World of Warships Burn Out and Economy Final Thoughts

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Final thoughts on World of Warships burn out and the economy. You all pretty much agreed there is definitely some degree of burn out. The economy… well, you don’t agree it should be nuked. That’s fine. A little surprised how defensive some were regarding it. Let’s take one last look.


  1. Not going to let any game take up a huge amount of my time . I love family life !

  2. I am going to totally skip this second french directives and commander. I will not be able to get the commander so I will just do other stuff and try to have fun.

    • I feel you on this, but not going to skip it. Kinda just like play it casually. Still get some free shit even if its just a few camos or whatever

  3. You’re a good man zoup and I respect your opinions because you share your thoughts rather than tell players what to think. Sadly I do feel warships is on a slippery slope and every time they try to make he game better, things just get worse.

    • This is a very competitive game where having the last and best stuff is considered vital: clan wars, campaign, ranked… there are still people who play for fun but look at amount of hate and vitriol they get when they commit errors in chat. If you play for fun, may be for free, it takes ages to get anywhere and the economy will rapidly bankrupt you; eother you invest money (and time) in the game, or you will probably drop it for other games. This problem is heavily exacerbated in respect to, for example, World of Tank, where grinding is a long process for everyone and tanks experience can be fully converted for free into crew experience once you get elite status. WoWs don’t allow that, but huge amount of XP everyone has can be converted for (A LOT of) money to enormous amount free experience, and because captain experience is the only thing that really takes a lot to get to, people willing to pay just uses it for getting premium ship or simply grind a new line of ship from 0 to t10, and then you see “that guy” at tier X in a Pan Asian line that has no clue about how deep water torps work… This game has problems in the economy ecosystem because it actually favors paying real money instead of spending time grinding…

  4. The economy do need some fixes. I’m a not-so-new new player to the game and all these weird tokens and stuff like coals and steels are really confusing. I don’t even bother them. In my opinion only XP, Free XP, Credits and Doubloons are needed. For other games I played like War Thunder, World of Tanks, and the mobile version of WoT & WoWs economy isn’t a huge problem. (No offense this is just my opinion)

  5. I don’t think the Mo started an economy issue , I think it started the trend of making a very strong ship that people pay real money for. Mo was appealing for credit income. Stalingrad was appealing because of the OP damage output, Mushashi because of overmatch… etc

    • actually it seems Mo got its credit income nerfed significantly…i cant seem to get 2M with it anymore…and we got 3 MORE credit flags now!!!

  6. I’ll reiterate what I proposed on your previous video: A total reset is not necessary, but some reorganisation is in order.

    Right now, the problem isn’t with the types of currencies floating around, rather it’s to do with the sheer quantity. Wargaming’s best course of action is to refine the available currencies into more universal types with some level of cross-compatibility.

    For example, be rid of specific Tokens in exchange for a combined Event Token resource that accumulates and carries over between events. This way players will not feel obligated to spen their hard-earned tokens on rewards they find uninteresting. However, a universal Event Token which may be spent on _any_ event reward should still require players to actually _participate_ in the current events in order to unlock for purchase the rewards of that event. So on the basis of the legendary upgrade grind, I propose a five-mission marathon similar in structure to the classic events Warships used to run to earn certain exclusive ships like ARP Takao (but not as harsh, thanks!) which reward Event Tokens per stage and completing each stage unlocks for purchase specific rewards exclusive to an event. The final stage shall also unlock a number of rewards which shall become _permament_ additions to the Armory, such as special ships, captains and camouflages.

    Another matter is combining Clan and Ranked rewards under one banner — Coal. Remove Steel entirely, but possibly raise the cost of the high-tier rewards normally exclusive to Ranked or Clan participants. This way the more casual players still have a (lengthy) path to achieving these rewards without needing to participate, but those who do shall be rewarded quicker. Additionally, offer more mid-tier Coal rewards, such as some popular but older premium ships (making Warspite available for about 70K Coal may be worthwhile, Atago for around 100K)

    Finally, if the saturation of credits is an issue, then combine a Credit & Ship XP “Elite Plus” status for ships which allows for immediate transfer of captains to that vessel without needing to retrain. Such a status would not need to include the economic bonuses of actual Premium ships. However, to properly balance this, players would need to regrind the _total_ amount of XP needed to fully upgrade the vessel and pay the original unmodified purchase cost of it in credits.

