World of Warships- Buy This Bundle? Go To Jail

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Well, in the latest development with Wargaming and the Ukraine-Russia conflict, there is now a charity bundle available that could land some users in Jail.


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  1. The world we live in am i right fellas?

  2. Sounds like a conflict going on.. so guess RU will have something like this soon as well then..

    Oh wait didnt they already have something like this with food rations for the soldiers??

  3. im far more interested in the nearly 300k damage game in the background

  4. BornRaisedAndLivingInCalifornia

    For a 20 year jail sentence, it better be a damn good ship. 30km range, 60 kts. speed, 2 second reload, 99% fire chance, 100 meter turn circle, 2 km concealment.. Of course it has planes and can submerge.

    • They can’t give that ship away though, because the blueprints (for something that absurd) are in Russia

    • @malakaman TBH just an Aegis cruiser would be enough. Any enemy plane anywhere on the map dies. Any surface ship that gets detected dies. Any sub within 15 kilometers that gets detected dies.
      Considering that thing would have, like, 20km hydro and 150km radar, it means red team is gone as soon as the spawn countdown ends.

    • don’t forget the 180 knots homing torps that do 40k damage

  5. You’ll have a hard time believing what exactly you can get a prison sentence for in Russia and Belarus. Also, when a US citizen reads about “being in prison,” he expectedly imagines something like an American prison, maybe with a little worse conditions and a little meaner guards. He does not think about torture and cruel abuse, about the persecution of the convict’s family and other things.

    • I’m sorry but if an American doesn’t think of torture and cruel abuse when thinking of American prisons then they just haven’t read enough on the American prison system, though Russia and Belarus are obviously worse in that regard, being authoritarian (bordering on totalitarian) states. Wish I could say i was surprised about them imprisoning people who buy these packs, but tbh its just par for the course with everything I know about them.

    • And don’t forget being put into a uniform and sent to the battle line as a bullet sponge.

  6. Great idea Wargaming! But why did they ban the Ukrainian flag mod?

    • Probably because it meant no profits

      “I mean if you’re gonna support the people, might as well make some money out of it” -Wargaming, Probably

  7. Alex Zasokhashvili

    imagine going to jail and getting asked by cell mates why are you in, big ops

  8. Id like to support Ukraine but when they are this cheap with a charity event it honestly feels better to donate directly. If Humble bundle can get publishers to give out massive discounts to gather money for charities, WG can give out some older prems with a reduced price to incentivize people to pay.

    • Wows oldest controversy WG actually did offer a wows bundle through humble bundle back during the open beta test I believe it was for the T5 cruiser Russian Murmansk (which is an Omaha but better in nearly every way lol Russian bias) and after the event was over they tried removed the ship from everyone’s account who bought the bundle and tried to claim that it was only supposed to be a rental for 7 days… but that was proven an outright lie as people who bought the bundle on the last day didn’t even get the ships for 24hrs… due to the backlash WG eventually caved and reinstated the ship to all purchasers.

  9. Special permanent camo for Keiv, maybe a flag with the city crest

  10. Screw that; it’s for damn sure about the camo, especially since WoT and WoWP both get something permanent. Why is WoWs the red headed stepchild? We need permanent camos!

  11. would you actually expect ANYTHING less from Russia ?🤔

  12. Intel Core i7-8086K Processor

    I’d love to have that flag, but $30 is a bit much.

  13. Interesting. I guess WG needed to distance itself from Russia and it has enough problems with image and good will these days.

  14. Oh definitely, a perma camo makes sense. What was WG thinking? Anyway, 298k damage and 6 kills….nice job!

  15. I have donate several times, but mostly through trusted channels (Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), United24, Revived Soldiers Ukraine and Dyzga’s Paw Charity Fund. When I chose I usually look on what percentage of my money goes in the real life support / effort and transparency.
    I hope that WG is making public those figures (about the percentage of effective spent money). I will probably donate again, and I like the idea, but I hope to get something that remains on my ship / ships for that, and not an expendable camo.
    As if a moron is playing on EU or NA servers from Russia, and donates to Ukraine, then deserves a Darwin award…

    Just my two cents from Romania.

  16. The camo’s aren’t even perma-camo’s and with the way weegee tanked perma camo prices once they removed econ bonuses, they could have atleast made them perma

  17. WoWP gets a whole plane. Guess who’s gonna go pretend he’s the Ghost of Kyiv for a while?

  18. They probably made the camo expendable because they still hope to merge back together, after this horrible conflict is over.

  19. So the billions (roughly 70 billion) we already send them is not enough to buy ambulances? Guess the other countries could step up not just the US.

  20. You definitely had me fooled with the title, I thought it was going to be some ridiculously greedy and shitty bundle like WG seems to be putting in our faces more and more lately, which someone *should* “go to jail” for purchasing.

    But to hear that it’s actually a charity promotion for a good cause makes me feel a genuinely positive way toward WG especially given their proximity to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. I might actually buy it when I have the money to do so (or just give to such charities directly).

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