World of Warships – Captain Stevie

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Not gonna lie, I really struggled with the title for todays’ video. Could have spoiled it with a clickbait title but resisted the urge and went for something that keeps everyone guessing instead.

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  1. 2:14 Hon Hon Hon Jingles laughs like a french battleship captain.

  2. A day without Jangles is like a day without sunshine.


  3. I wonder how the malta got tanks to fly?

  4. Charles Stromvall

    As the old saying goes teamwork makes the dream work.

  5. That Stalin clap was one of the nicest shots I’ve ever seen.

  6. Nothing better than teamwork in this game. Nice to see a CV working hard to help Stevie and M0xxie. Now if we can teach Stevie the Shift key, we’re golden

  7. Who else had to rewatch the Stalingrad kill? It was that awesome.

  8. Jeff Lewis Racing

    This was a mega game and I do *NOT* want to bring it down, but it not the 3rd highest globally. It is in fact “only” 6th highest on NA.
    But I want to be very clear, this still was a *MEGA* game! Fantastic job!

  9. Surprised this wasn’t a “Game of Throws” entry, given the comeback by Stevie’s team.

  10. Liberal sock puppet

    5 am in the USA east coast, getting ready for work, and Jingles drops another WoW video. Happy Friday indeed.

  11. Congrats CaptainStevieX. Great battle. Hope to run into you again sometime. We haven’t played together in a while…. #sadface

  12. He must have sent many mimes to the garlic mines to get 14 citadels!

  13. Really entertaining game, with two beautiful moments: that first salvo and the CV demise 🙂

  14. I was laughing my ass off when i thought about his reaction. Went forward, might have turned his head said hello to his girlfriend and bam……back to the shipyard.

  15. At 8:07 Stevie’s carrier flies his planes over Stevie and drops a fighter consumable for him. That’s what helps Stevie shoot down the planes it wasn’t all the AAA. So he’s a good carrier player, he actually helps out Stevie.

  16. “now that the Aegir is dealt with, the Z43 remains the only thread on this flank. Let’s just hope the carrier keeps making his game fun and interesting”… So calm, so casual, I love it. xD
    Add a Jingles mic-drop and a hip-hop crowd that completely loses their shit over that roast xD

  17. I pictured one of those legendary Twitch gamer rage quits. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH MY GOOOODDDDD!!!!!! I HATE YOOOOUUUU!!!!1111oneoneone”

  18. “Patrie” pronounced with with a rolling R is in fact very accurate to 1940’s way of pronouncing French which was, like all other languages at that time more colorful in its pronounciation. Nowadays, laregly because of the influence of television, languages are more blend and monotone. So +1 for your initial effort.

  19. I’m sure he was pleased with his 41 base XP.

  20. What a game from Stevie.

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