World of Warships – Buffalo First Impression

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Checking out the Buffalo, future tier 9 American cruiser for the main line. Game turned out pretty competitive and gave me a chance to see her in many different scenarios. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX American Cruiser Buffalo Replay – Discord Server


  1. saw Buffalo clicked the
    like button

  2. So if i have Baltimore already what will happen 🙁


    when do you think the split will happen? im trying to get to the cleveland in time without Premium (currently at Phoenix)


      Thanks for the awnsers ❤️❤️❤️. I think that should be enough time. Hopefully the Omaha wil be as fun as the Phoenix.

    • Omaha is basically a bigger Phoenix. It plays pretty much the same.

    • ROSAREGENBOGENEINHORNPONNYPOWER I am finding her better, even with being uptiered and facing Tier VII ships. She has more guns from the start, they fire faster to longer range, and do more damage. You feel a little less helpless when you get her as a stock ship straight out of port. Bear in mind that in light cruiser terms she is an eggshell armed with hammers; if a BB sneezes at you the wrong way you can lose a lot of health fast. Also, Atlantas and Belfasts will work you down or delete you very quickly. However, you can sometimes do really shocking things if you can get your AP into a side-on enemy light cruiser, and your ability to light battleships on fire (sometimes multiple fires) and to surprise close-in enemies with torpedoes they sometimes forget you possess are great equalisers.

      Remember, you are obliged to research all the hulls but you are not obliged to purchase them. The B hull adds more torpedo tubes and more AA; the C hull takes away those extra tubes and two of your main guns. I have elected to research the C hull on my way to the Cleveland but not to buy it; the torpedo fit is practically as good as that of a Tier IV or V US destroyer with the same disposition, and is not to be underestimated in tight spaces or as a last resort.


      Thats a lot of Information. Thank u very much! Just unlocked the Omaha with 26 battles in the Phoenix. Omaha Stats look a bit odd but it seem to have a bit more of everything exept a decrease in range by 100m and -1knot.
      I somehow got a 70% coupon for some bundles which include a ship, 4 parking spaces and 500 to 1500 doubloons. if i buy that i might buy a few days premium wth the doubloons after all.
      Probbably wont be nessecary though since the Omaha sounds quite enjoyable.
      Thanks again for all the help❤️. Really usefull since i just started playing again (last time was still in cbt)

    • approximately 0.7.5

  4. Halfway through my Baltimore with 100k xp on the way to DM. Am I gonna get boned here and have to start over with this thing?

    • I have heard that XP earned at a tier stays at that tier. If so, your Buffalo would receive the Baltimore’s XP and you would finish the Des Moines grind in her.

    • It will be the same as on World of Tanks when they did the Russian heavy update. You will probably get given both ships and the xp transferred to the T9.

    • Answers match previous line splits

    • But I think your Cleveland will have 0 xp

    • Herr_Guenther_Luetjens

      according to reddit, you will get the buffalo with the exact same XP as you have right now on the Baltimore (and maybe the new tier VIII baltimore too, but not entirely sure here)

  5. I only want my good ole Cleveland unnerfed. Make Cleveland Lol Again!

  6. look like cleveland on steroid!!

  7. You had Moskva as help . One v one with no help you had no chance with DM.

    • Yep, he had to pull out, he was taking broadsides from the Moskva

    • SebaX Lol I was the Moskva player, Deathseeker117, in the match. After seeing Noster go in i followed in to get the broadside as well as try to get the attention of the BB. I was honestly scared that Noster might not have won the engagement. The ram at the end, well i do like to ram so it was a no brainer.

    • fair fights are for suckers.

    • Awesome ram thecommento9898, glad you were on my side to help out 🙂

    • +thecommentor9898 well played on your part but still that DM was awful. He was nose in towards notser, slightly towards his right. A heading correction while going backwards to turn towards you leaving Notser on his front left would’ve put him in autobounce angle against both of you, and had he done that he had the HE DPM to kill Notser far before either of you could’ve finished him had Notser kept nose in (and he had no other real option).

      He just lost his temper and instead of nosing in towards the both of you, he offered his broadside to both. Awful, terrible play on his part when he had all the aces in his sleeve.

  8. Figures, I get into a Notser video and I have a bad game. 🙂

  9. Please show the New Cleveland Soon, Along with the Seattle and Worcester.

    Buffalo looks ok, Her guns need to fire faster.

    • +ARC 7157 no they don’t it already out guns all the other tier 9’s in alpha strike.

    • Cleve from 6 to 8 it will awsome

    • 12 sec is a very good reload for a tier 9 cruiser with 12 guns. Zao and Hindi are both in that area with 12 guns and they’re a tier higher. Buffalo is looking pretty solid, and that 10.1 km concealment ain’t too shabby either

    • Faster Rate of fire? Maybe, but it should not out DPM the Des Memes. Maybe we can keep the tragic ROF but get trop tubes back instead?

    • Herr_Guenther_Luetjens

      no she’s good enough like that. not every new ship needs to outdamage older ones…

  10. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    Do community contributers have all the new CLs for the US if you don’t wanna say it’s ok.

  11. Will the Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo?

  12. Yep. I was that Fletcher on the enemy team pulling a Notser in front of Notser. Was a good game.

  13. lol, that DM badly fucked up. but great ship I guess. Notser what u should do to immediately get the Buffalo if y already have the Des Monies?

