World of Warships – California ALL or NOTHING

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California is the new premium tier 7 USN BB.

I never thought I would actually like and enjoy this ship but against all odds, I AM enjoying it.

Ships can feel bad until the game ends and you realize you did quite good for a tier 7 BB.

Good sides:

– Relatively tanky for a tier 7

– Good 35% torp protection

– A LOT of AA

– 12 guns, 19ish km range

Bad sides:

– It’s really slow, 21.5 kts with speed flag

– Its gun caliber is only 356mm and it will meet tier 9 ships since it is tier 7

– 30 sec rld (not exactly bad but not rly good either)

– SUPER SLOW turret traverse – 60 sec stock, 40ish sec with EM and ship upgrade

All in all I think it’s a good ship but how fun will it be for you since it is this slow is up to every individual to decide.

Enjoy and have fun watching , drop a like/dislike, sub share and all that good stuff 😉

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  1. damn this ship is omega T H I C C

    also flambass the kate whisperer

  2. Ah yes: the glorious USN BB dispersion that won the space race for us…

    • Cat with a diphthong

      AKUJIRULE hey, if I’m in a car race and I’m behind all the way until the finish line, but I cross it first, then I still win the race. Sorry that upsets you so much.

    • @AKUJIRULE RU tried to achieve both in same way, the Zap brannigan method, just throw waves and waves of people at any problem with disregard. At least in the USA we dont tryto rush ideas ahead the safety of are own people. Try comparing how many people died in each country in the war. And besides the Russia doesn’t even have the same government system now.

    • @Cat with a diphthong typical moron, sorry, American.

      American reality: We won so hard that we still behind Russians.
      American: We “won space race” ROFL
      Your idiocy doesn’t give you out of jail card, you DO KNOW that?

    • Cat with a diphthong

      AKUJIRULE you are WAY more invested in this than you should be.

      The race was to the moon. US got there first, and the USSR got there never, despite trying repeatedly. So, who won, the guys who did it all, or the guys who did some of it, and some of that first? I’m going with the ones who had the stones to go all the way, not some of the way.

      But hey, do you bud.

    • Cat with a diphthong

      AKUJIRULE also, just as an aside, saying the US lost every war since WW2 is just categorically false. Even a quick google search will disillusion you of that falsehood.

      The US isn’t all that and a bag of chips, but to just lie and say things that aren’t true makes me think you’re just drinking someone else’s Kool Aid, not minding that it tastes like urine.

  3. Medal of Honor Rising Sun, anyone thats played that game knows about this ship!

  4. All the cats are talking. The Mighty Jingle’s cat, Akizuki was talking in his video too.

  5. 10:55 and like that Flambass tripled his viewers.

  6. So yet another “incredibly underwhelming” new premium. And it is not Russian. What a surprise.

  7. California. The ship with syringes all over the decks.

    The poop deck must be pretty severe.


    • Wouldn’t that be San Francisco?

    • You mean the state that by itself would be like the fifth or sixth largest economy? If you think california is bad youre welcome to come visit me in arkansas:)

    • Cat with a diphthong

      2639theboss China has a huge economy too, but I wouldn’t want to live there

    • @Cat with a diphthong If california is bad, than what is good? What state in the usa is better? Shit ive lived in ten states, and if this idiot thinks california is filled with syringes, i cant imagine how shocked they would be to see the conditions in other states.

    • Cat with a diphthong

      2639theboss all the states are pretty good. I’m not sure there’s actually a bad one out to live in out there, comparatively. But I don’t like California for a number of reasons, mostly politics or policy based, and I don’t think that the comments section of a video game about big boomy boats is the place to discuss it.

      The OP was making a joke (deservedly) about the conditions in a couple of California cities. What I was addressing in your comment was that having a large economy doesn’t make a place good to live in. That’s all.

      All that being said, I like NorCal. Beautiful place. Still wouldn’t live there.

  8. Enemies: *sweating bullets* Why isn’t he shooting at us? What devious plan is hatching in his head?
    Flambass: *happily cuddling with his kitten*

  9. That clutch win
    Just had that kind of clutch win yesterday when the lead flipped in 00:02

  10. at least give the ship good accuracy, I see no reason for any one to buy this ship

  11. Arthur Blackhomes

    This game is an example of good karma. Flambass sacrifice his time to give his cat attention even he is still in the middle of a battle. So RNG bless his team by changing the tide and win the game

  12. This game had everything, from cat cuteness to total emotional breakdowns both rage and happiness XD

  13. Majestic Hotwings

    my man spends more time playing with his cat than playing the game lol

  14. Is it just me or the engine of California sounds struggling.

    • A bit like the state…

    • gsylass The number 5 economy in the world isn’t struggling.

    • You’d be struggling too if you had to push over 40,000 tons with less than 30,000 hp! 🙂

    • @Magnus Victor Hilariously enough, even if you threw an extra 100k shaft horsepower at a Standard-type BB, it wouldn’t get much faster because they’re all about as hydrodynamic as a fucking brick. It’s also why they turn so well, especially compared to later US BBs like the Iowas.

  15. 13 minutes to go: “the push may start!”
    End of the game: not even reached the cap
    *sad story

  16. Ah yes, the infamous “Warning shots” California. The dispersion on these guns make Grosser Kurfürst look like a sniper in comparison.

  17. I actually like the US standard battleships. They’re good ships if your just looking to have a bit of fun.

  18. “Best AA in the game” Lexington still shits on it.

  19. I still find it funny that for USN ships, we gotta have historical accuracy, but on the Stalins wet dream fleet, all that goes out the window. lol

    • Mostly because they were actually build, difference between real guns and fake guns is that the real ones actually fired at something. I think the Russian guns should get more and more inaccurate with each shot to show that their velocity comes at a price

  20. No one:
    Literally no one:

    Jingles and Flambass: making kittens more important part of vids than gaming

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