World of Warships – Buffalo Soldier

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Coming soon at tier 9 and replacing the USS Baltimore it’s the USS Buffalo, a project designed to replace the Baltimores but which was abandoned in favour of the . It seems to be shaping up to be a pretty decent ship.

My apologies to Bob Marley by the way.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Helena is not pronounced ‘Hel i na’ it’s pronounced ‘Hel-en-nuh’ (although Hel-hay-nuh is another prenocuation but it doesn’t sound as decent). We Montanans already get enough of it with the out-of-staters calling Butte Butt among other things! [facedesk intensifies]

  2. I guess Buffalo Seaman didn’t sound right for a video title.

  3. HellHound Actual



  4. Oh yeah!
    Thanks Jingles, I was having my morning Coffee now and this is exactly what I wanted.
    A perfect coffee while enjoying one of your videos.
    Cheers mate!

  5. Jingles, why haven’t you done something on the Space Battles?

  6. Good morning Buuuuuffalooooooo

    wait, that doesn’t sound right.

  7. Jingles you should do WOT console. We have campaign missions that are actually pretty good and we just got 3 more the other day. We now have 8 different campaigns. They’re all alternate history scenarios. Such as if the Germans commenced Operation Sealion, A full out Russian assault into Allied Europe, The Cuban Missile Crises going Hot, French Resistance fighters capturing a German Tiger from Occupied Africa, German Armored division defying orders and staying back to defend a town from the advancing Russian Menace, US armored liberating captured art taken by the Germans and defying their orders to destroy it, Russian armored brigade being deemed traitors and having to punch their way out former allied Russians.

    These are all different missions and they are pretty good. Would also love for you to just do more Console stuff.

    • Just Monika I’d love it if they brought this stuff to PC as well. We’re all friends here!

    • Why should he ever set himself on the low level of the common console peasants? Weird suggestions…..

    • Just Monika u should be stoned to death sir those so called war stories are plain shit there just the same repetitive tasks drive here shoot some tanks mission over. It’s barely a campaign and your really trying to sell as something it’s not. In conclusion there missions are just a ploy so at the end they can sell you a discounted premium tanks.

  8. I have a cleveland and a pensacola, will i keep them in the tier change? Or will i lose my ships?

    • You will actually get 2 ships if you have the Cleveland : the t8 CL, and the t6 CA (at least if they do as they did for all the lines splits before), so having a Cleveland in port for the split is highly recommended.

    • judging from how they handled the russian DD split i think itll work as follows: you keep the new t6 since u have the cleveland in port (which will become the pensacola), however that will be both because you have the pensacola in port and because you have the us t6 in port. You will get the new t7 heavy cruiser (which is the new orleans). You will keep the cleveland in its new t8 configuration. How the xp will shift over I am not sure

    • ODSTspam3 I’m thinking, since I have the same ships, that I’ll get the Tier 6 from the split, the Dallas. I haven’t found the official literature on the split…. Let’s hope they clarify soon.

    • When they split the Russian destroyers I had the T6 Ognevoi. I got the T8 Og and the T6 Gnevy.

    • The Arctic Gamer

      So, what I’m getting from this is that, once they split the tiers, I will keep the Cleveland, and I’ll also get a Pensacola?

      Damn, grinding is hard in Wargaming products, but at least they are generous with their bonuses to us old players.

  9. Splitting the cruisers… definitely a big change

  10. Dreadlock Rasta *sing*

  11. Ze Panzerjager L

    The description of the video makes me think jingles knows more than he is letting on

  12. Actually Jingles, the Roon was shooting at the Yamato, not the Alsace.


  13. I hate those camping BBs!

    They take away all the fun of the game. For me playing a BB IS to brawl.


  14. Nahhh the Roon is fine. You hit the border bow on like that it takes freakin forever to complete a turn.

  15. Celestino Natale

    Holy shit that was close.

  16. Jingles If doing one Salvo AP then one HE I think the ship is doing mix Pounding Accack, Also camping Do we Need More Destoryers (ie British)

  17. Jingles, with that amount (metric arse) of sass against battleships, their tears will deplete the salt stores before we can restock. Hold your fire!

    Just kidding, the stocks are full to bursting…autoload sass!! Tears fill the stores too.

  18. It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… On days like these, kids like QiSky… should be BURNING in HELL. …

  19. what a game!

  20. For you EU and RU people. There’s a city in the state of New York that is called Buffalo.

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