World of Warships – Can you fix a BROKEN ship?

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I personally think this ship is broken and has no place in WoWS, alongside with Slava. There are more than few ships in WoWS which are not exactly healthy for the game, player nerves or mental health and this is definitely one of them.
You let me know what YOU think in comments below.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Destroyerman Fernandez

    The most OP and broken bullshit to be introduced since the Slava, but this one is more annoying and unfun to play against.

  2. Wow I feel dumb I was like ” I’ve seen this game before” then i realized it was on the stream…

  3. When you introduce a new BS mechanic so bad even Flambass can’t explain it… maybe you should STOP!

  4. Did someone ask for this ship?!

    WG: well yes but actually no

  5. Wil the research bureau reset work on this ship? Hope it does because this deserves to be in the hands of noone

  6. As I am a relaxed player, I basically just buy gold ships and play, I have only 3 lines reach TX…
    I won’t ever have spare time and free exp to rush those lines…

  7. Sons of Odin World of warships

    “That’s x4 57’s” he is LARPing as a Thunderer

  8. honestly ill be happy to regrind the pan-Asian destroyers because I loved just about every single one of them up until the yueyang nerf

  9. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    We listen to the Community, so we stop the NTC! We are proudly present you the innovative Research Bureau, where u can grind future OP ships.

  10. Glad I stopped playing some months ago, sad I spent some money on that game beforehand

  11. so there will be clubbing all over low tier as you can use 19pt Captain…

  12. this ship once ambushed my udaloi ..I lived for 4 sec..

  13. The AP on this ship against broadside targets is truly terrifying. That DPM was jaw-dropping. Damn

  14. I think the NTC thing is going to go up in flames. Basically, you either have some kind of reward that’s so OP that you actually invest the time/resources into the grind for it, or the reward isn’t worth it, so you don’t. BUT, what happens if people say that reward is too OP, so WG nerfs it? Then you just wasted everything.

    I just can’t see how this would work out.

  15. I look at NTC the way I look at Steel … only worth grinding out if you’re a hardcore player and who lives, breaths, eats WOWS. Otherwise, so totally not worth it at all. Been playing since launch and only have around 3k games because it wears on my sanity often (plus I like other games). I already find it long to grind individual lines to Tier X, let alone do so multiple times over and over … for one ship? Come again?

    Also, this one ship above is freaking cancer. The kind of ship a Belfast player would look at and go “Eeeeek … that’s broken as fuck”.

    EDIT: Oh, I missed the changes to this ship. So less chance of fires, less range, more damage per shot? That’s not bad. 127mm can’t pen cruiser plating without IFHE, and can’t pen BB plating at all. But all those shells would set a TON of fires. Will it fix this ship? Not sure.

  16. Glad I quit this game year ago, this is not good way they are going, welp, at least I am watching you Flambass

  17. I insta-deleted a full HP Colbert yesterday, with my Hipper just using one AP Salvo. Did 3 cits and some pens to him. :DDD

  18. Yeah don’t give a crap how OP a ship is I will NEVER grind a line over again let alone 3-6 to get said ship lol

  19. Not gonna regrind anything its not for me ty WG for useless content.

  20. Buttered Biscuits

    Deja vu. I believe I’ve been in this place before.

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