World of Warships: Captain Trump on Duty!

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  1. worldofwarshipsintro 1

  2. Never been a fan of these types of games, but watching trump play is lowkey interesting.

  3. Cantplayanything

    Dislikes, incoming!

  4. Christopher Reed

    Hi, my name’s Niiinnnooo!!

  5. Prefire Instinct


  6. Madmanerinö Kripperentö

    New expansion?

  7. you should make a separate channel where you play other games, that way you could see what portion of your audience is interested in watching games not called hearthstone

  8. Still waiting for a darkest dungeon sponsor …

  9. Hah leave it to Trump to noob race himself into the middle of the fight and then pull out some great looking battle footage out of it

  10. Any time I see a youtuber play this game I immediately know its a sponsored video same thing with World of tanks ??

    • Crimson Hunter you get free crates every day that will give you flags that boost whatever it is you equip. If you want all the Tier tens then yes it will take awhile if you just want to branch out it’s not that hard. You should only be at tiers 1-5 for a couple of nights…..

    • wows is quite a bit less expensive and grindy than WoT, though.

    • Flamezombie Phly barely plays World of Warships and Tanks. He likes War Thunder more.

    • Have not played warships in a long while, but for me the exp grind wasn’t that big of a problem, but I never had enough credits.. If I suddenly got 50 million credits then I would probably return to game because I could buy couple of already researched ships.

    • I’ve played for about 3 weeks, it’s good fun.

  11. Aircraft carriers that can carry aircraft. Hmm, ya don’t say.

  12. Trumps building a naval blockade and he’s gunna make the Japanese pay for it!

  13. Never gonna download the game, but I have no problem with clicking the link or enjoying the video

  14. What deck is this?

  15. Okay, you need to play this more. Even at low tier it was fun to watch with the sound effects.

    • Nah I believe it. Honestly it’s like, yeah the play is just kinda laid back and probably not that deep (I’m sure if you pilot, dodge, and aim well and you know the dangers of each enemy type then there is some skill, but still not DEEP you know), BUT as soon as those cannons start booming its like “well this is what we’re here for”. Some games are built on visceral sound.

      Not saying I want it more than like 5 minutes of course 😛

    • MrQuickLine if your implying I’m a “shill” account then nope. I play WoW and I watch streamers playing WoW.

    • Ok WoW is a different thing.

    • jerodast not world of Warcraft mind you. World of warships

    • jerodast, It can get quite deep when you start to include/calculate penetration values, bounce angles, fire changes, shell speed, concealment, consumables etc. What Trump did in the video would have resulted in instant death if it was not such a low tier game and the DD next to him had even slightest of situational awareness.

  16. Actual good game, p fun. Don’t let the sponsorship fool you into thinking it’s just hot garbo lmao.

  17. This game probably doesn’t curtail well to Trumps audience but if you’ve even wanted to try a World War 2 naval game without spending money I highly recommend you try it. Game is fun and rewarding but starts to get very hard once you reach Tier 7 and onwards. You don’t have to go further but if you see a ship there that you think you’d enjoy playing (or stare at in dock) then go for it.

    P.S If you enjoy RTS games try playing the Carriers you control squadrons and can really cause havoc on enemy ships with Torpedo and Dive bombers.

    P.S.S Some gameplay tips: Angle your ship to bounce some shells and avoid getting citadelled, Destroyer up close? Turn away from him to avoid torpedoes better, face your ship towards enemy torpedoe bombers to dodge more easily and DONT LAUNCH TORPEDOES IF YOU SEE A FRIENDLY SHIP IS ABOUT TO GO AHEAD OF YOU.

    P.S.S.S Battleships are the easiest if you’re new. Lots of health, Big guns and hundreds of small guns if the enemy decides to get close to you

  18. It’s not just me is it? Trumps FPS is tanking? I’ve noticed it when he plays Hearthstone too.

  19. ulquiorra schiffer

    that bleach soundtrack

  20. That torpedo dodge was pretty epic though.

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