World of Warships – Can you walk the walk after all the talk?

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This day was 1 of the worst days I EVER had in WoWS. Absolutely nothing was going as it should I was super tilted to the point that I didn’t want to speak. I wanted to chill so I just queued up with my fav ship, JB and then there was this 1 guy who really wanted to show me how he’s better and how he’s gonna get me. You can keep track in chat of everything he says. Now, you can ofc say “but he was just happy to see you” but this didn’t look like that to me. This looked like a smack talker that talks the talk, but I was gonna test if he walks the walk xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hi flambass from Syria with love

  2. flyingphoenix113

    Has Flambass ever gone over his Jean Bart Captain build and modules? As someone who just got the ship, I would love to know what he runs.

    • Sakamaki Richard

      as i see and i guess
      capt : pm, em, ar, si, bos, fp and ce
      upgrade : i forget the name but reduce gun destroyed, speed boost, forget name this too that reduce dispersion, damage con 2, concealment and reload reduce

    • temporary name Morales This is the link of Flambass’ website for Ship Captain skills, Upgrades and Modules, make sure to bookmark it 🙂

      P.S: I only got my Jean Bart yesterday, and it’s such a fun ship, with less than 10 games I got 199k damage, which would be my damage record 😀

    • flyingphoenix113

      @temporary name Morales, thanks, M8. Haven’t had much luck with my JB yet, but I’ve only tried her twice. Hopefully onwards and upwards.

    • I love that ship. i even have my all-time dmg record with it =)
      JB is more island-hugger than other bbs. As a french you’re very vulnerable from HE spam so you need the ability to hide. Nose tanking is her thing (obviously^^). You have a 12.9km concealement wich can be useful too.
      Thx to the reloadbooster you can go offensive positions and hold em. Both AP and HE are good choices and she has good AA. And with the extended speedboost you can retreat or move into good positions very fast. She loves to paddle things 😀
      Once you got the hang of her its just pure fun

  3. “Now, you can ofc say “but he was just happy to see you” but this didn’t look like that to me. This looked like a smack talker that talks the talk, but I was gonna test if he walks the walk xD”
    The only things he said were “omg, it’s Flambass” “my cap, Flambass”, “it’s my lucky day” and “no ram” or did i miss something? He didn’t say anything about how he wanted to show you how he’s better than you and how he’s gonna get you.

    • Get Reckt!! My cap now!!

    • @Flambass Regardless of that segment, the physical pain of those 7 overpens on that buffalo :/ It was visible.

    • Michael Søndergaard

      well I would agree that i didnt see anything out of order but ofc its all about time and place.
      i for once would hate getting killed by you, in fear it would be on stream or atleast in your yt video:-( im bad enough as it is. but i wouldnt mind trying to brawl you ingame. my greatings hope is a game with you and rogue and trem just so i can say in chat: ” ohh its monkey, so atleast we know our dd will get a kill within the next 5min with torps:-) “

    • Yep, he was just looking for a scrap.

    • @Terje Løvø I am surprised Flambass has not burnt out by now. It happens to everyone sooneror later.

  4. Well this was kinda awkward to watch tbh

    • found a lump today 2 big lumps they were my balls there’s your dose of my stupidity what goes red green red green a the press of a button 🐸 frog in a blender how do you get it out with a straw ok I’ll get of then

  5. Anime Profile Picture

    Flambass just silently judging them all and then just silently killing their asses without ever saying a word

  6. Flambass turned into Flamuu for the space of a video.

  7. That Buffalo.. Three times he gave broadside in open water..

  8. Doesn’t seem like trash talking to me, I think he maybe knows you and was happy to be in the same game. Good watch though, even if you were a salty sailor that day.

  9. Great game, but I honestly can’t remember the last time you went an entire game without saying a word x)

  10. I think he was just happy to see you and you were in a bad mood, sir 😛

  11. to all the young fish in the game I look and learn, this is how you win, not the yolo and what will happen.

  12. TBH though I didnt think this guy was being a wanker. Was waiting the whole game for him to start trash talking and it never came. Think it was just friendly joshing.

  13. RNG god: Buffalo i grant you miracle of “no cit”
    Buffalo player: I’m an atheist , tfu, i spit on your miracle. All I need is my skills.
    RNG God: Well than go f yourself….

    • I had a very similar thought. 8 overpens? I wish I had that kind of luck when full broadside at less than 10 km.

  14. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    aw man, he was just was very happy dude. Imagine getting matched up with your idol

  15. This was like a Typhoon, Cyclone, Storm. The bugging up and smack talk, then the battering, followed by silence when the typhoon has died down. What a great play to watch. The Venezia and Hindenburg in the distance did their parts well. Well played.

  16. There should be a “Hold my Beer” signal flag

  17. I think its safe to say that we all prefer the jolly, joking happy face smiling flambass! You not saying a single word the entire vid makes me sad for some reason 🙁

  18. I was counting the reload on the last pass with the Soyuz, that was beautifully done, you feinted right so his rear guns would be pointed the wrong way, then you pushed left. Once he fired, you used your battery reload. Although you killed him in 2 shots, he would have had roughly another 12-15 seconds left on his front gun reloads which meant you with your 9 second reload would be able to fire a 3rd and 4th salvo this time with an even better broadside. It’s almost like a work of art.

  19. You know he’d in the zone when he doesn’t say anything.

  20. that was an incredible display of skill I just didnt see “all the talk”, how pissed exactly were you that day geez?

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