World of Warships- Camouflage & Economy Rework Is Coming Soon

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Hey guys, today we have more details on the upcoming Economy Bonuses Rework, check it out and let me know what you think!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I fear no phrase, but that thing…

    ” *REWORK* ”

    It scares me…

  2. “In order to make camouflages an exclusively visual customization, their combat bonuses are also separated from them. The 3% detectability range by sea bonus previously present on all camouflages is now built into the default parameters of all ships. The 4% increase of dispersions of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship will be entirely removed;”

    So pretty much every ship gets an accuracy increase.

  3. I feel a great Clusterfuck disturbance in the force. As if the usual WG company slop being fed to us like we’re Amber Beard’s throat.

  4. I’m curious about the ships that already had a built-in increased credit gain is going to happen to them

  5. This is good.
    I like the traditional look of the basic camos.
    Being able to print the bonus onto it is a great move.

  6. Sadly, I feel we will see a lot more “naked” ships as people either don’t want to pay for decoration or just can’t be bothered. I hope that’s not the case, though!

    Also, I don’t see this as a win for the players as both the bonuses and the camo’s will be sold separately. So if you like a premium camo, unless it’s the first you buy for your ship which I believe will be cheaper, it will cost the same as the existing premium camos, plus if you want to have the permanent economic bonuses to go along with it, you have to pay more. At least that’s how I read it. Not seeing it as a win.

    • @Alain Sterckx No, but I often look around the fleet near me to see some of the camos as we sail out. I hope I’m wrong about seeing more “naked ships” and that we actually see more military themed camos and ones that were historical to some of the different ships but, if the camos are divorced from the economic bonuses, will people want to pay for both even if the combination of the two are a similar price to todays premium camos.

      On another point of your comment, stop sniping at 15+ km and start going toe to toe with the enemy. That way you might see their camos 🙂

    • Considering all the people that bitch about realism i dont think seeing more naked ships will be a bad thing. But people will still pay for cosmetic only camo’s, this concept is how alot of free to play games survive (League of Legends im looking at you). In reality with exception to permanent camos that give you more than just bonus exp and post battle service reduction you are getting the similar benefits for same amount of dubs for your first purchase.

      They also make it sound like once you have purchased a permanent economic bonus it will always be present and active ala “Economic bonuses from permanent camouflages are purchased separately and are permanently active for a ship if present. Expendable bonuses can also now be added on top of permanent ones”.

    • @mickpass1 ok, but i prefer looking at a “naked” ship vs one of those azur lane or glowing camo ones

    • @Alain Sterckx not going to argue there. I was very happy the day they allowed regular camos on my Hiei. I could actually play it again without an overriding sense of embarrassment 🙂

  7. Ty SLM, really not as confident as you are about these changes. It’s my default reaction to any change WG “spins” into the game, seems to follow a historic trend; make our experience worse, we complain, they make it LESS bad, they settle on a middle-ground that is 1 meter from that pain (gaining ground for them), while everyone thinks “thank god they listened” the pain is less now. pretty sure “gaslighting” is the entire business model?

    I really don’t enjoy those feelings, this just really looks more like the same old “bait and switch” to me. Where We spend 100k Dubs & countless dollars to fit a Meta, that turns into simply wasted money & an abduction of more of our days. I WOULD LOVE TO BE WRONG! Starting to think FIFA might be a cheaper game…

    • it will be a greedy nightmare, as you gonna pay for every bonus and they wanna add more camos to get you money. they are just scam, as is the game at this point.

    • Assuming they give out economic bonuses in similar quantities to what they give out now there isn’t really a lot of downsides to this update. More customizations and a global 4% dispersion buff sounds like a win to me.

      Also i don’t know what game you are playing where you have to spend 100k dubs and countless dollars to fit a meta but it certainly isn’t WOWS. Any money you spend above the cost of premium time is money you WANTED to waste not money you had to waste to be competitive.

    • @Keep I can’t believe you people are complaining about COSMETIC ONLY camo’s XD if they want to release 1000+ camos every month for dubs let them, it will have 0 game impact.

