World of Warships – California Review – EXTRA THICC

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Oh Baby


  1. “You don’t get anywhere in California” also true.

  2. I wish they would of made her a low tier Massachusetts

    • I agree as well!

    • @April WhiteMouse hi mouse!

    • Honestly, she would be quite bad because of the speed and the whole Manual Secondaries are shite below Tier VIII.. Unless she’d get some super accurate secondaries, I don’t think this would be a good ship if it was that.

    • @Jakub Borowski Negative on one thing, secondaries can be good from Tiers VII – X due to Manual Secondaries giving -60% dispersion for those tiers. It’s Tier VI and under that get the shaft…

    • Magister R'yleth

      Yeah, I don’t understand why you’d put what’s basically a New Mexico at tier VII, and then not give it good secondaries. Tier VII is the first tier secondary builds can actually work. Well, I have a theory. They made it crap because it is not Russian. Everyone knows the Russian navy is the finest in the world, and has been since the formation of the universe itself. They’re so good, they even just let people beat them in battle all the time, in the name of fairness. These are all true facts.

  3. Ship fail. Stock sinop murders it . Pass!

  4. Basically a port decoration. Hopefully they make her earnable though a chain of missions. Then i will try to get the ship since she looks damn beautiful.

  5. Why oh why do they insist on making beige boring ships when they could make something reasonably entertaining…..everything that’s getting released these days is meh, if its not a great ship being nerfed with the help of “WiP” videos or snowflakes moaning about certain aspects of a ship. For once its a premium I won’t be bothering with and tbh if they carry on with how they are making these things then I won’t be bothering with alot in the future thats for sure.

  6. It funny that he says AA before he talks about guns. In other words, this ship is a torp magnet and an HE magnet.

  7. Beedrillbot 121

    I would like to point out that for a majority of her testing she had a 30sec reload, which they then promptly nerfed to 34sec a couple patches before releasing her while giving her nothing to compensate for the nerf. If it weren’t for the reload nerf I probably would’ve gotten her, oh well thanks WG for saving my money.

    • The reload nerf happend ages ago, and it was because she aperently was making spreadsheet unhappy, thats why she didnt got compensation. It was a straight nerf, and ment to be one.

    • Im 90% sure she received a small sigma buff soon after this +4sec nerf…

      Granted they could chove this .01 extra sigma up their asses for all I care… 34 sec reload for a ship with low caliber, bad armor, and slow… They set the thicc lady to die long before she was even released –“

    • Magister R'yleth

      It’s like they took a tier 6, slapped a tier 7 label on it, and called it good. “See comrade? We don’t always release OP premiums. Is not Russian, so we felt comfortable making it garbage.”

    • And then the Subs will get her fast.

  8. Belustigungspanda

    Thanks for showing my upcoming “random” T7 premium ship from the KOTS collection container…

  9. She mas mediocre before, and they nerfed her to the point of being a port queen.

  10. sad in reality, this class of bbs have had the best torp protection of all us bbs and one of the best armor protection too. she was refitted with new sec guns why not make her to a great brawler with good sec and protection, why this?

  11. It feels like this ship if 5 years to late into the game in order to fit with the meta.

  12. Absolute shame. My all time favorite Battleship ( coming from an European as well). To see her so confused implemented is just painfull.
    Seeing a ship that actually did Capital ship on Capital ship combat, had an historical role and is one of the more war active ships beeing this mediocre in the game just saddens me.
    Also her 44 configuration should have had allot quicker really. Especially seeing the weight of the 14 inch shells and her modern rammers.
    Will buy her have been waiting years for this legend but just a shame.

    Thanks for the review though Chase!

    • If you are so disappointed, maybe NOT buy it?
      All of you who are complaing about WG messing things up, and then feeding the russian trolls nevertheless … you are encouraging them, you know?!

    • Kevin Reed-Jones

      You can buy some Russian fantasy ship if you desperately need to spend money.

  13. Finally a ship worth harpooning. Look at that blubber!

  14. This is WG saying “see, we don’t just make OP premiums now. You can’t say pay to win, powercreep, haha. Yuk yuk.”

  15. SizzleChest McMurphy

    You’d be better off playing the West Virginia in a T7 battle. At least you’d have guns that matter…

  16. Probably the most “phoned in” review I’ve heard ichase give. You can just tell he has 0 fks to give about this ship. And perhaps WG in general given the direction they are taking.

    • Nope, absolutely 0 fks to give these days. Only care about teaching people how to git gud and ship reviews for the stuff they release so ppl know what they’re in for

    • @iChaseGaming and it’s really appreciated. Keep up the good fight, well at least until you find something else that tickles your fancy. Your how to series is some of the best WOWS content out there.

  17. Chase – “You don’t get anywhere in a hurry in California.”
    Me – “Ok, fine, but tell me about the ship…”

  18. The Peer Alliance

    They should’ve just made her the T7 US Secondary ship… such a perfect oppurtunity and you’d have a fun premium

    • What would be the point of putting great secondaries on a slow ship? So you can stew in frustration at all the ships you can’t get into secondary range to engage?

    • @Dana Summers at least it’s a better selling point than “better AA”, like that even MEANS anything these days, yeesh

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