World of Warships Camouflage and Cosmetic Rewards

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Let’s talk about rewards in World of Warships. I’ll be honest. At this point I rather have cosmetic rewards like camouflage as opposed to ship rewards. Give me some COD style camouflage I can earn through tough missions and I’ll be happy. What say you?


  1. Nothing seems enough incentive to regrind an entire line

    • Agree, which is why I think if they really, really want to make players play an entire line again, it shouldn’t be regrinding it benefiting players with heaps of free xp, but instead have it show of a player’s skill by assigning combat mission, similar to those of the campaigns, except that there won’t be anything where you need to gain a certain amount of currency, and harder. (or some of them could be gain a certain amount of base xp in one game

    • david berry exactly.

  2. 100% agree. I started playing ranks since season 10 just to collect the jolly roger flags. Sadly they took them out shortly after that.

  3. I want WG to fix the damn game!

  4. My drives are simple. I play to grind new lines. It’s the journey. We already have “I did something” awards. The most powerful ships in the game are locked behind two different special currencies that force you to play specific game modes.

  5. Nicholas Provenzo

    I think the Kamakazi R that players earned after successfully completing a difficult challenge is an example of a hard-won reward that commands respect.

    • And then happens what happened to me. Make a battle in the Kamikaze R, getting a Daily, which is a supercontainer with a Kamikaze in it. 😀

  6. nope, not bothered by cosmetics
    would rather ships, or better modules

  7. I really like the ship rewards… But I am a collector…a completest…. Although if you can design your own Camo.or rename a ship. that would be cool.

  8. I want ships and modules primarily.

    Not going to grind or convert XP for camos etc.

  9. With wargaming’s recent decisions, honestly I’m thinking of leaving the game. They’ve blatantly been trying to piss off a lot of veteran players by adding things they said they never would.

  10. Camos and flags are ALWAYS great to get, especially perm-camos.

    • So true. Especially t10 perm camos so you can deal better with the high post-battle repair even for ships you don’t have yet. I got the eagle camo for worcester before having the ship and now that i have it its worth it.

  11. I think the NTC shouldn’t take away the ships you have, I think it should add a mission to your existing tier 6-10 ships. Those missions are simple, they require you to grind the same amount of XP you would have had to grind to get to the next ship. Then you’d earn the points from the NTC and you could go in whatever order you want to to get the rewards.

    Camo that doesn’t have great economic perks is a non starter.

    Introducing reward ships that are clones is not a bad idea. Like Massachusetts Black or Kamikaze R. Perhaps even Tier 10’s that actually have good economy without the premium camo… like a Montana or Yamato clone.

    What I don’t want and I think most Warships players would agree is a ship that’s so OP it’s required being locked behind a wall only accessible to the best players (who don’t need it) or the ones with the most time to grind.

  12. I want to see a custom shop, a place where you can customize your own camouflage. This would allow players to build their own, pain their ships in their way. This is what the research bureau should allow once completed

    • I love that idea. I think wg might be hesitant to implement that because someone will inevitably put something inappropriate on their ship.

    • Yes then we just have a whole heap of ships running round with giant penises painted on them. If they did i War Thunder style, and made it client side only… That would work

  13. I think some rewards should be specific camos used on specific ships, including hull numbers. A New Jersey Camo for the Iowas, or a Johnston Camo for Fletcher…give those camos specific bonuses and I think it might give more value to a player.

  14. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Zoup, dude, I agree 100%. I want a T-shirt that says “will do missions for skins”

  15. I just want the time to play some of the ships I’ve already got. I’d like to see more Scenarios and less grinding. This is a game, not a job.

  16. Agree with cosmetics. Would grind for special flag that gave buff to xp or credits

  17. For me, the goal is to HAVE FUN. It is A Game after all…..unless I’m mistaken.

  18. Cosmetics would be great. I think obtaining mastery badges or gunmarks (like in WoT) for your ships, would also be great.

  19. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    Me, personally? I could not care less about the cosmetics. That said, I believe that cosmetics are the right way to go for incentives. My motivation to play is very simple: the game is fun. More ships? Not an incentive. If anything, more tech tree ships – very much like more and more grindy events – are a disincentive for me. No matter how much climbing I do, they keep making the mountain higher. I don’t play either ranked or clan wars, so a tier 10 ship has as much intrinsic value to me as any other ship in it’s line.

    Patches/emblems are straight up annoying, and I the only time I get jealous of another player’s equipment is if it is a ship I have a particularly hard time dealing with and I’m grinding towards it myself. Other than that, you can have all the cosmetics you want and imagine that I’m jealous.

    I would much rather they focused on getting the CV rework done, fixing the UI problems (that are STILL present) and finding and fixing other problems, like the dynamic crosshair.

  20. Perm-camos for crazy achievements. I like it.

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