World of Warships- Buff This Ship NOW WG!

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Deep in the heart of Texas *clap clap clap*

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  1. The lack of flak is just painful. I’d say maybe give her defensive AA?

  2. That Farragut who rammed the sub is incredibly based.

  3. The Texas could certainly benefit from a rebalance but the same could be for numerous ships, if not entire lines within the game.

  4. Same for Kii. His AA was no fly zone. Now is just OK. California should get defensive AA too.

    • At least Kii got buffs after AA rework (also buffed Sims back then to have more usable torps and Hood to get improved accuracy). They buffed the cit deck to no longer have 25 mm spots, buffed reload to 30s and the torps have 10 km range. Now it’s basically an Amagi that has slightly worse cit protection from the side, worse torp belt, 0.5 knots of top speed and slightly worse accuracy in return for 10 km torps, still better AA and it can actually make for a decent secondary build. Kii for randoms is basically just an Amagi, for ranked it’s actually no joke, because while you shouldn’t drive-by brawl Tirpitz/Brandenburg/Odin, you can pretty much brutalise all the non-torp BBs (better cit protection allows for less dying), can kite incredibly well (rear-mounted torps) and the 10 gun broadside is scary.

      Also, for operations, secondary Kii is one of the best picks by far. I would argue Kii now is in a far better position than when it got introduced, because it no longer gets balanced around AA.

  5. The Weird thing is, HER AA values are still NUTZ, 330 something EACH for Short and Mid Range. The PROBLEM is her AA range is only 3.5, like most tier 5 ships. That AA range is basically useless, planes will drop you before you ever shoot them unless they are DIVE BOMBERS or LEVEL BOMBERS. Cus when planes DO fly though your AA they get absolutely SHREDED!

    I remember when the CV rework first came out and the 40mm Bofors counted as Flak guns and she had like 14 FLAK. THAT WAS A GLORIOUS TIME! As for how to Buff the Texas, Give it the OLD AA range buff built in. If i remember right, that should buff its AA range to like 5.5kms. Edit: and give her Def AA as well cus WHY NOT.

  6. initially Texas > New York, then
    -New York: reload 34.2 -> 31.2
    -New York: Improved Turret angles
    -New York: Improved Heal
    -Texas: AA effectiveness heavily nerfed
    *Texas Currently*: HELP

  7. @alexandertoucan4956

    I think it’d be better to give it some like unique version of DFAA that increases the range of the AA, to make her unique as an AA battleship, and not just “Like New York with a different name”

  8. Every time Mountbatten begs for a Texas buff an angel gets his wings. I bought this ship when it was 5 bucks and the AA was God tier. Now, it is furry anime cat-girl tier. I used to WARN friendly CV to NOT attack an enemy Texas under any circumstances.

  9. One of my suggestions is that WG needs to add in some modals or perks that also boost AA range, for making AA build ships

  10. viribus unitis needs a major buff. its AA is 8. the messed up thing is they modelled more secondary/aa cannons but they dont work for some reason. it should have the same aa rating as october revolution which i think is 22 or 26.

    • OR is a WWI-era design, but is modelled as the WWII version, aka, being a floating AA barge and fire support battery for the siege of Leningrad. VU is a WWI ship in its WWI configuracion, its AA is literally a bunch of shitty guns that have no modern fire control system and just enough elavation to act as AA, because they were supposed to defend it against surface targets, but also be ok if it had to fend off balloons…

      Frankly, VU doesn’t need an AA buff, it should have gone to T4. If you really want to buff VU, give it an improved repair party, so its terrible hp pool becomes less of an absolute liability.

  11. 1 major difference between Texas and New York was not mentioned: 1 of New York turrets has audacious gun angles. You can only use it giving almost full broadside. Texas has much better gun angles on that turret so it can actually use it more often in battle…This was the main reason WG gave Texas a longer reload.

  12. I bought this ship this past weekend as a Christmas gift to myself because of the historical significance and overall the game really does her graphical justice crashing through the waves and being a floating AA platform . Note how i underlined visually as when it comes to effectiveness it’s unfortunately unsurprising even though Wargaming says in her description that she quote “High AA Defense Efficiency” . Granted, I knew the ship has been murdered in terms of her effectiveness anymore when it comes to the game but honestly she still does a good job vs T4 carriers and can hold her own for a couple of attacks but they need to do something about this AA situation.

    At the very least increase her range again to 6km as there was not an issue with this before as she was a dedicated AA BB that made history and frankly is still sailing! Give her the love she deserves Wargaming, she’s earned it for sure.

    Until this is fixed, I’ll just keep watching her sail in Training battles and crash through the waves as her AA guns light up like Christmas lights while sipping on a nice cup of coffee 🙂

  13. It was while playing the Texas that I decided to leave random battles. An unlucky enemy Omaha player had the gross misfortune to come out from behind an island that I had pre-aimed at. In a little over ten seconds, I earned a spotting ribbon, a “Devastating Strike” achievement, and the “First Blood” achievement, as six of my ten shells struck the cruiser, four into the citadel, for an immediate kill. I felt bad for the player and decided not to do that to other players.

  14. I agree and great video as per usual SLM. I think all the dreadnaughts could use something done to them. Good grief they are slow.

  15. @splatoonistproductions5345

    I do sorta wish AA was more akin to its real life counterparts as a British man I am sorta surprised w my line. Like, the best medium range guns (from what I’m told is sorta the 40mm Pom poms) had an effective range of at least 4 km, if not 3.5. And what it is rn makes Royal Navy ships feel like too much of a joke to me, it really hurts

  16. Totally agree! This ship should not suffer for WG’s own changes. Personally I would prefer giving back the longer AA as a special ability among the tier 5’s.

  17. The real life fastest reload time was 34sec. But me too would really like it if the Texas would get a buff to make it a viable choice.

  18. Both the Texas and Atlanta were sold as AA monsters. The WHOLE reason they sold so many was to get that long range AA bubble and counter RTS carriers that could cross drop on you.
    Now carriers are almost immune to Texas AA and can still cross drop you.
    I feel both need their AA ranges extended to 7 km to go with original marketing.

  19. You are absolutely right. Very few people play with these ships. Maybe they would be more preferable if they were buffed.

  20. I bought Texas over the summer. I find her to be a good boat. Not OP, but can definitely do great work.
    I am still hoping that WG would do an AA rework for all ships and restore the ships that have been power crept back into their glorious no fly zones.

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