World of warships – CANCER division ONLINE

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  1. Sergey Maslennikov

    cuka blyat!! )) ты прикольный 😉

  2. Somebody is not touching the fiji, somebody clearly RAPE it.

  3. Cancer division so dirty 😛
    But seriously you should put video how to counter cancer divisions, perhaps BB w/spotter plane. Sadly since Shira was nerfed best natural counter is gone…

  4. is that still the 19 point captain? with aft concealment expert and ifhe? and would u suggest to swat superintendent for demo expert on the atlanta or not?

  5. atlanta > flint

  6. DD players that don’t use camo should be put up against a wall and shot!

  7. Nice, proliferation of the term ‘cancer’ to describe (a) game element(s) by the ONE streamer I actually would not have expected it. To bad I guess

  8. Flambass, Love your vids.

    Just to be a bit pedantic, the Destroyer Mahan was named after Admiral Mahan and is pronounced like May-Hand (without the ‘D’)

  9. Well this was fun but can you please don’t do this any more 😉 At least not on EU server…

  10. You are soooooo Dirty … but Awesome at the same time ….. now both of you go scrub all that dirt off lol 🙂

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