World of warships – CAP control

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  1. So, you gonna go down the Middle in a Battleship or not?

  2. Are you ever going to record in 1080p?

  3. where i can get the music that ure using during thug aim?

  4. Impressive. I learn so much watching your vids and streams. Oh, and nearly 11k followers on Twitch. Didn’t you only just pass 10k? Congrats!

  5. The karma system is useless. It’s point should be to tell people, if they did something right or wrong. WG makes sure that the system fails on exactly that. You don’t even get a message any more when someone reports you (karma just silently drops), not showing you that other players don’t agree with what you did. At least you still see messages if you get a compliment.

    And as you say the system is misused by players big time (can’t say abused because there’s no gain/loss from it).

    Ask BBs nicely not to go to D cap on Northern Lights, because they won’t be able to shot the rest of the map from there. Get a “shut up” as response, they do it anyway, we lose the game for that exact reason and I get a report (while finishing near or at the top of my team).
    Get sunk early, still doing enough to make it a winning game and manage to finish in the top half of the team by XP: get reported.
    Win a game, place in top three of the team and never say anything in chat: still get reported (guess by an enemy that time).

    *If WG wants karma be of any use it has to change alot* (could give a better chance for super containers for example or give the persons with best karma or stats for their ship some kind of virtual “admiral” status to show other players they know what they are doing). Make reports for bad play not count if you finish in the top half of your team (and at the same time compliments for good play shouldn’t count if you finish in the lower half). Don’t allow reports for misbehaviour in chat on players who didn’t even write anything and only make them count if there are multiple reports. The disturbing play report should be something like a “soft” teamkiller stat. It only does something if it happens in multiple battles.

    In the end karma is a pointless number, just for personal pride. I was at 40 at some point during ranked, but steadily dropped down to 32 now for whatever reasons. If I want that to change, I guess I need to do some low tier seal clubbing and hope the compliments outweigh the angry enemy reports.

  6. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Hey Flambass, i watched some of your old matches, with the Cancer division and you guys kicked ass.. World of Warships should have filed WAR CRIMES!! against you.. LOL!! Again I’m new to watching you guys, can you tell me what RNG means when you guys say it?? And thank you as always a loyal team Omni fan…..🚢

  7. Hey Flambass. Can you feature the Tier 7 American Cruiser, Pensacola. I’m about the get the ship and I need some tips on how to use it correctly. If you could it would be greatly appreciated!

  8. No super?

  9. What’s the song playing at the end of the game?

  10. LOL. nice to see you get confused from time to time. I am thinking of getting Z-52 but I have no idea how to set it up and capt skills.

  11. Zdravo Flambass! I see in the replay People still confuse you with Flamu 😀 You might want to consider changing your Name mate 😀 maybe Assflamb would be a solution so People with low IQ can realize the difference between you 2. 😀

  12. Oh i forgot to ask. Flambass can you suggest a good credit farming premium ship? I kinda realized that im not able to make any Money in game therefore I cant buy any ship above Tier 6 since I lack the cash to do so :D. What is a good Moneymaker in the game?

    • If you’re talking about non-premium then any ship which you do good in, if you’re talking premium then you have to find your class, then you decide how much money you’re willing to invest and that should help narrow the choice a lot cause all premiums earn money but the top money maker is Missouri ofc

    • Yeah ofc the Missouri 😀 like I have the 750k free XP bro 😀 not even got 14k to upgrade my Gaede from stock :D. I`m generally an agressive DD Player and Play in a Division of 2 all the time. I gunfight other DDs and jumpattack on any ship that overextends from the pack. I should get a UBoot maybe and speak to Armiral Dönitz. Also good with BBs and cruisers but those ships dont really Support my playstyle. I would go for a premium DD or so cant really make up my mind. 😀

    • Lo Yang is a great cap contester, Kidd is if you like guns more, or let’s say Leningrad if you wanna go all in guns, Blysk maybe, there are few choices , it rly depends on how you play your ships

    • I saw some of your LoYang replays and that ship is kinda my style. Too bad I did not buy it when it was discounted on the Xmas sale but I had bigger problems to spend money on at that time. Kidd looks fun 2 but i dont know crap about that ship only saw like 2 replays so far.

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