World of warships – CANCER division leveled up

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  1. Se.Fgt-Siege Content

    Saipan, Belfast, and Flint would be quite interesting, it would probably break the game.

  2. Is the flint just an Atlanta?

  3. you guys need more long Showers ….. filthy .. filthy ….. filthy … but … so much fun 😉

  4. Bruce Wayne is Deadpool

    How proud are you of that division? How do you sleep at night?

  5. μαλλιαρός μαλλιαρός

    πιο μαλακας πεθαινεις!

  6. I’m impressed you didn’t just camp in your smoke and spam.

  7. FAIL!! this is not giving golden showers! or pissing rainbows! do it over XD

  8. Someone got Iron Man playing in the background. lol

  9. You guys are fucking hilarious. lol

  10. Keep on doing these p2w divs please.. I want to see these people suffer because they don’t pay 😛

  11. Cancer division,, when all of them go D on North map, that’s a cancer division

  12. Random Video Generator

    huaaaa bai bai bitch! lmfao

  13. deadly trio….down, but win…mission completed 🙂

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