World of Warships- Buying This Ship Is One Of The Worst Mistakes Players Make

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium German Battleship Tirpitz, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Don’t warn the players against buying the tripitz. I love farming the players that decide to do “Leroy Tirpitz”

    • Buying ANY WG ship is the biggest mistake players make right now…….we need to punish their appalling recent behaviour until genuine, lasting reform happens.

  2. The ship is a lot of fun to play. It are just the idiots that give it a bad reputation XD

    • Yep, she was my favorite until Pommern came out…

    • While I agree that the ship is loads of fun, it is punitive to those who can’t position themselves right.. and the “accuracy” of german guns… It’s imo not a great ship, but I wouldn’t call buying it a mistake, I loved it.. atm however I’m not really playing since.. well the game is more and more a campers paradise.

    • @Derguz Try playing co-op. The bots love to knife fight and never complain about being on the receiving end of the cheesiest of tactics.

  3. Tirpitz was my first premium ship, but i only got it after i got into tier7-8 tech tree ships. I loved it back then, and i love that ship even now…

  4. I think the old German bbs are made obsolete with the new tree.
    They are faster, tankier (way less superstructure and Russian repair party and being a smaller target in general), way more accurate main battery and secondaries, with up to 16 torpedo launcher. Their only downside compared the old tree so far I’ve noticed is, that they get smashed when showing broadside, which the old tree also does, but to a lesser extend.

    • I have up to the tier 9 on the new tree. After several battles in the tier 9, I can tell you that FDG and pommer are much tankier. Anything with 18inch guns dumps on the new BBs.

    • Having played the tier 5, and just the other day unlocked the tier 6, I also think they might “eclipse” the only German Battleships in popularity. The Guns are definitely more accurate (which is already a plus) and while they might lack turtlebacks, their armor is pretty good, plus they have speed throughout the Line instead of just mid to high tier. Plus the Limited but Fast recharging DC makes them alot tankyer vs Damage over Time effects then the standard DC (as provin by the Russian BBs).

      Their is just something that feels good about sailing a FAST and MANUVERABLE Battleship (or battlecruiser in this case), hence why everyone hates the slow speed of the US dreadnoughts (all of them) and love the fast battleship you get around tier 7-10

  5. i have almost 1350 battles in the tirpitz and i can say with certinity that i believe tirpitz is one of the best tier 8 battleships for knife fighting

  6. I was given this ship as a rental 2x. I then bought her after a year of playing and still see her as one of my better ships stats wise. Guns can be frustrating but I do love to take her in CO-OP also

  7. I have nearly a 1 000 000 ship xp on the Tirpitz, still enjoy playing it. Got my first kraken with it too.

  8. I remember getting the Tirpitz. At the time, it was quite the achievement and the ship was a lot of fun to play.
    Now, not so much as it’s play style has been made obsolete.

  9. I love my Lonely Queen of the North. Have 1,300 battles with her and when I started to listen to this video I quickly jumped into a battle with her, got the rare top tier battle with her, and pulled out a Kraken. Just change the title to Worst Mistake “NEW” Players Make. German BB’s just take time to learn especially with WoW games meta the last year or two.

  10. exactly the ship i used in last tier 8 was great

  11. The title is just a clickbait tbh…

    Tirpitz is just fine. There are bad players in every ship, not just the Tirpitz.

  12. tirpitz is not that bad really, it just that some players dont know how to play it properly, sitting at 20km max and hope for a hit

  13. I would never ever even consider using HE in a German battelship, regardless of Tier and Position my enemy is in. Rather use ap in the Structure of a bow tanking bb

  14. I love my Tirpitz, she was the first ship I took to over 200k damage. It’s just a shame how many players that tarnish her reputation. I still love to sail in my Tirpitz to this day!

  15. I still enjoy playing it, and it’s still good for completing various missions

  16. Tirpitz is a fun ship, idk what you’re on about. Granted it takes a while to get used to, and to spec the commander to how you want it, but it’s a fun ship and I don’t regret buying a container which had a Tirpitz in it. 800k XP on mine and all I do is yolo and get 120k+ damage a game

  17. As someone whos first premium was the tipitz I dont agree tbh, its AA is pretty bad but its not only good for knife fighting, its really good for sniping too ive had loads of games in which i snipe t8 cruisers, battleships for 10k+ making me a pretty scary target if the enemy shows broadside and for knife fighting it is a really good ship winning all the fights against other t8’s.

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