World of Warships – Broadsides, max range & staying in the back

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In today’s battle you’ll see what you should use your range on your for. Hopefully learn NOT to broadside and see what happens when you stay at the back the entire match and not fight for 1 of the flanks.

I don’t know if those 2 BBs were afk, DC or simply staying too far in the back and let the poor Salem do everything for them but this is how NOT to play WoWS.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The Republique actually looks really pretty, especially with the grey turrets. This camo looks nice.

  2. 4:45 How did the Roon kill itself?

    • I know, I was just using it as an example.

      But wouldn’t team damage of any kind cause a popup to appear in chat about it? It normally does, iirc.

    • Basically the enemy team are so bad that ships sink themselves x’D

    • @Gareth Fairclough Well, I also thought that TK messagge pops-up for all to see, but now I am not sure if it’s restricted to team chat. Roon wasn’t even pink before he died, so maybe it is some sort of visual bug, maybe?

    • No no, not the TK message, but the team DAMAGE message. The one you’ll see pop up even if it’s just a collision between two team-mates. It just doesn’t show up here. Maybe it is a bug, or maybe it just doesn’t show up for non-teammates.

    • @Gareth Fairclough Yeah, that is what I meant, I just wrote it wrong, the “pink” message.


  4. “Why do i never get broadside?!” Exactly 😀

  5. I get matches like this, but it’s my team.

  6. How to get broadside envy: Watch this vid xD

  7. “When will they ever learn not to broadside”? he asks (as he broadsides two of the enemy and loses a quarter of his health.

  8. Weekend skill players, those guys play like that. “Please daddy spank my broadside!”

  9. 4:26 another balanced Smolensk for the spreadsheets :p

  10. 0:47
    offending 95% of all BB-players
    “no offens to anyone”
    But true, they need to learn

  11. Flambass to Salem: thats absolutely not how to play a cruiser.
    -And Salem is an OMNI “unicum” player who was in CR33D before Monkey and Trenlass
    Maybe thats one reason Flambass dont care about stats

  12. Oprah meme: You get a citadel, and you get a citadel… everyone gets citadels!!!

  13. Query: Explain the statistically significant preponderance of matches in which the opposing players fail to maneuver their warships so as to present themselves abeam of my weapons.

  14. When I get broadsides like these, I’ll also add “WHY RNG? WHY?!!!” as my BB shells just do too many over-pens, random shatters and WTF bounces.

  15. I do get games like that, though RNG generally goes on vacation.

  16. Watching this video makes me so sad. Never had such a citadel festival in nearly 7k matches

  17. Flambass “Do not broadside”
    Was there something in the news about school holidays?

  18. My MM usually:
    – People think AyY-pEe ShELls dOenst peN aT lOng RAnGE sO i CAn bOArDsIdE wITh mEh BeE-BEe
    – and people shouts *TENO HEKA BAAAANZAAAAAAI* internally at the start of the match

  19. 13:37
    Well, we did it

  20. Wow, you managed to hit that NC with one citadel exactly as its health dropped to 14500. Neat.

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