World of Warships- British Battlecruisers Are Finally Here!

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Hey guys, today we take a look at what is coming out tomorrow in 11.6! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Video Intro
1:14 British Battlecruiser Early Access
6:36 French Battlecruiser Release
7:13 Economic Rework
11:19 Interface Upgrades
12:30 US DD Upgrade
12:54 Ranked Season 8
13:12 Brawls
13:42 Collingwood
15:08 Closing


  1. Still a LITTLE, just a LITTLE iffy about the Economy Rework but hay, at least the rest of the update is gonna be a nice upgrade.

    • Isidro Lopez-Erwine

      I am sitting in the same boat as you, but I feel that this will have the possibility of driving bad players to lower teirs (thus encouraging lower teir game play which I have personally wanted for a while) and will thin the herd so to speak at high teirs, which also means I can farm nerds in my Arizona and Tirpitz!

    • @Isidro Lopez-Erwine Hopefully that makes high tier gameplay less frustrating too. Hopefully

    • Isidro Lopez-Erwine

      @Johnathen Adams we can only hope for such a thing

  2. Well I’m still looking for the Rip Off in the Economic Rework. The Collingwood is sooo Squishy 😥😥

  3. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Going to be harder to make credits unless you excel in game. Lots of premium ship play on the horizon as tech tree ships will be a bigger drag on income, like WOT.

  4. I encourage everyone not to buy any of the random bundles. That ship will eventually be for free and honestly the random bundles is just so scummy

    • I 100% agree with you. I personally grind to what I can get for free, buy some early access tokens via recruitment tokens to maximize what I get for free. It’s not worth my money to whale to T10 when it’ll be free in a couple patches.

    • If the T9 is in the first one then I’d say it’s fine to go for it, otherwise avoid

  5. I can finally can sell some stupid looking camos without losing the economic bonuses 🙂

  6. Splatoonist Productions

    I cannot wait for the British Bc’s, bout time there was some padding to the tech three for the bigger ships of the RN

  7. the economy rework is just ‘we want more money and you have to much silver’ so meh- I fail to understand why they want to bring over the least desirable aspects of WOT to WOWS

  8. I don’t know how I feel about the economic rework. I’m worried, that people are going to play more passive, since they don’t want to die within the first few minutes of the game and thereby the „camping meta“ will even become stronger…

    • @Witito90 literally every change over the past couple of years has made it harder and harder for bbs to move in. From cvs, more and more torp walls, to smoking cruisers throwing ungodly amounts of HE spam and now subs, theres basically no reason for a bb to engage any more. And now more and more bbs are getting torpedos making brawling no longer possible anyways

    • @jebes909090 I understand but the whole match?? That’s being too passive imo….

    • -SLY- Sealteamsloth

      @BigData 2 You don’t make sense. Not even a real word

    • @Witito90 ya, thats too passive for sure. Im more talking about the first 5-10 minutes

    • @jebes909090 in that time frame I agree after that you gotta put pressure on the weak flank

  9. 9:20 so secondary ships will get even more shafted.. LOL

    All that change will do is make people passive and not play points even less then they already do. Only reason i started playing DD was because i got fed up with idiots not contesting caps. Funny enough my win rate went up but 8% lol as dds are so easy to perform in. 10k damage and 1 cap with 60k spotting you get more exp then a BB thats done close to 300k lol

  10. Thanks for keeping us posted on everything going on in the game, you do a good job 🙂

  11. So how long until the economy rework gets a rework (this is WG after all), and they bring back post battle service reduction to the perma bonuses?

  12. I have hundreds of all kinds of camos laying around in my inventory, hope I get compensated in one way or another when the switch occurs.

  13. I think you should have insisted a lot more on getting shafted on the no t8 perma credit and xp bonus, until now you could always (with some community tokens at least) get the perma camo for t8 that would make the grind to the t9 a lot easier.

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Title has been fixed

    Economic Rework video:

  15. Can we get some reviews on the mid to low tier ships that most people will grind out? That would be helpful for people who don’t want to throw money at the game, and a bit of a change in pace.

  16. Looks like this wont help more DDs and cruisers over current mass of BBs trying to get into match. Mainly playing DD seems most risky, although more experienced player can disagree.
    I guess going feel results of economic bonuses rework during upcoming ranked T10.

    While percentage of winrate seems fair divided on teams, I have such feeling that bigger effect on match result have players from high rank clans, but also those ranked golden league players, finally KOTS tournament former participants.

  17. Closer range means closer to subs. Sounds like the battlecruisers are another group of torpedo fodder for the subs.

  18. Here at 2:24 you can see me trying to save our cv from rapid fire BBs and DDs

  19. I was going back and forth on getting the Kobayashi camo for Kii (and Adler for Prinz Eugen) and was leaning towards not, and then my first container today was a supercontainer that dropped 1k dubs. Well, might as well, right?

  20. Taking credits away and making it harder for some of us noobi’s to tier up, is really not the best feature. Love the game, and will probably play lower tiers so as not to get penalized. Anyway, thanks for all your great updates!

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