    • @Mathew believe me, iam complaining about much more ^^ i dont buy that damn premium time, i dont buy ships for money, but the problem i see is, that you could get bonuses without perma camo or money by adding non perma camos. this will be gone. those dudes are clever when it comes to money. why rework something that works ? greed

    • @KeepThis change has been something that the community has been asking for, this isnt out of the blue that no one wanted (subs). To my knowledge (i could be wrong) they aren’t getting rid of consumable bonuses, they could make the consumables rarer which would suck but the community would 100% jump down their throats and would probably force the devs to change it (this is the pull and push of every single game company).

  8. so, will we now have to buy the economic bonuses because the camos you get through containers and stuff will be purely cosmetic? Which increases your ingame expenses, translating ultimately into an increase in premium store purchases, because there will of course be all kinds of new articles in there providing these bonuses?  So it’s one more anti-consumer update that is gilded in nice wording and a few minor ‘positive’ changes in minor parameters? Idk, maybe I missed something essential, but I’m very sceptical about it…

  9. Under this „separating camos from bonuses” WG is hiding de-facto huge nerf to xp, especially captain xp. In new system captain xp is no calculated on top of xp with bonuses, but separatelly. Same for free xp. In reality this is aimed on increasing grind and making people spend more money. No surprise really.

    • @Jock1092 Jock I’ve tried playing superships, only to discover people treat them as huge targets that are impossible to miss. Since everybody on the map can see the supership, it takes a lot of fire and since it’s so long, DDs just love to dump all their torps in its side. So far, the only superships I’ve actually liked, have been the CVs and the Japanese DD.

    • @Jock1092 Jock This match is based on converting whole sets of dragon flags into single bonuses. Once you will use them up in few battles, things do not look so shiny. Also for using just some bonus flags things are not so shiny. Of course WG examples are using most favourable scenarios. How else would the sell this as “improvement”?

    • I noticed this bullshit to, I love this game but I’m moving more to warthunder that game I can buy a high tier premium without spending more then 40$

    • @Montrala and the hate is based on making stuff up that isn’t mentioned yet. Nowhere has it been said dragon flags will be only one buff in the end. They’ve shown how the singular buff for one aspect of a dragon flag will compare to the buff to that singular aspect currently, not that you only get one buff out of each flag. This misrepresentation is core to the common hate-for-views community contributors.

    • @Nicoli Voldkif Dragon flag set will be converted for 4 buffs: xp, free xp, commander xp and silver. This is cleary stated in article and also shown in calculators. 1 complete set will be 4 biggest buffs. If you don’t have complete sets, you will get smaller buffs. Once you run out of converted buffs, good luck obtaining new one. This is most forgotten part: WG does not say a word how you will be getting them, or more likely not getting them.

  10. “In order to simplify the system, only one economic bonus per resource (credits, Free XP, Commander XP, XP) can be used at a time (4 different bonuses in total). The values of the bonuses are designed in such a way that they can duplicate even the most profitable combinations from the current system;” – so no more xp/credit stacking, and I somehow doubt the claim that the rework will still allow effects on par with that.

    That being said – I welcome one thing – I will no longer need to make my ship look like a sailing circus or a Christmas tree to get those sweet bonuses, so that is something.

    Now, these changes don’t look bad on paper… But I’m cautious with any enthusiasm in that regard. Remember the CV rework or commander rework promises? Yeah… So excuse me if I remain sceptical.

    • one thing that bother me a LOT is the removal of service cost reduction bonus on prenium skin. it is remplaced byt a bonus to credit. good if you have a nice game at T but in any other case you just lose more money

    • They are pre-stacked though. The top level bonuses are 70x bonuses in some cases.

  11. christopher shrank

    I have hope too. Get more players to go to the mid tiers to fund playing the tier 9 and higher ships like in Tanks. But am also worried what will happen to the 5k Dub or steel camos that are for the tier 10 ships.

  12. So… I think I’ve got my head around how the separation of economic bonuses for temporary and perma camo works in my head from the examples given in the dev blog but there are a few outstanding questions.
    I’m going to recklessly assume that WG is going to ensure everyone who has perma camo now will keep both the economic bonus and the aesthetics.

