World of Warships – Captain Leprechaun

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The luck of the Irish was definitely NOT with him on this one…

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  1. Just remember you don’t need to play good as long as you play better than the enemy

  2. Toxic Monger Of the Hateful Brood

    I didn’t expect a Game of Throws first thing in the morn’.

    Still never ceases to make me chuckle at the start of all your World of videos where I have to pause the screen and check the team lists to make sure I’m not up there.

    “God Damn I know I’m bad but please Lord let not today be the day everyone else realizes too!”

  3. 14:27 Seeing my old clanmate in the Sherman with no health… Ah 4TAC, you silly geese. <3

  4. Great game.. Though i’m not sure if going back to A was such a good deicision, since they already were in a heavy point and cap deficit. I’m sure thats the Minnesota was thinking when heading for B cap.

    • Nah I’m sure he didn’t think and just do what his instinct told him

    • He definitely threw at the end. Maybe he’d given up at that point, but he needed to push B even if it meant pushing into a cross fire with the Yamato. Killing the Montana earlier might have kept the Minnesota alive, he would have stalled the cap, been in better position to kill the low health Yamato and Sherman, and that would have bought some time to push the carrier. Of course maybe the Sherman just runs, Yamato kites out, and he can’t catch the carrier so they still lose, but the fact he didn’t even try almost guaranteed the loss. Going A achieved absolutely nothing except mitigating some damage from the Montana….but he had the health to spare.

      Still it was a good game overall and I can’t say I blame him given how bad the team was.


      I just realized the Montana also killed their carrier. If he had pushed B and the carrier stayed alive, then they would have had a very good chance of killing the Yamato and Sherman and probably won.

  5. The Ragnar was shadowing him the whole latter half of the game, what in the everlasting fuck.
    Some people shouldnt be allowed to own, destroyers nor light tanks. you get to tier X and still dont know what your role is or how to preform it.
    i can understand bad players who know their role or what the boat/tank is meant for but cant preform but this was just…. it hurts.

  6. Yeah. Had my share of those fights. Nice reminder, though, that if people had to think to breathe, we wouldn’t have such replays.

  7. Take my advice: Don’t look at what the Ragnar does during this game. You will suffer.

  8. That Forrest Shermans’ “Someone Elses’ Problem Field Generator” must have been running so hot that it was smoking. 😂😂

  9. I especialy like the respect given by the enemy team in chat at the end. That is not something you see everyday!

  10. That F Sherman had the “Somebody else’s problem consumable” activated.

    • LMFAO, I was saying the same thing. Then I turn my head, and my wife is giving me the most Sinister Evil Stare I’ve ever seen. Took some inspiration, but I’m off the

  11. Love your “dirty old man” laugh when someone gets spanked 😬

  12. “The Ohio’s secondaries aren’t bad…it’s no Massachusetts of course.”

    They’re basically the same as a Massachusetts Jingles. Same range, same calibre, same accuracy, basically the same DPM etc.

  13. What an absolute dumpster fire that match was, the man deserved his win so much yet so many of his teammates were trying to figure out how to tie their shoelaces. Especially that Ragnar

  14. Gotta respect the man for being calm in chat… With literally playing 1v12 with 11 extra islands on your team… I’d be raging, whether I wanted to or not. Big respect

  15. That Kiev being spotted for about 3 minutes and nobody including the star of todays show bothering to shoot at him is exactly the type of gameplay that caused me to log off mid battle and uninstall the game about 18 months ago

  16. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    I love to crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hearing the lamentations of their women. Ahnuld approves of this video.

  17. What on earth did that Ragnar do? Arguably the most powerful ship on the team and he just sailed around sightseeing some islands. That was painful to watch

  18. I think this ship deserves to be called the “death star” of WoW… or the Derp, because when it hits, its like a KV2.

  19. Undercover Emperor

    Props to the friendly Schlieffen for breaking out of the lemming train during the initial phase of the match!

    • To bad based on spawn locations he’s the one who should have gone A, while our star should have gone C, but the map spawn changes incentives people to lemming train on this map because the south and middle spawns are nearly on top of each other now.

  20. of these games. Love those. And the cherry on top was that unmannered ragnar calling everybody at A apes at the start, subsequently leaving them without dd screen after that and then doing literally nothing the entire match except trying to farm on max range in clear none-understanding of what his ship is A. supposed to do and B. capable of and hence reducing it to a – bad – low caliber HE spammer.
    What a glorious example for the average, cognitive and educational disadvantaged wows wannabe- suffering from delusions of grandeur and some sort of real mlife compensation issues, which there are A LOT of in the game, that guy was.

    that said: Ohio very stronk and by far my favorite BB in the game (the CV + overmatching guns flood made my former fav BB, the Burger, kinda obsolete)

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