World of Warships – Calculating Grind for “free” Puerto Rico Event patch 0.8.11

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  1. You don’t sound convinced that you are actually going to grind this in any other way than wargaming intended…$$$$. T10 is up for sell and new meta for clan battles will be $$$.

    • I’m going try, may be fun or insane. lol

    • @minyaksayur you can always grind it as intended. $$$$. It’s at a reasonable $250 u.s currency.

    • @Paul t Ah but you forgot there is a third options, that is not to do the event.

    • @minyaksayur or do what I did for the Renegade in WoT
      Just go as far as you get by casually playing, and enjoy the resources and loot. I just barely got to stage 10 with 2 hours left in the event. So I earned almost everything, bar the tank, crew, and a days premium account. So I earned a quality American HT crew trainer for €6. If I wasn’t suffering from more insomnia, and off college that week, I’d likely have just made it half way, and simply just earned some free equipment, consumables and premium time.

    • @Grasshopper K I agree, but I’m tempted to stream it to see if it’s possible to complete.

  2. this counts if you WIN 100% of the games you play and get about top5 everytime

  3. Good video, now all I can say is “Walkies”

  4. Even buying the premium boosters will still be a near impossible grind and totally free is impossible. Its a pay ship and WG has recently admitted it and refunded many booster purchases. Cash price is around $250.00 or more. Stay away from this x-mas event. WG issued an apology but it’s blowing up huge. Might be the biggest oopsie ever in WOWS. Expect a change.

  5. Yes. More people making videos about it. Nice job man

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