World of Warships – British Battleships Teased

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A couple British were leaked and I’m here to talk about what the leaks might mean. Everyone is excited to see these Battleships finally in the game, I’m definitely among the excited and can’t wait to the ships. King George V, Nelson, Lion, and Conqueror are the 4 ships that we have a chance to see. There is also a screenshot going around with radar, I’m kinda on more radar when my main is the destroyer. Hope this was exciting and hope you have a wonderful !


  1. Very excited to have my nation’s BBs coming soon. They look great. Nelson/Rodney were known for being ugly (knicknamed “the boots”). I defintiely do not like the idea of them having radar. As a cruiser main, it is frustrating to see our toys being handed out to other classes, when CAs already have enough struggles.

  2. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    I seriously hope they can the radar consumable for the RN BB line. It is terrible for the meta and only encourages more passive play as most DDs can’t rely on their only defense. It also takes away the unique utility of cruisers which makes them even more pointless.
    And of course it severly hurts torp reliant DDs like the IJN line (again), while Khab of course is unaffected.
    Also KGV at tier 7 worries me greatly balance wise when it comes to her AA loadout.

  3. Lol Yamato barely retains her spot of queen of gun caliber size.

  4. Santiago Machado

    And what about the lower tiers? Dreadnought at T3, Orion at T4? QEII at T6?

  5. Laurence Chapman

    Maybe there could be 2 Tier X battleships

  6. Radar on torp targets that reaches over 8km, F3s are pointless now, not that the IJN dds had much point left. Oh and byebye UK CCS is was fun while it lasted. Dumb, I have the missouri and the radar just lets me scatter dds, even if my 2 salvos don’t kill them the follow up will and they have to flee their wasted smoke because being still and visible is death.

  7. The reason for the turret arrangement on the KGV was as follows:  the London Treaty restricted new battleships to guns of 14″ caliber.  This provision expired in 1937 if not renewed, at which point the maximum caliber went to 16″  The British, confronted by an arming Italy and Germany, was unwilling to wait for the caliber increase and so settled for 14″ guns.  They initially planned for the ship to have 12 guns in 3 quadruple turrets but it was found that this would require too much weight to be taken from the protection so they reduced the guns by 2 barrels to thicken the protection.

  8. Risheen Mukherjee

    why should ANY battleship get consumables that can also be fitted on cruisers? can you honestly tell me that german BBs will suck without hydro? man, this power creep is sooo annoying. its like every time a new line comes up, its supposed to obliterate the older lines completely. why is a consumable the defining characteristic of a ship line? it didnt always used to be this way.

  9. More radar … wonderful for all DD captains. Have WG ever heard of tandem radar leading to practically infinite radar now that almost every ship and their granny got radar equipped …

  10. Finally some 18″ guns. Wonder if we’ll get a T2-3 premium HMS Furious with 2 18″ guns for ultimate low tier lolpen action

  11. Great. More Battleships AND more radar! Just what this game needs. I will admit that British BB’s are long overdue considering the history of dreadnought development. Says a lot that the British BB’s were what everyone else designed their ships to beat.

  12. i wish this could happen, but i would champion the idea of a new consumable for brit battleships, since their ethos is meant to be large volume of fire, why not have a consumable that works like the torpedo reload consumable? My idea of how it would work is that when it’s activated, next volleys out of the gun (lets say, next 3 rounds) shoot at a reduced reload (lets say max 50% probs be more balanced at 30% reduction in reload). That would make the lower calibre guns also a bit more viable since they could punish a broadside a lot better with more shells. P.S whether or not the consumable would stack with Expert loader and adrenaline rush and reload upgrade is entirely up to WG but i think it shouldn’t. I hope this idea can reach them.

  13. Conqueror is just proably a ship wargaming made up since she looks a lot like Vanguard.

  14. KGV will make up for her guns with godly armour.

  15. Radar consumable for a BB is good. The current high tier meta of smoking as soon as one is seen and just smoking in general is promoting a very slow and dull game play, which in my opinion is killing the game. It sucks when you get focused fired by five ships hiding in smoke and you can do nothing but run. Plus, if the radar consumable is anything like current radar consumables, it shouldn’t last long and won’t change the game meta that easily. I personally like the direction the devs of WoWs are heading towards, and I for one am looking forward to radar enabled BB’s.

  16. All hail the Royal Navy! But I WANT, NO I NEED BRITISH DESTOYERSSSSS!!!!!!

  17. I’m a destroyer captain, and I say bring it the fuck on. Your consumables aren’t a substitute for skill.

  18. It’s King George the 5th you colonial

  19. WG is trying to push you further into the Russian DD line with all that radar Notser.

  20. They better not make the Rodney/Nelson class a premium, there were three British ships I really wanted to play as in WOW and two have been premiums, the Warspite and the Hood. I would love to pay £50 to purchase the game outright (you know like most games) and get all the content. The cost of the ships themselves are just far too high. I have spent a little on doubloons and premium accounts but I refuse to pay the amounts they ask for the premium ships.

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