World of Warships – Britannia Rule The Waves

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Sometimes the planets, or rather the ships align and even I can make battleships look good! is dishing it out!

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  1. The Molotov can do very good dmg to a broadside BB.

  2. PerditionsFlames

    With battleships they are not all tanks, the warspite is the classic heavy
    armour and lots of long range secondaries and should be used as a tanking
    battleship as it can take a beating at closer range, however the kongo is
    designed to stand off and use its 22km range to reach out and touch the
    enemys outside of their effective range. Closing to shorter range in a
    kongo is suicide as the driver of the kongo in this demonstrated. American
    battleships tend to be medium range brawlers and can punish Japanese
    battleships heavily when they close to 10km. To have a good battleship game
    it is important to consider the role of the ship and the armour package it
    has as to how to play it.

  3. I’ll never get over this game. On one hand, playing battleships fits me
    more than any other kind and on the other hand I find it insanely
    frustrating that I have to rely almost entirely on random luck to do well.


  5. #Stealth17 what happened at 9:44? @@

  6. Sebastian von Druschke Jensen

    hai stealth!

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