World of warships – CANCER division Flint + 2x Belfast

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So we decided that enough is enough and we want to roll over the server and laugh our asses off. Cause when you combine some ships in this game that’s exactly what you get. If they’re already available……why not use them, right?


  1. Cancer division on the horisont Sir, what would you have us do?


  2. my new nickname for the Scharnhorst is the scharnhearse

  3. I fail to see the problem here…

  4. man those CSP players need to take some chill pills lol

  5. that flint asshole. srsly?

  6. I’ve dived up in my Belfast with a Fiji and that was bad enough but this is just cruel!!!

  7. What does Karma do anyways?

    • It’s just a visual show of someone attitude, more positive you are, more chance you’ll get complimented + ofc good or bad gameplay

    • Flambass thanks for the answer. So right now it’s more or less just a cosmetic feel good thing rather than a game mechanic that can benefit a player for having high Karma.

      I have a feeling that Flint player doesn’t have very high Karma.

  8. Does karma actually do anything, anyways?

  9. Pretty sure there is a clause in the Geneva Convention about shit like this…

  10. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary – WG


  11. Claims they can’t trigger you.

    Trigger you. :/

  12. Made it RAIN on those hoes…

  13. They trying to do the same and counter you with Fiji and Flint poor bastards ,they can’t even streem shipe ,feels bad man, they will have problem with sitting on chairs for some time 😄😄😄😄👍👍👍👍

  14. loved the game who cares if u camp or not play the game like you what to play!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lol it appears salty boy doesn’t understand the meaning of irony … whines about flint Belfast div points out how it’s noob play wile in flint Fiji div that’s doing exactly the same .

  16. Dirty, Disgusting and Unwholesome but Hilarious AF! XD

  17. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Holy crap. A typical steamroll loss if you guys would not have been there. Nice job. AND Do it much more often. Noone has the rational right to complain if the game offers this opportunity. Basta!

  18. Omg, How did i miss this stream, Shit looks like you really had alot of fun killing those Flint FiJi Belfest xD

  19. That Flint at the end omg What a #%%&*%$# .
    Well played guys 🙂 it just shows that team work makes a difference 😉
    now I hope you guys had a very long shower after those dirty games lol

  20. Przemysław Nadolski

    Ye i Was on that battle AmetystDrago [LOBUZ] on opponent team i just play my 30-th game on La galassonier. Because all team colapse like crazy and been shot by 9 ships i can’t do shit. I lost my 1 position EU on PR on wowstats on that ship beacuse of that game. What can i say…. thank you!

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