World of Warships – British DDs Continued

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Tiers 7, 8, 9, and are teased with by me over what they could like when released. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. Brit DDs? (First)

  2. Can’t hit things at max range with Brit guns? Wut? L2Aim
    The reason the t8 loses shell speed is because the shell is heavier than previous 120mm.
    And the reason people are suggesting IFHE on the 114mm guns is that the HE can NOT pen 19mm armor – since the HE pen has to EXCEED the armor thickness.

    • lmao really? Learn to aim? The shells are so slow that if your opponent even slightly changes course all your shots will miss. Its like how the cleveland tho having a 15.7 km range can’t hit fast moving targets that are constantly changing course.

    • Erm… heavier, narrower shells actually retain speed much better. That’s how sabot ammunition works, the modern stuff like APDS or APFSDS.

      Also, working with slow ammunition needs “learn to predict the future”, not “L2Aim”. There’s nothing you can do if your enemies can basically outrun your shots.

    • they might put the line in with the change of all 19 mm armor on dd to 13mm armor

    • Alex Quantum Exactly, that is how physics works. Air drag depends on the cross sectional area and velocity squared of the shell mainly, and geometry of the shell to a smaller extent. If WG models the drag like in real life, a heavier smaller and slower shell will have less drag.

  3. The IJN dds after this line is released will be terrible, I wish the gun boat line of the IJN dds(the tier 5,6 and 7) had better guns, and the torp boat line having the ability to constantly spam torpedos.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      IJN Torpedo Boat DDs will never be buffed end of story (other than the torpedo plane spotting reduction).
      The T5-T7 IJN Gunboat DDs are not gunboats – since they do not have the superior 100mm 65cal guns of the Akizuki.

      Meanwhile the torpedo boat line at the lower tiers lost their rapid fire torps – along with the high tiers having their torpedoes spotted from the moon – all thanks to the BB player base – without any gun improvements – thus having the worst guns and torpedo usability in general.

      Just save yourself the hassle and go for Pan Asian DDs…

    • It’s funny how WG has heard the pleas from everybody to buff the IJN DDs, but the problem is that they just look at the stats. “Shimakaze is played most so it must be good.” “Conqueror is only a little ahead of the other T10 BBs.” “The Belfast is unique so its good.” “Khaba is also unique so it must be fine.” GOD DAMMIT WG LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS NOT THE STATS. You will see American DDs at the bottom of every tier in terms of stats. We all know that all of them (exept Mahan, which is honestly a little meh) are good and balanced. Stats aren’t everything. Listen to the players and the game will be much better.

    • Its because every new line has a little better concealment and they all have great guns, plus their torpedos, suprisingly enough, actually deal more damage on average. This is because they hit more often (none of that high detection IJN bullshit,) they are used closer (a lot of IJN DDs just sit far away from the cap while the others can get closer to the enemy,) and you have things like the Pan-Asians that have IJN torpedos, American guns, insane smoke, and ridiculous torp detectability.

    • Max Saviano midway vs haku. States say buff haku and nerf midway. If they ever played them they would leave them alone

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer While IJN guns are worse than other nations in general, they are not as bad you think because they have good shell velocity and gun arcs, which are pretty good as a side arm. Furthermore, WG actually buffed the RoF on the yugumo and shimakaze many patches ago (not that it made a huge difference) I believe that the reload time is around 5s, which is still the worst of all DDs, but nowhere near as being detrimental like the low tier DDs like the mutsuki.

      As for the RN DDs, they basically handle very similar to IJN minus the torps, with ridiculous but situational guns. I honestly thought that the RN DDs will bring a new gimmick (that cannot be countered) like the PA DDs, and german DDs back when they were introduced with stupid german hydro. This new line I feel will be quite weak and very situational, which does not seem to fit WG’s plan of power creeping older lines.

  4. Was it just me or were the pics for the Tier IX and Tier X the same?!

  5. People are saying they will need IFHE because there is this idea that you need 1 mm of pen more than the armour you are trying to pen, so 19 mm of pen would be enough to damage ships with 18 mm armour. Though I don’t know if it is true, this would make IFHE required for the 113 mm guns.

