World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #24 – 5.3 Captain’s Skills + Tier 10 Skill Choices

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Episode 24 of Captain’s Academy deals with a question that many players have, what skills should I pick for my captain after patch 5.3? I also provide tier 10 recommendations for different nations and classes. So sit back and enjoy!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. iChase, the issue i have with the new level 5 skill “manual fire control
    for secondary armament” is that if you have targets on both sides of you
    ship your secondaries wont fire on both only the one you select. Could be
    argued the decreased dispersion means you’d finish off that DD sooner
    before needing it on the other target (most likely a DD) but still i am
    worried it won’t be as useful as it initially sounded.. i am a secondary
    build battleship player so can i see what your thoughts and anyone else who
    sees this are about whether it really is worth the 5 points for the 60%
    decrease in dispersion at the cost of not firing both sides at once.

  2. Can you add an index in the description ? something in the line of
    USN Carriers 27:52
    JPN Carriers 28:45

    Great guide – thx!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to put this up. Very useful. I really feel the
    USN mid tier cruisers got whacked again. Last release they put that god
    awful arc on the guns and now they took the range away. The need something

  4. Stopped watching after recommending incoming fire alert. No one who has
    situational awareness benefits from that, and if you don’t have situational
    awareness you might as well not take it as you won’t know which way to turn

  5. 5.3 is good (jews)

  6. Thanks chase the new survival expert skill is good for battleships

  7. Speaking of torpedo meta, do Vigilance and Targeting Acquisition System

  8. 19 point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. thus is the one game i wish i could get on my mac

  10. you do alot of work on these vids. great job. i hope you are making

  11. What about AA focused Yamato?

    1- BFT, SA
    3-Vig, SI
    4-AFT, Manual Control AA

    How many AA above 85mm the Yamato have?

  12. more great advice from chase! thank you!

  13. I will ALWAYS take situational awareness on my BBs, knowing when a DD is
    around and can see you in those tense solo situations is vital.

  14. I have a question, I am currently running a Baltimore and i am wondering if
    I should use Manual AA or AFT. Both have great advantages so it is very
    hard to pick. Also, if you think there is a better T4 skill for the Balti
    please say so. Im really in-between a rock and a hard place here. Thanks.

  15. would you be willing to put this in a PDF that us slow people could use as
    a guide, Thank you, you are a good teacher.

  16. i watched this 3 time am sure i missed the US DD or is the US alot like the
    the Soviet ones

  17. I disagree on a number of points, chiefly with the lvl 3 skill for
    increased consumables. Having an extra heal for any boat that can have it
    is a mandatory skill. Maneuverability and HP is life. It’s like expert
    marksman, faster traverse is increased ROF and therefore DPM which in turn
    increases points/win chance. Other than USN DDs which have amazing turrets
    and IJN where they are not a deciding factor, faster turrets mean there is
    more incentive to maneuvering while still dealing damage. Same for DDs and
    last stand. Maneuvering is life so having any of those modules knocked out
    completely is death.
    I like the new skills but frankly the lvl layout as it is in effect robs
    any player of 2 points because of the particular ones that are must haves.
    I don’t feel any of the lvl 5 skills aside from concealment warrant that
    many points. The only lvl 1 skill worth having is vigilance and therefore
    should be automatic on all ships giving a point pack to the player.

  18. Please talk about the Tirpitz! There must be a large number of people
    playing this ship.


  20. You should get a kickback from Wargaming from all those doubloons being
    spent by folks like me to re-re-spec the Captains.

  21. Great lesson, Keep them coming.

  22. nothing against you chase and i really appreciate you putting this together
    for us but its a little frustrating when you say that we should try out
    different skills for ourselves when there is almost no turning back once we
    choose a skill unless we want to pay money wach time we want to try
    something new…its been my gripe with the game and wish we could at least
    use the in game credits to re spec our captains

  23. Personally, I would argue that Situational Awareness is useful for
    battleships more on a case-by-case basis, especially compared against
    Basics of Survivability. The thing is, any reduction on fire damage will be
    a critical extension to a battleship’s combat endurance, which, given the
    ease of detectability of some battleships, is definitely at least on-level
    with intel.