    And doubloons are doubloons. They’re pretty much fine as they are. It’s part of Wargaming’s F2P profit model, so let’s let them have it. It helps them help us if we continue to make real-coin purchases.

    This leaves us with only five resources — Credits, Doubloons, Experience (ship, captain, free), Coal and Event Tokens. It promotes an achievable grind that makes the payoff worthwhile, incentivizes competitive play but doesn’t exclude more casual players. And Wargaming still gets to make money off that.

  7. The volume has been low on your last couple of Vids Zoup? Cheers 🙂

  8. Well the economy is not perfect, but of all the issues in the game the economy is on the bottom of the list.

  9. The PirateMongoose

    Having more content is great. Making that content only available for an extremely limited time and requiring total completion to get any reward is what’s causing my personal case of burnout. This is why I’d prefer to see something like a blend of the campaign and directive system; permanently available, but not limited to only working on 3 objectives (or 2 if you’re non-premium) at a time. And forget any sort of event tokens; having special limited edition items is fine, but let’s just use resources that are already in the game.

    The other fix I’d implement is putting caps on how much of anything can be earned in a given period of time; daily caps would at least help, but weekly or monthly would be better for players with limited time during the week. Or maybe lower caps on weekdays. And another cap to total capacity. Maybe take a look at how Warframe does syndicate rep for an idea; you can earn an amount per day based on your rank in the game, but everyone has the same cap.

    At this point, most of the playerbase joined the game after the Missouri was no longer available. (I think I’m the only person in my clan that has it.) Even if you think that having a lot of credits is a problem, it seems odd to blame a ship that less than 10% of players have. Of course, I also remember the old days, when after finally earning enough XP to research a t10 ship you had to spend another couple weeks grinding credits before you could afford the thing, and then another week or so grinding to be able to afford to equip all your modules. Keep in mind that it costs about 30 million to purchase and equip a t10; that’s quite a hurdle for F2P players, especially since repair costs in the t9 you’re probably using to make money soak up more than half your gross income if you don’t have the big credit boosting flags or reduced repair costs from a premium camo.

  10. Andrew Rockingham

    1) I think we do need to change the credit system and tokens, veteran players like self get over rewarded. 2) I am getting total burn out due to all the: Clan Battles, Navel Battles, Ranked, Combat Missions and Events….. This should be a fun computer game, NOT a full time job to get small rewards for hours and hours of game play. NoZoupForYou o7

  11. Been here since Closed Beta and I hear you on the burnout. It sucks what WG has put up. There has to be a better way for WG to monetize.

  12. I wish I could convert (not using real money) the XP on my premium ships to something … like camo, flags, consumables…. it’s just sitting there.

  13. One premium-ship which grind i really liked was the SHinonome. No time limit, do on your pace and get the ship for free, even if it takes you half a year bc you had to work 3 months outside the country.

  14. Zoup, check your sound settings. Your few last videos are way to low. Take care mate.

  15. I am mostly a casual player, 1.5K games after about two years, but I have to agree that the economy is getting out of hand. Silver and free exp are ok, Coal is something to strive for (gathered enough for a Jean Bart in 8 months) and steel was for the “elites” – those who play competitively, so I don’t really care. But theese tokens, man, the tokens are annoying as crap, especially because you always have almoust enough for something meaningfull just by playing, but impossible to gather enough to earn something really nice. If they did this token crap once a year it would be fine, but they do it every damn update. For me, a casual who has premium, credits are still pretty scarce, free exp is meh (I banked 440K hoping for an Alaska but at this rate there is no hope), coal grows slowly but the tokens are absolute crap.

  16. Yes the economy is tied to the burn out, but not in the way you are suggesting. The economy itself is perfectly fine, but it is how WG is abusing the economy that is causing the burnout. Having multiple currencies is fine, as long as the currencies are not limited to increasingly shorter events. We can have exp, credits, coal and steel, that is fine. The issue is with the myriad of event currencies. WG should unify all event currencies into one. That way there is not a massive grind each event which burns out players. IF during an event a player gets burned out, they feel forced to continue, as the currencies they are earning will disappear after the events. If we had a unified event currency, then players taking a break mid event, would not lose out on their grinding and could put it towards the next event. Also remember that the grinding for these events seems to be getting harder each event, yet the rewards seem to be getting less.

  17. Here’s a thought of mine regarding the “event money”:
    Make them roll over, so an easygoing player can grind one third of three events and then choose a suitable reward.
    While a grinding player can get all three rewards from the same events by completing each event.