    1. Most perma camos at the same tier gives the same bonus. So having this turn into a single permanent economic bonus with purely cosmetic camo switching would be easy.
    BUT there are a handful of perma camos that give better bonuses; like the Kobayashi beer can for Roma gives another +20% credits and the Alder Camo for Prinz Eugen gives another +50% commander
    Likewise there are some perma camos you get from collections that aren’t as good as the normal perma camo for that tier like the K117 for Yamato.

    Will this mean after the update there will be multiple different permanent economic bonuses for these ships? And if you don’t already have them with the switch, will you be able to buy the Kobayashi and Alder economic bonuses? Will the camo aesthetics and the bonus be packaged together or sold separately?

    2. I get the idea of turning existing consumable camos into the equivalent consumable economic bonuses
    And whilst many of the consumable camos are brightly-coloured fever dream nightmares; a few aren’t and might actually want to be used.

    So do you also have limited use purely cosmetic camo paint consumables? Or do the camo patterns all become permanent and you simply switch between them?

    3. I really don’t see how replacing the fixed service cost reduction with a credit multiplier works.

  13. It looks kinda similar to the xp system they have on legends. But with legends you can combine the lower level xp bonuses to get higher level ones if you have enough of them

  14. Sorry can’t believe wargaming are doing this for the player base and not for there pockets.

  15. I’ll wait and see. Based on other ‘revamp’ of systems by WG, I have serious doubts; read CV & commander skill on-going issues. I do like the idea of having your ship look as you want, without worrying about how it affects your income though.

  16. They should lower the post cost of ships in higher tiers since if you dont/can’t do much dmg or sink ships you loose credits even sometimes with their respective camos, plus high tier matches are currently trash… There’s more players in mid tiers, more fun more fluid, more engaging

    • Nhân Nguyển Trọng

      tbf, i’m willing to lose credits if the high tier gameplay is even remotely engaging like the mid tiers. HE smoke/island firing is extremely toxic and stale for me.

  17. I, for now, have linked your video on my clan Discord following links to the devblog as well as forum discussion thread.

    My first concern, following the previous removal of the reduced repair cost signal, is the removal of ALL reduced repair cost values after separation from the camos. The 777% free XP signal is reduced to 400%. Getting permanent camos now will reduce your need to buy consumable camos later. As noted below, I don’t share, at this time, your enthusiasm for these changes as others have noted. There are quite a few other concerns but this devblog requires close scrutiny to flesh those concerns out properly. Stay on this, please, and read past the words to see the real value or devaluation of these changes to the players. HidesHisFace below makes a good point. I really feel there is something that will follow this from WG that we may not like.

    Oh, BTW, did you see the Supership nerfs?

  18. Now that camos are gonna have purely visual effect (like they should), I kinda hope they’ll introduce an option to customize a camo and sort of have your own unique look or so

  19. Here’s my issue: I remember hearing how secondaries weren’t going affected much by commander rework. I also remember hearing how CV rework wouldn’t be a problem, how cruisers weren’t affected (but they didn’t include secondary cruisers), how the Missouri will earn just as much as it used to, which all turned out to BS. Those of us who paid for things like the Kobiashi are almost certainly going to be screwed.

    • The CM in discord says the economic boost from the Kobiashi camos will be the default economic boost built into the ship if it has been purchased. So, No refunds because the boosts are still being applied even though you don’t have to use the camo on your ship in battle.

  20. Facing that shady company, I wish you would approach such DevBlogs with more skepticism.
    Their commander rework had one single goal: to make the game more expensive. For the same reason they stopped dropping signal flags for achievements and it’s guaranteed this is also the same reason for this camo rework.
    A PapaPapa signal that gives 300% XP bonus costs 8 doubloons. In the screenshot on the Blog you can see that the future 300% XP boost will cost 12!!!!!!!!! doubloons.
    That’s 50% more expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s see what other scam is hidden in this change. I’m expecting the worse, and so should you

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