World of warships – Can we comeback from this?

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The team decided that we don’t need caps, flanks, etc.


  1. There might not be any video tomorow but on friday I should resume streaming so YT vids will keep up then 😉

  2. That Z 52 pulled his weight as well.

  3. No compliments to the Z-52 who probably was the most important factor to the comeback?

  4. Your rudders probably got stuck on an underwater rock.. assuming WG model them.

    • Collision modelshitboxes and Wargaming don’t go well in the same sentence since ~2011.

    • I assumed they plotted the rock edge going out into the water at an angle, like it often does in real life, and so its shallow close in and you can ground the ship and stop? I assume the rock or landmass doesn’t hit the water edge and then go straight down?

  5. Kinda “just didn’t lose” more than won (the team, I mean).
    Regardless, it always feels good to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

  6. Great vid again mate!! Working my way up this line, just got the Fiji !! any tips with this line ?

    • Fiji is an amazing ship, just like the rest of the line is.
      Okey Edin (just average) and Neptune (cause of smoke nerf) are not so much, but they can still hurt.
      Minotaur is my fav tier 10 cruiser so I don’t think I need to say more.
      As for the tips, you have to be careful about your detection and shooting-from-smoke detection, also always try to be rdy to leave the smoke cause there are probably gonna be torps comming so try to make your smokes as big as possible so you can move inside of them, don’t be cheap on hydro when you’re sitting in smoke, shoot between superstructure and main belt where AP can do a lot of dmg every salvo AND try to not be on the pushing side but on the defending side cause you are NOT gonna have a good game if you have to chase the enemy
      Good luck 😉

    • Thanks Flambass

    • You’re welcome 😉

  7. Do you play on the Asian server?

  8. looking forward to getting my Mini, just unlocked the Neptune.

  9. 18:08 Did this myself in a narrow channel in my Fiji in Two Brothers. Missed most of the battle. Man, I was pissed off. Thank God no enemy found me there; I was so paralysed, a Wakatake could have killed me with guns.

  10. “Fuck you and fuck your sniping Yamato piece of shit,” the amount of disdain in that quote is wonderful.

  11. You should really call yourself Dumbass.

  12. The enemy isn’t doing what you want them to do, then you say they want things for free… Come on man, are you serious? That Yamato was not sniping as he was in range of you all the time and sitting like that is exactly how a Yamato should play as it’s not a pusher. It’s a ship that can kill anything at range at any angle but is not a brawler.

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