World of warships – Can we carry if we REALLY TRYHARD ???

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Here is a match I had with Izolate.
Whenever he decides call me up for divisions, I usually had a day in WoWS so with him it gets funny, but can we carry?
Me and Izo carry?


  1. What is the camo?
    It looks great

  2. That Bismarck was fukin useful behind that island for most of the game. Players like that are what I normally get every game lol.

  3. Great to watch and not only because of hearing Mr. Flambass crying like a little girl ???

  4. Love to hear Jingle’s commentary on this, GG man

  5. God bless Anime. God bless Lolis.

  6. Thanks Flambass ..this made my day. So funny 😀

  7. Richard Hutchings

    The Great Escape. You jumped that barbed wire fence to freedom

  8. That was exciting… well earned win.

  9. The dynamic between you and Izolate is beyond glorious and hilarious. ^.^

  10. I would’ve loved to seen your face at 19:56 XD “But I think we’re good actually…” LMAO

  11. God bless lolis

  12. 19:56 lol had that be a spotter plane Des memes you guys would’ve been ded..

  13. That yelp from Izolate when he got bombed after killing the Tirpitz was funny as hell!

  14. ROFLMAO!!! Nice finish guys.

  15. Amazing play guys, GG.

  16. アドミラルヒッパー

    U excited me mommy…..

  17. Awesome Entertainment XD

  18. John Chucky Tomlinson

    I bet both of you have BROWN STAINS in your underwear right now.. GG….?

  19. That was amazing.

  20. “I think we’re good actually, Des Moines is way too far to do anyth-OH SHIT!”

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