World of Warships – Campaign Impressions

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Campaign was introduced in 0.5.15, I talk about how you can maximize your experience with it. I also give a little feedback about which Japanese Destroyers I’d keep in my port. The campaign has the potential to give a player more control of their experience, I definitely like the implementation versus other mission like systems. Hope this was helpful and have a great day!


  1. 7 mnts ago, and already 1 dislike??? O.o

  2. how long before this is out on asia?

  3. Felt pretty straight forward to me 😛
    But a great update all in all
    Did you comment on the compensation for the Jap DDs? Since I didn’t realise
    I would get the premium camo for Fubuki for free, which was nice
    I also ended up with 3 5 point commanders from my single one, which seems

  4. 200 HITS in a BBs? WTF :D

  5. hatsu gained a massive buff to maneuverability, it’s pretty insane doing
    torpedobeats now

    she no no may hahahha

  6. “Shinonome”
    Break down as: Shi (like “she”), no (a “no” without the accent on the o),
    no (same as before), me (as in “met”

  7. my only hope for the 200 his is gonna be the mogami 155s…. rip

  8. Really like these new campaigns. Definitely a huge leap in the right
    direction regarding rewards for playing. Definitely will keep me in the

  9. Pissed about the automatic re-assignment of Captains.

  10. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    akizuki and Yuudachi are going to be very popular in the future

  11. Finally some real missions with real rewards. Not this stupid do 30k damage
    for 20k credits.
    Sadly we won’t see ARP Yamato/Musashi 🙁 , but Takao is good as well.

  12. well – the latest patch seems to have given us a further fallback economy
    wise. Today i had 2 games on the losing end because… teams and in the
    last i played a Benson (low tier in a t8-t9 game) and killed 2 ships of the
    teams 4 in total, only 31K dmg but the 1 of the last survivors. 880K
    potential dmg.
    I came off with -27K credits. What???
    p.s. last game was a win – Benson again, could only do 1 kill and 17K dmg
    because enemies died like flies and came off with -42K credits. What is
    this sh**???
    It´s getting better and better – win, 2nd place 51K dmg, 1 assist, 3
    floodings, 1 cap defend, 1 kill… makes up for -4K credits!!! ARE YOU

  13. Would you recommend Last stand or expert marksman for the new japanese dds?

  14. 958 days of premium time Notser? Really? lol

  15. Do not ignore the noob campaign (science of victory), pick tasks as you
    play through your daily grinds and you’ll get extra bonuses for almost
    every battle. The rewards are quite substantial considering how easy you
    can get them.

  16. people are not freexp-ing to T7-8 because they are waiting for Missouri,
    However i’ve been playing minekaze, fubuki and hatsu all day long and i can
    safely say they straight up got worse, in every aspect. I think WG listens
    too much to players complaing about “op invis torping dds” and at the same
    time they release shiratsuyu….i dont get it

  17. Филип Пешић

    Maybe it’s a bit off topic, but I got a reduction from 37GB of WoWs folder
    to ~26GB. Very strange indeed..
    P.S. You have a new sub. You have a very good narrative voice kinda hah :)

  18. Are they the same missions each day?

  19. I’m honestly kinda salty (geddit?) about the Arpeggio crescendo missions.
    All that time I spent on the Kongou and Myoko and I could have just waited
    a bit.

  20. I don’t see a deadline. Are these missions for ever or just until WG gets
    bored with them?

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