World of Warships- Canarias First Impressions: Worth It? Or A Disappointment?

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Hey guys! Today we Take a look at the new Tier VI Premium Spanish Heavy Cruiser Canarias! I would not recommend this ship in its current state, it simply is not worth it in my opinion.


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. just 2 tokens away from getting this or the dido.

    looking forward to a direct comparison.

  2. Exactly my thoughts – the ship is already powercrept on release … it is not even a good ship in T6 … at least 1 more utility or feature should have been added to the setting – HE or smoke or torpedoes or heal … I can compare this to like Graf Spee … a similar concept – cruiser with big guns to its tier, AND GF has so much more … all-in-all it was not nice from WG to introduce a new nation with this “garbage” … probably 1 of the devs had a failed vacation in Spain, so it was time for a revenge … “russian-style” …

    • Considering the torp angles on Forrest Sherman, they could have given Canarias torps with limited angles pos with low amount of damage. As much as I like playing her, I do feel that there is “something lacking”

  3. I got to admit, I have trouble getting good results with this ship. It feels like an Aoba without concealment, torps or the good HE to rely on. Dido is fine, quite good if you ask me, but Canarias just doesn’t feel fun to me. You can’t reliably farm BBs with the AP, you shatter a whole lot with the superstructures generally being very small on BBs at T6 and getting uptiered just makes the whole experience even more miserable. The only reliable source of damage is when fighting cruisers and DDs, that’s what the ship does decently well. But after playing with both for some time, I’d definitely say that Dido is a lot better and a lot of other players are coming to the same conclusion.

  4. You also have to remember that the Canarias went through a lot of different changes while in testing. Initially, she was going to have the burst fire mode that you get on the Conde (with increased pen values), but they took that out and didn’t really add anything in to compensate for its removal while in testing, besides buffing the main guns fire rate a bit.

  5. Having fun with it so far. Love the Spanish Captain voiceover

  6. We already have a Dido in the asian cruisers. So “more of the same” taking Dido or “something new” taking Canarias? I don’t want to waste mediterranean tokens on containers.

  7. love how the trento got slapped back into port xD, think that ship lacks is a heal

  8. Wargaming no longer has any excuse for Canarias’ torpedo tubes not being functional, when Forrest Sherman’s fixed tubes *are* functional.

    Also, Texas had her torpedo tubes removed in 1927.

    • Mutsu, nagatos sister ship has had side launch torpedoes for a long time.

    • They have had fixed torps in the Halloween events too. They can do it, but for whatever reason they just refuse to add them.

    • @RedXlV the torpedoes themselves were accidentally left in the storage when the ship left the port. Those tubes are now the place to hide the red wine and the chorizo or to mature the marchego.

    • @Tristen Benton she still has them.

      Also Hood had torpedo launchers irl, should be fun if they added those

    • @Stefano Crosazzo Hood has the doors for her torpedo tubes modeled. 2 tubes per side. Plus 2 more doors per side that were welded shut when they decided not to install the additional tubes. Hood historically carried 21″ Mk IV torps (in-game already used by Campbeltown, albeit with a different speed/range setting). There’s even record of one of those torpedoes being fired at Bismarck (it was sighted by crewmen on Prince of Wales).

      Repulse on the other hand had all 8 tubes (4 per side) installed, and its doors are also properly modeled in-game. I’m not sure whether she had the Mk IV as well, or the older Mk II*** (which would be basically the same as the Tier 2-4 British DDs, but again with different speed/range setting).

      It’d be quite nice to get those implemented in World of Warships.

  9. We said back in the day they would never have torps that launch from under water. Well then came the subs so maybe they will change their minds a lot of low tier ships had torps in the bow

  10. Will wai for the Dildo review then. When I heard they were removing the burst fire from this ship I knew it was going to get shafted. On the other hand. Burst fire is an abomination that should not be in the game, let alone at tier 6

  11. No torps, no AA to speak of, no smoke, no HE for when +2MM, no heal, and in compensation *slightly* improved pen angles and reload?! My username ‘britinmadrid’ simply means Brit in Madrid – I’ve lived here for 25 years and desperately want Spanish ships in the game. This vessel, however, looks decidedly ‘meh’ in the current meta. Not impressed. If this is their ‘hook’ for the Spanish tech tree, prepare for another line of – as iEarlGrey puts it, not me – ‘ s**t chop stick’ ships. Very poor, WG – another DOA ship!

  12. I thought the reload would be faster

  13. YOu could avoid uptiering by using this as one of your Tier 6 Operations ships.

  14. It’s fine actually, if pensacola is in this tier then this ship is performing perfectly. No need to creep tier 6 cruisers. It also has option to play in scenarios

  15. I always thought the holes in the hull were port holes, learn something new every day.

  16. Hopefully Sea Lord does first impressions for the Italian T4 DD that just came out in the twitch prime gaming drops thing

  17. I realize you have to say something about these ships, but this critique seems knit picky. The primary criticism being that it doesn’t perform when uptiered. Which it shouldn’t. When a ship preforms well when uptiered we call that power creeping other ships at its tier and complain about that. I find this ship unique and fun enough to be interesting, and a good introduction to Spanish ships, especially when you can get it free!

  18. As for the main critic: name me a T6 Cruser that is good at T8 Games, 16km range for T6 Crusers is actually decent, I play my Legendary mod DM with 15.8km.
    Any more than what this ship has (torps eg.) whould make is A to S tier at T6, thats something WG would never do for a free T6 prem. ship.

  19. Just played the Canaris and was very impressed with the main guns. These guns are nearly teir 8 level. The secondaries….not much

  20. I’m getting this ship as I have the Rahmat which is essentially a Dido.

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