World of warships – CANCER division ULTIMATE edition?

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  1. furst speshul comment!

  2. the ultimate cancer division is 3x Conqueror

  3. Honestly tier for tier a division of 6 clevelands would be worse

  4. Filthy filthy no shower will get you guys clean now lol but soooooo much fun … keep it up guys 🙂

  5. fun AF as always 🙂 For even more fun, switch to 2x speed 😀

  6. ZotiaFF the Communist Rák Cancer

    what is your build with the flint?

  7. People should do this kind of divs all the time. So WG learns that some mechanics are questionable 🙂

  8. That poor Ranger 🙁

  9. I started this video and heard hentai and wondered if I switched to 1.5× speed

  10. If i had that kinds of division in the enemy team, i report the entire division

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