World of Warships – Canarias Impression

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Showing off the Canarias in a bottom tier matchup where I discuss how to effectively play the ship. Hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier 6 Spanish Heavy Cruiser Canarias Replay


  1. Well done Notser – keep the content coming, your reviews are helpful to those of us who decorate the seafloor with the wrecks of our ships.

  2. I think this one is more rare-ish compare to the Dido, you already have the Rahmat which is a DiDo but free

    Even when consider Dido as a commander trainer, there are better premium ship out there

  3. So are the Ukrainian ships sailing under the Russian flag next update??

  4. Spent dubloons, got both. Didnt get the silly loot chests.

  5. You can get both, if you spend dubs

  6. All those non pens looked frustrating. Seems hard to aim too. Excited for a new nation though!

  7. The Dido needs hydro and the Canarias sure could use defensive AA … can we sway consumables?

    THIS is how WG balances these two ships, give them the wrong consumables !! lol

  8. Thank you Notser for the minimap trick! Been playing this game ever since July 2016 and still have not even noticed or attempted this method.

  9. So why are the CC’s/Streamers giving the impression that you have to choose either the Dido or Canarias in this event as the only option? You can get one for free for playing the event and the other if your willing to buy a couple of the bundles and use left over tokens.

  10. Those spanish voices are…mexican. WTF!

  11. While this ship will probably be the one I get (not spending money on this company again), I am curious how this ships AP compares to British light cruiser AP?

  12. You have to make a choice between a ship that cannot pen any angled ship in tier 9 versus a ship that cannot pen anything armored with IFHE. Tough choice.

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