World of Warships- Buzzkill

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So I had a rather….interesting game in the Massachusetts…enjoy
Have a replay?

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  1. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    I legit got shocked when u died..didnt see that coming .

  2. And you would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddlesome kids….

  3. ur fault again rushing in no support and getting ur arse kicked again and ur awareness sucks esp when u was taken out as u knew he was gonna outflank u and you did nothing piss poor replay

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      mark houghton So let me ask you this, in this situation with an extremely passive team, would it not be better to try and push to do SOMETHING rather than sit back and and watch the other team win on points?

    • +Sea Lord Mountbattenit depends, if I push alone I find it highly doubtful I can make a change, so I either retreat and become a lemming or, go down fighting and try to get as much damage as poss and hope for good credit payout from a loss/win, instead of dying with low damage and getting rewarded with bugger all for a win/loss

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      callum millward Yeah I was hoping to go behind the island I had just sailed by, heal up and then go after that Nelson and die gloriously

    • Steven Wiederholt

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten
      Passive Players? On WoW! Are you sure? 🙂

      Drives me right up the wall.
      Of course I can be accused of being overly aggressive.

    • Nothing proves a point better than no punctuation.

  4. Steven Wiederholt

    I LOVE all those over pens!

    I also like to beat my head against a wall, and binge watch Der Ring des Nibelungen

  5. Yup, been there, know that feeling.

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