World of Warships – Calculated

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In which Hotsauceforbreakfast takes no unnecessary risks, calculates the odds at every turn and cuts through the enemies like a Terminator.

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  1. New Upload? BACK TO THE MINES! The salt won’t mine itself

  2. even if it was to be a slow match, showing a methodical dd match might teach other dds to not yeedle-leedle-leedle into an artificial reef within 4 minutes of the game.

    • It’s not sinking, it’s “Special Underwater Operation”

    • If only other dd’s stayed in battle long enough to see one’s performance

    • @Mr Exists I believe the technical term is: LEEEEROOOOY JE-glubglubglubglub….

    • If that were to happen it wouldn’t be World of idiot destroyers…

    • @Paul Bestwick I’d say it’s worth it even if it means only one shima player goes: “hey, what are those weird tubes on his deck that spew flame? you say they’re called guns? i think I’ve seen those on my ship, perhaps they will work for me as well!”

  3. 隣の猫 『π』

    A torpedo kill on a sub?

    Not something you can see everyday

  4. You got the pronouncination right, jingles! Say it as it is written. Greetz from Norway

    • Kristoffer Mangila

      You should be proud pal, there’s no better representative of Norway than HNoMS Stord, which helped sink the Scharnhorst, and was at Normandy on D-Day, and served on your nation’s Navy for 16 years.

    • @Kristoffer Mangila Yes, I am

  5. DD captains capable of controlling their engagements are downright scary in what they can do.

    • It’s a class largely balanced by its players.

    • @Simon G Well, you can’t *always* control your engagements. You can’t when there are carriers or hybrids in play, you can’t when the opposing team’s submarines know what they are doing, and you can’t if your team’s BB captains are playing so passively that the opposing team’s radar cruisers have little to fear.

      That’s a lot of if’s. 😉

  6. tor einar Johansen

    You actually pronounced the name of the DD Stord correctly the first time around in the video Good Sir Jingles

  7. It’s spelled Stord, but it’s pronounced “Throat-Warbler Mangrove”….

    And, prayers & good wishes to Eddie, you & Rita…we love you guys, and are in this with you all!

  8. Ah yes, love to see how dedicated WG is to historical accuracy(their own words). Just like real life where it takes a dozen depth charge hits to kill a WW2 sub.

    • Uhhhh….go read some WWII battle reports Jap DD vs US Sub……and vice versa…..or US/UK DD vs German Uboat

      99% of the time, it wasn’t the first that sunk the sub

      Some subs took a huge beating….and made it home

    • Second World War depth charge attacks had a success rate of between 3.7% to 7% depending on the year.

    • @Force A1 Yes. As in, depth charges deployed vs hits scored/sub killed. Here, we have confirmed damage to the sub over a dozen times, and it is still fully operational.

  9. Nice piece of teamwork at the end.

  10. ToughAncientSpark

    Nice to see a battle where surviving teammates actually conspire together to win!

  11. The way it was first pronounced was actually close enough. Well, it was at least much closer then the second time. It actually sounded more Swedish than Norwegian.

  12. Uncle Jingle, I wish I could hug you.
    even though what you are going through. you are still making us laugh and smile.
    say hi the Eddie from all of us.
    he is an awesomeness fellow!

  13. Johayne Skippers

    As a DD player in Blitz I took notes.
    Thank you Jingles!

  14. Finn-Christian Baker

    Good job with the prononciation. First try too! My great uncle was the ship’s captain during the war and went on to many other great achievements in the Norwegian Navy and NATO. So nice to see the Stord in the game!

  15. Jingles mate with everything that’s happening with Eddie no one would complain if you took some personal time and stopped putting videos up for a while , you are only human and a much needed break wouldn’t hurt you or draw any criticism from your faithful miners . Take care and give Eddie our love .

  16. Thanks, Jingles, for showing DD players how to play. Now they’re gonna be able to think AND breath at the same😂

  17. Lawrence Fortuno

    that was a very good play indeed, well done to those last remaining teammates as well

  18. Okay, that shot at 4:17 has completely blown my mind. HOW WAS THAT A HIT?!

  19. “However, his radio position finder, or whatever the hell they’re calling that skill this week-”

    Jingles, thanks for summing up all my feelings about this game in a single sentence 😀

  20. Wow, some actual teamwork from the last surviving members of the team! Love to see it.

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