    Regarding credits, yes WG do need to look at those. Stopping distribution through containers and redemption from surplus event currency might be enough.

    Certainly an announced reset would have me buying all the tech tree ships I can and the modules for those only to sell them after the reset.

  18. Like I said before I think all the special currency’s need to go away just keep coal, xp, or doobaloons. That’s it.

  19. Nice vid NoZoup. Glad to hear you weren’t actually in favor of an economy “nuke”.

  20. To be honest, the thing which wears me out is not the grind (that’s kind of the format) or that some ships are hard to get (that’s sometimes why they are coveted in the first place) but rather the sudden shifts in gameplay we’ve been having recently. The carrier rework, for example, was a big change and then another change and it’s still going on but in addition to that we have a new DD line which is the fastest ever, now we have ships which render the Worcester to an xp pinata if caught outside of cover. I mean lets face it, the Worcester used to die to a Des Moines if caught out of cover (not even thinking battleship guns here) and the Henri could mess it up but other than eventually dying you could give them a bloody nose for trying. The new french ships and that russian monstrosity literally eat it for breakfast.

    How could I forget, add in the russian battleships with their not so much a weakness of a broadside. They’re nigh on immune from the front to most things and seem to only be vulnerable to torpedoes which they can out manoeuvre half the time due to being so fast. The whole “they’re only accurate below 12km” has turned out to be as accurate as the “KV2s have poor accuracy” meme.

    It’s getting to the stage now where I can look at the ships list at the start of the battle and see who has the advantage. It was bad enough with the supercruisers who despite being the same makeup as the Hood get classified as cruisers (why is it that the Scharnhorst and the Hood are battleships but the Stalingrad is a cruiser???) but now I can check who has the most Kremlins in this game. Who has the Smolensk.. oh that team has more of these, advantage them.

    I play warships over any other “action” game for 3 reasons and these are being eroded.
    1. Any ship can take any other if played right and use the advantage of terrain etc to their advantage. There is an element of rock, paper, scissors but it’s never a simple this beats that.
    2. It’s a game which rewards skill more than twitch reactions and childlike bravado
    3. It’s a slow game where your overall performance isn’t just about who has the best aim or who can grab that piece of cover first.

    As we move to more powerful ships with fewer exploitable weaknesses we erode the elements of skill and replace it with pure ship power. The cvs, no matter what their mechanics are, remove half of the stealth in the game or all of it if they so choose which removes ambush tactics almost entirely and relegates surprises to a similar setup to the princess bride and the iocane powder scene.

    As an example, cruisers are dead to battleships if they engage in open water most of the time, right? Not so with the Stalingrad who just sits there and tanks it. It didn’t used to work with the Hindenburg either until it started to receive citadel hits from odd angles more often. But they had dpm, right? Well now there’s battleships which are your equal in speed and can have burst dpm or who’s shells are really fast and have great penetration. Okay so the tanky cruisers are more vulnerable but what about the rest? The Zao used to be really good but now it seems to rely on troll armour or just not doing much for a lot of the battle or you will get blapped. The Des Moines has to use cover or it’s just dead in a very short amount of time. The Worcester is less vulnerable to citadels than the Des Moines (because reasons) and yet lacks the speed necessary to extricate itself. The colbert is faster, the smolensk is faster and has smoke, the henri can play with it’s acceleration until the BB player breaks their keyboard in frustration. Add in the Harugumo which has smoke is fast and is stealthier than any of them but with similar firepower. The list is quite horrendous. Then go back to the initial two cruisers, the Des Moines and the Zao. Each can be powerful if given the right circumstances but suffer greatly when their teams refuse to back them up. The Zao isn’t half as good if the team retreats and lets everything through. It only takes one DD to keep you scouted and chances are you’re dead. The Des Moines is even worse. You tend to pick a corner to fight from, right? Then your team decides that it looks far to hot and buggers off. One dead Des Moines. No question, no counter, the only thing in trade is how much damage the Des Moines can do before it falls and if it’s a Kremlin coming in….probably not that much because the Kremlin is the new one.

    We’re losing the balance of this game and that’s what’s killing it. It’s getting predictable and submarines won’t help with that except in the very short term.

    We need the ships to be rounded better so they’re not so black and white, so the one on one battles aren’t a foregone conclusion so often so we can get back to how the player uses the ship instead of binary conflicts.

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