World of Warships- British Battlecruisers Are FINALLY Coming Soon!

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Hey guys, today we have a very exciting announcement from the DevBlog: British Battlecruisers are finally on their way! We go over this along with some of the more detailed information i the video, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The I3 actually did have 9 18 inch guns

  2. I’m kinda disappointed in Clausewitz. All she is, is just a slightly better Hindenburg.

  3. I like the new line, I’d prefer the more accurate playstyle, but if the brawlers are built more like Incomparable, Stealthier than the average and relatively quick main gun reload, but short range main guns, weak secondaries, weak torpedoes. I hate the name Duncan for the tier IX and St.Vincent for the tier X, The G3s, supposedly (rumored) were to be named after the patron saints of Britian for the Tier IX name it St. Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland and to correspond to the IX, rename the X, St. Vincent to St. George, Patron Saint of England.

    • my recollection is that it was the N3s that were rumoured to be named after the patron saints, not the G3s

  4. Just to clear things up st Vincent is NOT an N3 she is the I3 design with 9×18 inch guns both battleships and battlecruisers were going to have 18inch guns but the battlecruisers would have ended up too large and 15 inches was considered not powerful enough so 16inch guns were decided upon instead.

  5. Tbh I really don’t want them to be the first option of brawlers, considering that any aggressive ship in most games are pummeled into the ground pretty quickly.

    Having a more accurate main battery doesn’t mean you HAVE to sit in the back every game, but being battlecruisers means you shouldn’t be the one tanking, so you’d ideally be behind the battleships that are further up.

    I also believe that the main focus of battleships should be powerful artillery, because well that is what their purpose is. Having average accuracy in exchange for secondaries makes a ship less fun overall for me, because EVERY game you will use the main battery, but not every game you’ll get to make use of secondaries (that already do much less than main battery in most games). Gneisenau for example is fun sometimes, but when every shot misses a broadside target at 6km it is no longer fun, and at that point I’d much rather be in a more artillery focused BB.

    Edit: Jesus fucking Christ if the brawling option means a 1.5 sigma then I hope to God they don’t go with that one, that sounds absolutely terrible to play. Nothing more frustrating than a BB with main guns that don’t work cause mUh SeCondAriEs

    • Waverley Journalise

      “Having a more accurate main battery doesn’t mean you HAVE to sit in the back every game” – But you know that’s what *will* happen when the great unwashed get their hands on them.

      Also, Prinz Heinrich has a 1.5 sigma plus German dispersion, and it does fine. They’ll probably end up buffing it anyway

    • They should gain heavy and accurate AP broadsides, but be relatively vulnerable.

      Also give us a British BB rework. Scrap the strong HE and give them better survivability, accuracy and AP. If we got the line of Warspites everyone wanted, they’d be, strong, balanced and fun.

      WG seems to do premium British BBs well, but the tech line is the worst

  6. Agreed, give us a line of Incomparables.

  7. Japheth Macadangdang

    I would’ve preferred HMS Rodney over the Collingwood but the Collingwood still looks like an interesting ship to play

    • I want the rodney but I want the Nelson and hood in game to actually get there torps like in real life

    • @doom turtle 121 Given the announced RN BC’s have their underwater torps I think it won’t be to long until Rodney turns up as a premium with the inclusion of those to make her different from Nelson.

    • @Arivael yeah hopefully that’s the case

      I know this is unlikely but if they are going to start adding underwater torps I would be hilarious and possibly a little brocken if the mikasa got her underwater torps

    • @doom turtle 121 I don’t think they are going add them to ships already in the game but ships that had them but are not in the game yet might get them, such as Rodney, after all with subs they have now ‘sorted’ the mechanics for submerged torp tubes.

    • @Arivael yeah your probably right but it would be cool to see and would breath some new life into these ships and might just give them an extra hand in modern wows

  8. Make them Long-mid range shooters. British Battlecruisers are like that compared to their secondary spec German counterparts which is also like that historically . German BCs are mostly armored than most British BCs up until the G3 which is basically a fast Battleship aka 20s Iowa

  9. Still waiting for IJN BB , CA/CL , CV , and DD Branch Branch. Or for Japanese ships to be a bit better in general. *Looks at “”AA Destroyers who don’t AA Destroyer”*

  10. I wish WG would make a refitted hood and up tier it to tier 8 as a freemium.

  11. Maybe they could also add a British battlecruiser of the admiral-class where the Hood was part of, but having the interwar layout and armanent

  12. I really hope they go for the brawley element. There’s enough long range ships as is!

    • They might because for Battle Cruisers they have a good amount of HP, few but fast reloading torps, 36 secondary guns (Schlieffen has 40 and GK has 28 for comparison), and the main gun sigma is 1.5 so the long range shots will be difficult.

    • Steven Wiederholt

      @Kawaii Katarina
      I mainly play DD’s. The other day I got inside the Schlieffen secondary range. Not just a bad move but a Very Bad Move. 🙂

    • We literally just got a brawling line a few patches ago. I’d much rather a battleship line with guns that shoot straight.

    • @Squantanamo French Battlecruisers?

    • @EternalSushi if you’re talking about the line they’re working on right now, those aren’t battlecruisers

  13. I’m getting a little annoyed by the prevalence of 457mm rifles being added. Especially to every single nation. The Hannover and Preussen should both have larger caliber guns than they do but it seems that they’re just wanting to protect the 32mm overmatch that Yamato has for whatever reason. If they’re going to continue to make older tech tree ships outdated, just rip the Band-Aid off already.

    • Protect? We already have musashi shikishima and incomparable

    • @Jacob Stallcup two of which also belong to the Japanese nation and are either no longer available or are steel and the third is a steel ship. So yes, protect. Either make it prevalent or give us diversity from 457’s. Every single ship is getting them now it seems. Including the Germans who never even considered that caliber for their guns.

    • @Brandon Lwell as soon as they broke there promise of Yamato having the biggest guns everything cruisers even dds with there damn 2k overpens got fucked

  14. Charles Larrivee

    I would like to apologize to Goliath and Nelson for considering them the ugliest British ships in game 🤣 While option 1 would probably be more “fun” it’s not typically British however, and besides we already have a line of brawling battlecruisers with torpedoes, so how would they be different than the Germans?

  15. The chat in the early game is 10/10
    “group up and CVs can never touch you”
    Nakihimov says hi and so do most other CVs, not only that, grouped up ships are torpedo magnets, Shima players are licking their lips.

  16. Stoked for this! I do hope they go the short-medium range brawlling route but I won’t be holding my breath.

  17. Would like to see a battle mode with only historic ships – no paper ships! Better still historic battles – same constraint-no paper ships.

  18. Going to disagree with you about the British BC playstyle – they should be long ranged snipers. We already have the German BCs as short ranged brawlers (which reflects their historical strengths) whilst a longer ranged paradigm would be historically appropriate for the way the British Battlecruisers were supposed to be fought.

  19. Technically the G3s weren’t quite just Paper ships – they were laid down.

  20. The German BC are Brawlers so it would be nice to have the Brits being more Mid to longrange oriented accurate ships. Also focused on AP rather than HE .

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