World of Warships – Cannon Fodder

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In which former USN Chief Petty Officer Hapa Fodder begins to wonder if it isn’t too late to start playing Hello Kitty Online instead.

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  1. Morning Jingles! Right on time as always.

  2. Love you old man!!! Just got out of the military myself and you got me through some tough times while i was in!

  3. Jingles… with an introduction like that you make me feel like an old man. I have this urge to make coffee, tell the kids to get off my lawn, and then drink coffee while I watch dumbasses get tickets for running the stop sign down the street. To be fair… I felt that way before watching the video but this makes me feel better about it.

  4. Hey jingles love your videos and I’ve personally been watching your content since about ’08. Recently I’ve gotten my wife and my 1.5 year old son into you. Is there any chance you could make a video for the Dredge DLC?

  5. Well done Hapa!.

  6. Brilliant video, and well played

  7. That was pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many well aimed torpedos. It was like the enemy team were deliberately jumping in front of them.

    • For me most annoying thig in this battle was “what a team” , that is so stupid ! , you are literally part of the team ! , more fitting would be “what a teammates” . o7
      (sorry for highjacking your post , but I am annoyed by that term , mostly written in chat by worst player in a team/that one with hidden stats = flamu subscriber …)

    • LOL agreed @anonnymousperson

  8. simply fantastic game! what a replay!

  9. It’s the first time that I’ve seen any fodder biting back with a vengeance. Bitter sweet ending, but what a game!

  10. Well, now I need to get myself a Sejong, because that looks fun as HELL

    • Every time I see Jingles vide with “some ship” , I want to play it , I have all ship unlocked and in my port , I have 15 super ships , 79 T10 , total 412 ships and 100% first battle on any ship that is in Jingles video will look like that , and Sejong on paper look good , but is “squishy” , yes torps have 12km range , but 12km radars exist , and 100% first battle dd will spot most of your torps , I have Sejong I dont play Sejong , I have Benham , I play Benham , and Benham have 10.5km torps with 72s reload , but in battle I go under 60 s , and in 2 min I can no issue have 32 torps in water , there is also Jäger I have Swirski and he give -5% time to reload for every 8 torp hits with 12 torps and 65s reload = fun to in halloween event I went to 14.8s reload , in random battle I had like 34s , but if you want to play torpedo cruiser , there is only one option Brisbane 13.5km range 4×5 torps , so when you see that kind of video have in mind , that is super rare battle , and is 50% skill 50% luck . so dont rush line to unlock and dont spend any cash on it not worth it . o7

    • The Sejong is extremely fun. It also has an extremely creamy filling inside its crunchy center. For every few games of fun, there will be a Monty or Yamato near the cap on the other side that one-shots you when you assume they aren’t looking.

  11. Great job Chief, keep it up. Cheers from a Bubble head squid.

  12. Did anyone else notice his mis-play of the torpedo reloader at 9:00 ? He used it when there was only 3 or 4 seconds left on his torpedo cool down on the port side, and 18 or 19 on the starboard side. If he had waited for both to reload normally, he would have had another set of torpedoes ready to go within seconds.

  13. Using the torp reload booster 3 secs before torpedo reload must have been painful 🙂

  14. This is like most of my games…meaning I get a kill or 2 and the rest of the team does nothing (unless you count them sinking as something.)

  15. Amazing game. I love this line of ships, they just got buffed too, but I don’t think I’ll ever play them this well. Kudos to the captain.

  16. Brilliantly done!

  17. I was playing the Jutland in enemy team and this dude was just awesome. GG WP

  18. Great video Jingles thanks

  19. our dude did amazingly well just to stay alive so long with a team like that throwing like center fielders all around him

  20. Jingles: 32 torpedoes in the water at one time!
    Kitikami: Pffft amateur…..

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