World of Warships – British Have Arrived

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So I predicted that the British couldn’t possible be released in October, I was wrong. We discuss the quirks of the line what to expect those who will get access today. The game is in the Edinburgh, she is the Tier 8 cruiser for the British. We’re on Shatter, I move to assist with AP damage while avoiding death. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful !

Tier VIII British Cruiser Edinburgh


  1. we europeans are pretty good at video games it seems!

  2. “The Belfast is very very different from the rest of the line.” Yeah, it
    has all their strengths and then also god like concealment, HE and it can
    use smoke, radar and hydro at the same time. It’s nothing like the rest of
    the line, it’s infinitely better.

  3. Damn Notser loves his generalisations it seems….

  4. The ‘try hard’ argument is what children use to excuse their poor
    performance. If you don’t like competition arts and crafts may be more you

  5. Hey Notser, great video and so happy to be finally getting the Royal
    British Navy! In terms of pronunciation – just say it how you want. There
    are so many (and I mean so many) different accents and ways of saying
    things in Britain that it would be impossible to please everyone. Keep up
    the amazing work!

  6. First person I thought of when the announcement was made was of you Notser.
    LOL No British Cruisers in October. Simply not enough time… :)

  7. Bang on pronunciation dude..

  8. next in British BB,
    Speed boost and only HE

  9. I have never seen you so salty before and sorry to say its not your right.
    WG can do want ever they want its there game not yours not trying to be
    rude but in the start of this vid you come off as arrogant and spiting your
    dummy out

  10. Uh, was that a butthurt Notser at 11:40?

  11. Tryhards? Why do you have that prejudice about Europeans?

  12. Hmmm the royal navy is famous for beeing extremely brave and aggressive but
    in this game they are displayed as the most coward line in the game,
    useless without smoke and no armor what so ever and peaguns.Weird…

  13. so what is this *special AP* for brit cruisers

  14. Kvetching ends and review begins ~ 4:00.

  15. Extremely disappointed with the line so far. Sailing the Emerald and
    researched the Leander. Usually ending up in top 3, but damage minimal. Not
    a fun ship to play.

  16. So Notser how about the triple cit earlier ;)

  17. more skilled = tryhard? ok butthurt.

  18. Sorry Notser, but this is one step too far for me. You accused Jingles when
    he ranted on the behavior of WG, now you do the same. You judge and
    belittle EU players, which User Replays gave you the most Videos in the
    early days BECAUSE they were competitive and trying hard. Whatever beef you
    have, we Europeans are not the bad guys in this game.

  19. Notser burning all the bridges in this vid

  20. brits doing unique stuff? have you ever heard about french? :D

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