World of Warships- British Supercruiser Gibraltar & French CV Bearn Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys! Today we have three new ships announced via the DevBlog, two of which I have been wanting to see in game for awhile. Oh also my PC exploded. Enjoy!


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  1. PC? Lol I didn’t know pc’s had a citadel ;~) EDIT: also, you are nuts. Buying a whole new pc when you have a 2080ti and a 3090 with an i7 and an i9 cpus AND 32GB and 64GB of memory? These are not consoles, you just get the bits you need, not a whole new setup when you have thousands in parts sat on your desk waiting to be used. madman lol. Also on a side note you dont need a case, you could have all the bits lying around on the desk or stick them in shoe boxes. Cases are, or were now with the prettyiness and other such stuff, just somewhere to keep the bits safe from knocking and dust and such. You think 4 years is old? lol. I still working on my 2600k and DDR3 from back in 2011.

    • I play the game in 4K comfortably with a 6th gen i5, a GTX 1060, and 16gb of ram. Oh, and a hard disk drive, not even ssd. I can record in 4K too, but haven’t tried streaming in 4K.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten SLM, I listened to those first 4 minutes 2X more and nowhere do say you used a surge protector. I’m am older than you (66) so if you said it please me the time mark so I can berate myself.

      Still love the video.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Keep in mind cable comes from outside your house. In my New Jersey area cables are on telephone poles and, like electrical feeds, drop to the houses. A lot of ways to get induced electrical charge into the house and through the modem. Static electricity is another destroyer of electrical components. Many people build up a static charge (particularly in winter) and inadvertently discharge through the keyboard to the motherboard via the USB cable.

    • @turtwig321 I originally played with a 1050 ti, 16GB ram and 256 GB SSD. SSD will spoil you with its speed. Computer totally up in 15 sec. Even better now with my 2070 super (not MaxQ) and 300 hz refresh rate screen (ASUS Zepherus laptop).

  2. This was hilarious! Well done MacGyver!

  3. It looks like Tulsa’s gimmick is that her guns are Des Moines guns

  4. Tulsa looks like Des Moines with 2-gun turrets instead of 3-gun.

  5. Good job on the PC build.

  6. would suggest buying a gigabit PCIe card if your previous board still had a free 4x slot. I had to since the Type C to Ethernet was cutting out. It’s the cheap $10 fix compared to $50+ and an hour or so of your time.

  7. We’ve had Gibraltar for longer now than you ever had it in the first place :p

  8. Another British ship that isn’t HE main?! Well, I’ll take it.

  9. Looking at Tulsa’s turrets (and especially the guns), I wonder if those are Des Moines autoloading guns, which would give the ship insanely quick reload times

  10. Disappointing to see no model changes discerning Gibraltar from Goliath, it really helps distinguish the ships visually. Sorry to hear about your PC.

    Also, Gibraltar is probably going to be a coal ship

  11. Will Bearn get her historical torpedo tubes? This is my main question.

    • I can already imagine the unsuspecting DDs getting torped

    • On the one hand, most BB’s that had them are missing their torpedo tubes in game, so i want to say no, but on the other hand, she’s a CV, so i wouldnt be surprised if they not inly give them to her, but also make them automatic, homing, and have a 20 second reload.

    • @Daniel Morgan I think the thing was if they are hull mounted torps they can’t be added.

    • @Alfredo Sierra except we now know that to be a lie because of the submarines. They use the exact same type of hull mounted torpedos as the Battleships.

  12. Finally a CV line from a nation that actually operates Aircraft Carriers

  13. Gibraltar is not a super cruiser like the Alaska or Petro, its just a heavy cruiser, its effectively a Goliath that trades the HE out for light cruiser consumables and better shell groupings , though it does sound like Wargaming may have gone ‘What if we took the RN light cruiser line and made a version of the Goliath for that’ so I am somewhat worried about the armour setup its going to have, though it sounds like it will be an excellent light cruiser killer.

    • It’s what the golioth should have been. It’s a design that was to be built if the German navy actually put up a fight ,goes by the name Churchill class usually. WG knew about it but obviously wanted to sell it than give use an actual design that almost got laid down.

    • Gibraltar and Goliath have the same # of guns it just has more forward cuz quad turrets

    • @NotTheATF ???? You may want to get your eyes checked. Goliath has 3×3 turrets (9 guns) while the Gibraltar is a planned 3×4 (12guns).

    • @NotTheATF You are correct, somehow mixed thought the Goliath had the Drake’s gun layout, have corrected that. Though the 3×4 will give a tighter shell grouping that the 4×3.

  14. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    what is KGV?

  15. @Leonardo Arie wibowo King George V

  16. Zeppelin was desgined using the Akagi blueprints. Bearn was outdated when she was commisioned.

  17. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    @Thulram oh thxs

  18. Yeah, I’d like to have a spare 2080ti. Those are still some insane specs for a “Frankenstein”-PC. I hope you chose Ryzen for your new system. It is superior to Intel 😛

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