  14. Dammit WG, where did those trop tubes go

    • I highly doubt putting trops on an merican crusier can really be counted as overkill. The US crusier line has proven to be quite underwhelming in ever since the introduction of the other nations adding their own flavours into the game and in some cases overpowering the american signature trait. Sure AP normalisation is good, but that could be the result of the low velocity shells cominging in at odd angles dont you think? They might need the normalisation in order to penetrate the target. Long Range shots are are bound to hit at odd angles due to the shell arc compared to ships with a flatter torjectory, thus needing the normalsation to qualify for a penetration. Plus once again im beating a dead horse but the beta Buffalo had torpedo tubes and that is fact. I really wished she would stay that way but alas they took it away. Plus honestly speaking putting trops might break the playstlye of the heavy crusier line. So maybe not, but I’d think trops could be used to spice up the competition for a line that is practically dead after the Omaha till you unlocked the Des Moines. It might differ but New Orleans and Pensacola are a pain to grind through.

    • US cruisers underkill?. Not for me. Sure they don’t have the sheer damage potential other lines have, but they’re excellent in concealment, that long-lasting radar is game deciding, and they’re straight up cruiser killers at any range that’s not knife fight because any cruiser that’s not straight up nose into you is going to get massacred by superheavy AP shells.

      My personal experience with the cruiser line was: cleveland amazing, Pensacola extremely fun (you need to know how to WASD tho). New Orleans was tough until I got the basics of positional fighting and island hopping right – from then on it was a monster. I’m currently at Baltimore and I think is very, very good. It’s like a New Orleans with better arcs for firing from behind cover (which is a plus), a heal and properly devastating AAA.

      American cruisers are very good. They just require tactical thinking and smart usage because they aren’t the straight up “set the world on fire from 17km” the soviet and french ones are, nor the “find a good spot and have a free hand to rain gunfire for 2 minutes” the british line is like nor the japanese “pop in and out of concealment while napalming the heck out of the enemies, while torping them now and then”. All those playstyles are totally straightforward so it’s more or less easy to get good results without too much effort.

      Americans in the meantime are all about positioning, timing and appropiate tactical choices. They have a much higher skill floor but a far higher skill ceiling. Meaning, it takes a good player to do well in them, but once a good player is at the helm, the things rock.

      At any rate you can’t give a ship that has such a vast gunnery advantage over the rest of the cruisers torps to cover their only real weakness, which is, precisely, their lack of torps.

    • Im not sure about you Pensacola was hell not because it was a bad ship, it was its spotting range. The time i was grinding the Pensacola was back when its spotted range was its Max gun range. Its fustrating to know anyone u can touch can see you too, you wont have the element of surpirse, NEVER. When they finally fixed that shit, was just after i got out of the frying pan and into the fire which is the New Orleans, Orleans aint a bad ship, but she aint good either, questionably so was the downgrade AA and missing of 1 extra gun barrel. Its only upgrade was Radar which useful yes but it feel she is not capable of maximizing its use especially when she still has stock parts, What a fcking pain, I am literaly sitting on the New Orleans until the split comes and my New Orleans magically becomes a Baltimore. Plus this is world of warships, unlike tanks where there are amazing moments when you as a tank can make an impressive standoff against 5 other guys, this si Warships, where this kinda stuff cannot be pulled of as frequently, especially in a crusier. I cant say my experiences are the same as yours as server to server the playstyle differs and Cleveland for me was bitter sweet, fun moments but also horrible times, especially when people love to run away, ur slow ass shells are never going to catch them.

    • I grinded the Pensacola back with the old concealment too. Maybe I just clicked with the ship, maybe it just worked great for me, I can’t give you one exact reason but it was one of the most pleasant grinds I’ve done in WOWS. I think even today my personal rating and performance on the Pensacola ranks as among the best of all of my cruisers (and according to WOWStats, my best WTR and personal rating is on cruisers to begin with).

      Then again I’m a strange dude. I utterly loved the furutaka of those days too and did great with it (before all the huge buffs and the C hull turning it into a mini-aoba). Whatever the reason I loved the Pensacola. New Orleans was a HUGE mountain to climb though because it was always an instant primary target , far more so than in Pensacola (and in the Pepsi it was bad enough) due to the radar. By that time I still had not developed the proper experience on positional fighting nor had a good foundation on how to use cover properly, nor on how and when to swap ammo usage from HE to AP (getting expert loader helped a lot in that regard. highly reccomended skill, btw). I also had no experience on how to position myself to maximize my radar uses. It all combined in a very brutal experience.

      Once I got those, the ship also clicked for me and I had a very fun grind. But it took some time for everything to come into place and until that moment came, yes, it was a pretty horrible experience. But Baltimore plays with the same rules. Is also a high priority target and you must apply what you learned in the NO in order to do well with it. If I were you I’d try to persevere with the New Orleans because in order to do well in the next ships (no matter the next one has 12 guns instead of 9), you’ll need those skills. If you don’t do well in the NO I very much doubt you’ll enjoy Baltimore (or Buffalo when it comes) because it plays the same…and the DM is pretty much the same deal for all I’ve seen, just with a monster rate of fire.

    • ramjb the high angle AP for the USN only applies to USN Heavy cruisers

  15. It’ll be better at kiting

  16. It used to have torps :/

  17. “It’s a little weird to change your style”
    Tell that to the french BBs lmao

  18. Well that Des Moines captain ran out of ideas lol.

  19. Buffalo has higher DPM than Baltimore with all of her guns firing. Less DPM with just the bow guns and more DPM if kiting away with rear guns.

  20. Love your vids Notser, but you’re usually quite negative when it comes to playing new ships. Buffalo looks good imo. I think it’s good having a slight change of style in a line, otherwise it gets kinda boring. Keep up the good work!.

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