  24. I am sorry but you lost me when you said the expert loader is not useful.

  25. Саша Шевцов

    Chase, can U make a video, in what U play on Yamato with Ur skill’s

  26. I feel that poor cruisers got raped this patch, and dds got buffed,
    specially the russian ones.Also half the skills are useless, but still a
    better tree than what we had before.Anyways, I disagree with some of chase
    choices but its cool, means on some tiers there isnt one must have.

  27. Also how would you set up the Blyskawica?

  28. Thanks iChase, I was waiting to play most my ships till I saw this.

  29. I am not 100% agree to those setup but, as you said, each player have their
    own preference.

  30. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    Minekaze with torpedo acceleration is quite good if you like to play

  31. Can you recommend a Kutuzov set up?

  32. Considering how often my steering gets disabled in Japanese cruisers, last
    stand is very useful for them as well

  33. I heard Vigilance doesn’t work together with Target Acquisition
    Modification, is that true?

  34. If USN CVs shouldn’t get torpedo acceleration what should i use for CVs?
    the freqency that i run in to a higher tier CV is rare (as you stated). I
    and if you are in a fight for your life i don’t think 10% cool down time
    will save you from death as a CV so high alert isn’t that useful. IMO i
    think as long as you arn’t using a fighter config and have at least 1 us CV
    should use torpedo acceleration

  35. Chase I have a question regarding aiming. I currently use the gunsight that
    has the green numbers, I can’t remember whose it is but it starts with a
    “N” In any case my understanding is the important information is the hang
    time of the shell, lets say just for an example is 6, now do I use that
    notch as the bullseye so to say and place it where i want to hit the ship
    or what? I am aware something was done to zooming in but I have not been
    able to find out exactly and how it affects aiming.

  36. I disagree with situational awareness and incoming fire, you should be
    aware of these thing by watching the map and knowing what is going imo

  37. What’s up with all these tier 10 YT vids? . . . Not really useful for most
    of us mortals!! :)

  38. theory crafting question: ship kagero- torpedo armament booster II+ jack of
    all trades, would this ever be viable?

  39. Really good analysis. Thanks!

  40. for manual defensive AA skill at tier 4 captain, go look at your ship’s AA
    guns manually and look if you have enough DPS on your 85mm + guns to
    justify getting it(remember its + 100% if you have like 200 DPS on your AA
    guns bigger than 85mm then its a bigger boost than AFT, its a hit and miss
    and useful for montanas but not on yamato (not enough big AA gun DPS) for

  41. Excellent guide, as always! Cheers…

  42. i was wondering what the torp acc do, thx :D

  43. Preventive Maintenance skill gives a stated -50% incapacitated modules.
    Does this skill give the same benefit to the chance of modules being
    Destroyed?? It does not mention that in the description. Can anyone Confirm
    that this skill does help against Guns being Destroyed as opposed to merely
    being incapacitated?

  44. since last stand is at 2, i got survival expert on my fletcher dd. first
    battle after that i took two torps and survived the res of the game

  45. Some thoughts:
    For Situation Awareness in a BB, unless you are going for a concealment
    setup, if you get yourself singled out to need it you are mostly still
    going to get crap on hard.
    For Manual Fire Control, Atlanta AA can benefit greatly with how her AA
    comes mostly from her DP guns.