    • DontBlameTheBunny

      114 divided by 6 is 19, and you need to EXCEED the armour value to pen it. So the 114mm guns cannot pen tier 8+ DDs, let alone cruisers etc. Will need IFHE unless they nerf the DD armour down to 13mm like they are thinking of doing. Even then, it still won’t be able to pen the 25mm armour that most high tier cruisers have, and same goes for BB armoured decks too.

    • Poor Notser seems cursed when it comes to making correct statements about ifhe

    • This one isn’t really related to IFHE though and more to the (somewhat) unintuitive way that HE pen works.

    • Kazatski
      It’s particularly unintuitive because overmatch for AP shells works in the exact opposite way.

    • And neither of them are shown in the client, so good luck to anyone who doesn’t know about this because WG doesn’t tell you

  6. it would be one hell of a grind to get to tier 9 and 10. Everything else below just seems like it will be a hard struggle, especially with all the radar in the game now. IMO, I’m not impressed.

  7. Great Brit dds that hunts other dds, in a game where dd is a dying class so next to no targets. Also its a dd hunter up against German dds with proper hydro and Russian dds that will laugh at the Brit speed while raping them from afar.

    • And against the new Akizuki IJN DD line that have more guns, faster reload, better torpedoes, and a shit-ton of HP.

    • Come on we can’t have anything beating our Russian overlords.

    • You are right. “DD hunters” are a trait occupied by the Akizuki line and the Germans. Also, Soviet DDs shit on all other dds from afar (even though this isn’t really their role.) A line that has bad torpedoes and good concealment with meh gun arcs has an identity crisis. I think that they should change out hydro for heal, give them slightly worse concealment, and increase the smoke duration. Then they could tank a bit more and they would be more of a smoke gunboat instead of a destroyer hunter. DD hunters just need better survivability or better hydro, like the IJN alternative and Germans.

    • Love how DDs take a hit from one meta (for once) and people are already calling it a dying class. How about the common 5bb 2ca/cl 5dd meta that existed for months?

  8. Will the British dds have 1/4 calibre he pen like the British battleships?

  9. Pointless class.

  10. Indianapolis Jones

    I believe the Picture of the “Jutland” is in fact the “Daring”. the Jutland is a Battle class DD which looks a bit different.

  11. I believe the way the math works with IFHE is that it rounds down and the ship can’t penetrate the 19mm

  12. The reason why the velocity on the Lightning’s guns is less than that of the preceding 120mm guns is because it fires a heavier shell (about 24% heavier). May mean less drag but who knows. Its guns are also dual purpose at the cost of a decrease in RoF from 12rpm to 10.

    • That decreased reload seems like it’s going to make Lightning pretty bad. Regardless of the real-life RoF, I think Lightning is going to need 12 RPM to not suck at Tier 8.

  13. Johannes Fischbach

    @Notser The data is of the best available upgrades. Its written at the end of the Facebook posts.

  14. “All Stats are listed without crew or upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during testing.” This means that the 6km torps are the upgraded ones unless they change it.

  15. Notser if you read what is says down to the botom right it says that it is whit the best upgraded modules so there is no longer range torps

  16. Great previews on the British dds, Notser. Your enthusiasm for them is contagious! I’ll be staying tuned to see your updates and sea trials, etc. And kudos to you for the self-deprecating humor on the IFHE “feelsgood” thing. The credibility of your opinions around IFHE are in no way diminished becuase of that now ancient, IFHE episode. You’ve maintained for a while now that IFHE at the cost it currently is, is overvauled for many gun systems and boats, and that is true.
    Keep at it man, I love your work. (beatty_10)

  17. The lightning main guns look like dual purpose from the shape of the turret?

  18. Notser, what about the tier 9 and 10 compared to thr IJN 9 and 10? If mounted main reload mod and BFT, Daring could possibly go low as 1.95 seconds, not including ADR.

  19. Tier 9 and 10 are the same model according to the pictures?

  20. Brit DD’s should have repair party other than hydro.

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