.

    • This is yet another example where Notser rubs me the wrong way. Yeah the guy is informative, but he can be an annoying prick at times as well. Not my cup of tea.

  4. Ahem kongo

  5. “Hey, this is Notser and I’m starting the video already on fire! Everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along!”

  6. The ending of your game. Yeah, that’s pretty much how people feeling when manning US Dreadnought: No matter how well you perform, your speed will render them irrevelant anyway. 😉

  7. Talking about a kill that you dont deserve, the spoter is nothing compared with a Radar 😛

  8. Bayern Tier 6 BB king, knocked off Fuso for top spot. Even @ close range Bretagne A.P scratches paint of Bayern showing some. Close Quarter engagement with Bayern usually means one outcome, the Bayern is still floating?

    • fuso was never top… It was always the NM

    • With that pathetic top speed? i don’t think so.

    • XLegionarre716X Speed isnt everything, and fuso really isnt that much faster.

    • Of course speed is pretty much everything, it allows you to get into position, it allows you to be much more versatile, it allows you keep chase with somewhat similar speed or slower vehicles attempting to run away. Sure Fuso isn’t that much faster but combiend with the guns, the relatively good enough armor and a relatively alright speed for a Battleship at its tier, it’s a far more versatile ship than the NM. That’s my opinion however, but this is coming from a person whose top 3 ships is Yamato in 1st place and Fuso in 2nd.

    • XLegionarre716X If getting into very certain positions like the fuso were to be necessary for the NM, it would be completely underpowered. It has low speed because it is great in almost every situation

  9. the nerve of the french calling a ship that sounds like Britannia bloody french….

  10. the french will be a better japaese wee we boats

  11. Hey Notser, I have request for you. Can you make a Commentary about the Battlecruiser Stalingrad?

  12. Maybe wargaming finally realize that DDs get screwed too much by plane spotting? So this line has none. Just maybe.

  13. 340mm croissant launchers.

  14. Notser, French Battleships do get other utilities. I’m pretty sure from Arlios’ stream that Richlieu gets the destroyer consumable of engine boost.

  15. “It’s gonna be small for a looooong time” Good one, LOL. Great video as usual.

  16. ugh, that sucked for you dude! Thanks for showing the ship. I don’t have a big problem with killing an afk, because it still shifts the points and you never know when those guys finish their pizza and come back. I’ve ignored them before only to have them come back and kill me at the end of the game when I’m low health.

  17. Why does the French voice sounds like he’s angry with a stuffed nose, when announcing for scoring a kill? xD

  18. AFk ship is the only one spotting you there, and it’s also worth points which might make the enemy make a play they shouldn’t.

  19. I had a feeling when you hit my New York with that well placed broadside I’d get featured. I knew you were probably making a video as I’ve never seen that ship. I look forward to trying these out!
    It was an honor to battle with you hope my skills are better when we meet again!

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