  46. the expert marksman skill takes something like 15 seconds off the traverse
    of the Yamato and the Warspite.. and cuts the Colorado’s traverse time down
    to 38.6 seconds…. that is absolutely worth it if not essential

  47. I get a demolition expert on my myoko but still dont get much fire on enemy

  48. 101400 hp Yamato dayum

  49. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    crap, that means i messed up my IJN CV’s :(

  50. For Japanese destroyers, would you recommend Torpedo Armament Expertise or
    Last Stand for the second skill?

  51. Chase, what about US Destroyers? Can you give us a build for the first 15
    Captain skill points?

  52. 2K14 SNEAKY (2k14sneaky)

    hey chase I would like to disagree on the first row of skills for BB i
    think basic survivability is more important than situational awareness
    since -15% to fire and flooding is quite good when you team up with damage
    control system modification 2 and some flags hence reducing fire and flood
    timers to less than a minute considering most players target the battleship
    that has just put out a fire or stopped flooding this can be
    helpfull,,,whereas using situational aware is kinda useless in fighting
    russian and american dds since they will blind fire at you whereas for
    japanese dds they can monitor your movements and cause you a nightmare when
    theyy start one flood on you when repairing and also if you spot torps when
    you are in a BB i would suggest launching your spotter/fighter plane since
    it gives you hope of spotting enemy dds since most spotter planes fly like
    4km away from the ship and add their detectability range this gives you
    chance to spot dds since most dds like playing dangerously and come close
    till the edge of their surface detectability so if you have a plane up u
    can detect them from 7.1km away which is max torp range for some dds …so
    siituational awareness is not as important as basics of survivability on

  53. Ichase, with regards to secondary guns on battleships like the Nagato,
    Amagi and so on, is it really usefull to take basic firering training? It
    only affects guns up to 139mm, and the secondarys are bigger IIRC. So
    wouldn’t it only work on the 4 127mm AA guns those have and not much else?

  54. Well IMO I didn’t quite like using Vigilance on my cruisers or BBs, on high
    tiers we can buy the Target Acquiring System which can do the same job, so
    why not use Superintendent for more heal? But use this with the mind of
    grinding the whole line.

  55. Also, how do you feel about the 5.3 changes?

  56. Gumbo destroyers xD

  57. is the audio cuttign up a lot?

  58. the problem with the fast torpedo skill is that at low tiers its a big no
    so people put on he superintendent but as you progress you have to change
    from superintendent to fast torpedoes so for people who dont buy gold this
    is SHIT

  59. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Well now.. you can Run AA Build and Secondary Build on the Yamato^^. Cuz it
    lost ist fucking INSANE Heal -.-

  60. Joshua Morsink (Lord_Katmore)

    I was hoping you would mention it, but say I have an Iowa and I have no
    intention of getting the Montana. Would it still be worth getting
    concealment expert for the tier 5 skill? Nothing at tier 5 stands out for
    the Iowa.

  61. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    In my case, I’m still grinding through the trees and most of my ships are
    at tiers V and VI and my captains only just unlock their 4th skill, so I
    had hope you had some advice for “in progress” captains.

  62. am i the only one who loves Incoming Fire Alert!?

  63. Too bad I saw this only after I re-arranged my skills. :(

  64. what is the skill for IJN battleship if dont go for secondary build??

  65. Chase, you are a teacher, so please use proper terminology.
    Not flat 3%, but 3 percentage points.
    Not “multiplicative -7%”, but -7%
    It is horrible how advertising obscures the difference between the two, to
    the point where many people fail to notice the difference.

  66. I feel like if you need that incoming fire alert perk you’re not paying
    attention at all, sailing in straight lines, and like to turn broadside to
    enemy battleships. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  67. The updated captain skills suck… in my opinion.

  68. Is there a website out there where you can spec different builds and it
    tells you those benifits? I remember lots of MMO fan sites have this
    function, lets you play about with builds without the need to be in game.

  69. I’m pretty sure that +400hp skill serves well German and US cruisers,
    because you can actually survive previous insta-death with a well aimed
    battleship salvo.

  70. Wouldn’t the Atlanta also benefit from Basic Firing Training and Expert

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