World of Warships – British Battleships are here!

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  1. Servers are down still 🙁


  3. With a house like that, he might as well build a 1:1 replica of any British Battleship.

  4. I WANT THE HMS VICTORY 😀 Easy to match with a Yamato 🙂 Or not ?

  5. And servers are still not online

  6. 2 days later he was found dead at his computer playing the game world of warships

  7. Is it just me or does that servant look like Jingles?

  8. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    This video represents the update.
    We wait it for Breakfast, but we’ll probably get it as dinner. xD

  9. How about to first get the server online before loading this video up?

  10. Yes, we do all live like that in England by the way, very accurate. I am, in fact, typing this from the West Wing of my Castle. Anyway, must dash… The Peasants are revolting… Well, to be honest, they’ve always been revolting, but now they are rebelling!

  11. My World of Warships looks kinda different. Halp, how do I fix.

  12. Typical. One has to be noble to have a working server around here.

  13. Help, I’ve got Deja Vu, I’ve seen this before!

  14. Mate this is stereotypical. Anyway am happy there are finally here.

  15. Prepare to get conquered you THOT! No actual gameplay thou lame

  16. Lol you don’t play Wows on a Surface Book

  17. If there are no trucks driving into a crowd, it is not England

  18. I don’t know whether to cheer or be offended at the portrayal of British people? we don’t have to doff our caps anymore you know? most of us don’t even wear caps anymore.

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