World of Warships – British DD Improved

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Discussing updates coming to the British DD line, good improvements overall and super excited to check out the new version. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Daring Replay – Discord Server


  1. A considerable change from your first RN DD issue which could best be described as REEEEEEEEEEE!!! and rightly so too as they were BAD. Hopefully this will help make the RN DD’s more enjoyable.

  2. Side note – 1:15 that torp dodge was something. I think you’re missing paint off the boat though

  3. Ok here is the rant! DD do nothing but complain about radar. Ever form and commrnt to much radar. But DD players thing nothing about how smoke cover you for 2 min or this new smoke.
    Its your right appaenrntly to sit in smoke and kill everything without being able to be hit back.
    Remeber radar last 30 to 40 sec. Smoke for 2 min and it hides you from the whole map!

    • kevin leung if you dont know what mino is your trolling

    • in short, I like the current smoke and radar balance. as Noster has pointed out in the video, Smoke is delicately tweaked between nations. This is evidence that smoke is a top aspect of DD. and wargaming obviously know that and tweak it that it isn’t overpowered and throw the game into unbalanced. Ships such as Minotaur, Atalanta is special. It’s a cruiser with DD characteristic, but like DD, their disadvantage is also enhanced along with their advantages. namely, their weak armor and low health pool. their guns are more powerful than most DD but their physical size is also bigger than most DD, so a Minotaur sitting in smoke firing will draw more blind shots because people know their target is bigger, so it’s more likely to land a lucky shot. remember, unlike DD, Minotaur DOES have citadel, DD does not. Also, the Minotaur sitting in smoke will also more worry about incoming torp because it’s much less maneuverable and it’s size is bigger to avoid them. all those things adds up. that’s why you won’t see battles full of Minotaurs sitting in smoke farm damage all over.

    • don’t blame me for not know how to spell.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Let alone radar. There are too many DD players who can’t read the mini map. Most of them flank to the edge of the map as they fear of the enemy radar cruisers although those cruisers are on another flank.

      The problem is not the radar, but the mindset of these players. CV’s spotting is more annoying, and smoke only saves you against T4-5 CVs due to their lack of manual drop.

      Imagine the reaction of these players if submarines exist in the game.

    • exactly, when people lost a game, they blame others, when they can’t blame other they blame the game, “oh smoke is OP, Jap Torp is OP, Radar is OP,”

  4. Looks like cancer to me…

  5. look good

  6. Oh great a ship line which encourages spamming smoke with an extremely fast reload this won’t be heavily annoying at all I bet

  7. Rediculous fire chance.

  8. Yay broken ships got more broken yaaaaaaay

  9. As I said in an earlier video I’ve been looking forward to British dd’s for so long and then we get this piece of s*** the one thing they really need to change which is the speed they didn’t change these things are absolutely useless they are going to get radar to death they’re not going to be able to escape because they’re so slow there’s even cruisers in the game that will be able to chase you down and there’s not a thing you will be able to do about it this line is a complete and utter clusterfuk what the hell are wargaming playing at

  10. Notser, any comments about the final version of Stalingrad?

  11. As soon as my premiim period ends, I am done with this game for a while. Radar has ruined this game.

  12. Shut up and touch my Spaghet

    The fire chance seems broken tho with that rate of fire.

    • what they need to do to both the minnie and the dd line is lower the fire and increase the ap pen. minnie doesn’t stand a chance against the worcester because of the he.low pen ap can’t compete with he rapid fire and the minnie will not get he.

  13. wasnt the smoke thing the reason why pan-asian dds got nerfed
    then they go and give it to uk dds nice balance much wow

  14. Individual torpedo reload would make them feel more hybrid in nature.

  15. I think that giving DD’s, in the game, say a 15 sec counter measure (possibly making their ship invisible to radar) would be an interesting consumable. Since countermeasures were being used by all sides to varying degrees in WW2.

  16. I still feel there going to be a bit slow. No Cruiser will be able to catch them.. But most Destroyers will.. And if Your trying to get away from a Destroyer on Low health, your doomed.

  17. TemporaryINTER135

    IJN DDs: Why? WG Why?

  18. Every update the game is getting more stupid and unreal.

  19. I’m okay with the changes and agree that with acceleration, they don’t need high speed. I have an issue with the gun reload. I just think it’s a bit too fast.

  20. So they are not fixing the 114mm guns then???
    You really need to use IFHE because the guns arent actually 114mm pen…

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