World of Warships- British Heavy Cruiser Event

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Hey guys, just wanted to share my thoughts on the British Heavy Event, enjoy!

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  1. Tanya von Degurechaff

    this is part 1 of the event

    • Yeah, there is Admiral Cunningham coming, so I would guess it will be like Italians, in second part there will be directives for Cunningham maybe.

  2. I’m surprised WG didn’t give the British Heavies HE and SAP, just to troll the British some more.

    Resisting the urge to correct your pronunciation of the Devonshire…….

  3. I completed the first directive and got Albemarle in the third token bundle. I obviously got extremely lucky but I don’t think it’s rigged

  4. Got the Albemarle with the 2nd Imperial container. Curious for its baptism of fire this afternoon.

  5. It’s a fair enough event, I spent 5000 dubs and got Hawkins and Devonshire (I wanted the later more than any due to having the model kit as a kiid) I can’t see me spending anymore cash until the end of the event as the next ship along on the token line is the Hawkins which I’ve got so it will give me credits and not an alternative ship that game mechanic has cost WG any more money that I would have spent as I would technically be buying credits imo that is… Thank’s SL ??

  6. Something that annoy me the most is that you cannot directly buy those permanent camos in the armory the way you could in the previous event.

  7. Did required part 1 directives day one, in about three hours of playing(lovely change from Christmas directives), opened four of the bundles, no ship yet….That first bundle Surrey makes me jealous af…

    • Btw am I the only one salty about their choice of the Counties? London and Devonshire? When there is Dorsetshire and Norfolk?

  8. No one trusts Wargaming anymore

  9. I might grind those ships normally, but I just really want that skin. It’s so clean. Also, I like these bundles anyways because of other stuff like coal and signals. I’m not going to spend money, but I like having directives I can actually complete. It’s so much more fun doing that

  10. I got the Amble thingy on my 2nd roll.

  11. Well for me the event it’s say sorry for the last grind take a relax here XD
    I’m a free yo play player and i try to get some ship of the free pool but if i don’t have luck, the coal and some flags are good for me
    A salute from argentina lord mountbatten

  12. Got the Devon on the first dubloon one. So I wasn’t too unhappy.

  13. I got the T8 Albemarle on the 2nd Imperial bundle. Seems very random.

  14. Loving your pronunciation of ‘Devonshire’.

  15. I am a average player, and it only took me two days too finish directive one. I also picked up the Devonshire for 1000 gold. She’s a good ship, as long as she is in tier 5,6 and 7 games, but I’ve been in Tier 8 games and I don’t last long.

    • chandler bernasconi

      same thing happened to me!!?! this event is sp00ky? why would war gaming do this right after PR scandal ? hmmmm??

  16. My first token slot had a hawkins I feel cheated.

  17. Wow reading the comments where people had ships in the first slot… 6 token slots in and I haven’t seen one of them

  18. I feel like it was the same/similar for the Italian cruisers

  19. 6 bundles in and no ships yet……the event isn’t too interesting for me, so if I get one I get one. What I’m really riled up over is the Marceau, the French DD in testing. It’s a Kleber with Haragumo guns and it’s a beast, and when they’re divisioned they chew through everything. It wins any 1 v 1 in DD fights. It can win 1 v 1 vs most cruisers, and with cover or smoke it can 1 v 1 BBs.

  20. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    So, a couple of hours ago I finished the first directive. Bought 5 of the token bundles and sadly no ship. The next directive is 2 days away and I feel kinda cheated…

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