World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #25 – How to Aim and Lead Effectively with the Reticule

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Episode 25 of Captain’s Academy deals with a question that many players have, how can I aim better and lead my targets better? So sit back and enjoy!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Alexandru Izvoranu

    First of thanks chase 4 all your videos, they are very helpful, second
    those vertical lines on the left side are the elevation of the guns. Keep
    up the good work and good luck in your endeavors.

  2. Eh….if you point your reticle at a spot in the water and fire, your shots
    should hit that spot. Now put in a ship at that exact spot. Ship size only
    matters for rng spread.

  3. this was my principal objection to this game . why did one have to aim when
    the real thing had analog computers to help with that . that fact and the
    fact that torps can reload in game mean that this promising game is dead to
    me apart from the occasional Co op battle . it will go the same way as woap
    given time . it’s totally not friendly to tomatoes .

  4. David Osorio (ODOC)

    que buen vídeo muchas gracias esto ayudara un poco, ya que no entiendo muy
    bien tu idioma y ademas el traductor no es que sea muy bueno, sin embargo
    soy seguidor de tu canal y todos los dias aprendiendo en tus video y en el
    streming de twicth muchas gracias por todos los aportes y esperemos que
    sean muchos mas

  5. Part of the reason I love this game is because of the aiming and firing
    mechanics. You’re constantly having to do math in your head while aiming,
    with calculations for flight time, angle of attack, how the enemy is
    maneuvering and so forth. Yes, these numbers help to a point, but as others
    have said, experience is the key. Now if only RNG wouldn’t completely wreck
    the whole point of making those calculations…

  6. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Amazing VIDEO!!!………………But can you pleas do a “know your ship”
    video on the Colorado class battleships! its my favrout ship in the game as
    well as in real life

  7. What about shooting in a Cleveland? Those lead times are stupidly long when
    at long ranges…

  8. How much does the “zoom level” of the reticule affect the scale? Some times
    (upper long-range) it gets really hard to try aiming for specific parts of
    enemy ship and as such, getting a closer look could be beneficial..

  9. again substantial and very helpful

  10. Thank you for this video iChaseGaming. I have quite hard time aiming in my
    battleships and tend to miss my shots. I can see my games improving after

  11. It’s TsunderAdmiral ! Shoot that guy ! (use Bradley Pitt’s tune like Movie
    – Fury)
    LOL ~

    Bad news is i am come from Asia server , hope can see him at Sea server
    some day :)

  12. My biggest grief in this world of RNG game is to aim With US gunboat +
    Atlanta on a fast moving target. Sometimes if i zoom in i have to lead the
    target so much that the target i’m aiming at is outside the screen, so then
    its hard to follow the target. My option is to scroll back on zoom With the
    scroll Wheel so i can find the ship i’m aiming at. This feature is thanks
    to slow and high Shell arc.

  13. I love this stuff. Thnx iChase

  14. I always semi angled in Fuso totally helped the ship poor armor

  15. Well too complicated for me, let’s go with feelings ^^

  16. Ichase, in my experience, I think the numbers on the horizontal line is the
    estimated flight time of shells to hit a 24-25kn ship (which they define
    slow Battleships and fast Battleships),I don’t know if it is correct or
    not,can you help me to check it out?

  17. wait, how did u manage to get into a one V one match?

  18. But the reticule doesn’t scale as you zoom in. So all your explanations are
    bogus. Just get used to the reticule, rinse and repeat until you’re used to
    it. Make some references just as chase did 20 kts battleship w/e. Just dont
    forget its a rule of thumb, not how things actually work.

  19. I can’t even hit anything that’s standing still. sigh!

  20. For DD I usually use flight time x3

  21. for angling you can use the cos() of your ship, aiming point and the
    estimated angle to compensate for the angle and calculate the percentage it
    is off

  22. Big thanks for this video and the time both you and TsundereAdmiral put
    into making this video. Was very helpful!

  23. Tamás Kerecsényi

    or just ignore the lines completely and do a quick calculation with the
    shell travel time, watching the lines too is distracting, also you have to
    learn every ship’s top speed, and what if the ship not going with full
    speed then you have to recalculate lol

  24. Thank you Chase.

  25. the worst is when a ship is at a angel heading away from you

  26. Niemand Wichtiges

    how did you do this with the 1v1 setup??

  27. Thanks for the info ,Keep them coming.

  28. this not work so good with fast destroyers like kiev

  29. I would never have noticed this new feature if you didn’t put up this vid
    XD but I don’t care about it anyways bcs I’m already confident enough in my
    own ability to shoot

  30. Question: If you zoom out once or twice from the max zoom in of the
    reticule, what’s the BB size speed are those intended for since they are
    definitely not for 20 knots BBs. Asking this because ships like Atlanta is
    almost impossible to use the max zoom in for a long distance target due to
    their super slow shell flight.

  31. Certainly a good start to aiming but at different distance each tick is
    worth a different amount of space though. Shooting at a broadside BB 4km
    away is going to be a different lead multiple of flight time than shooting
    one 20km away.

  32. Marty H (Vellarain)

    Yass, teach me more Senpai.

  33. Great vid iChase, I’m learning a lot in your videos thanks for sharing

  34. Hmmm … I had no idea about the 20knot BB reference. I’d just been winging
    it by aiming by experience. I’ll try this out when I get home in Random to
    see how well it holds it for my gameplay. I’m a BB driver by preference, so
    proper aiming is very very essential for me.

  35. Lets see if I can learn something new here! Also whew I survived that game
    against your udaloi, game ended before you could drop my ibuki. my team got
    trucked and pushed into the corner =/

  36. the vertical line tells you were the enemy ships deck is going to be, for
    example if hes in an angle and moving away from you, first you lead it
    correctly, and then the top horizontal line you set it the hight of the
    front deck, maybe just a little bit higer or lower depending on the angle
    he has and you fier.
    Not 100% shure that im right on the explanation, but thats how i do it and
    in most cases if i lead correctly, ship continues its course and rng spread
    favors you, you will land those shots instead of waching them over shoot or
    fall short when you had the lead correctly. cheers!

  37. Dude. iChase, I like you man, I like your vids. I tell everyone who likes
    warships to like and subscribe. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a
    more wrong or convoluted version of how to use the ABI aiming reticule

    The horizontal bar is static, it doesn’t move. It’s not a magic 20 knot
    battleship speed indicator. The lead required on a Battleship at speed of
    20 knots (or any speed for that matter) will vary wildly depending on your
    zoom level, shell velocity and target distance. A cleveland at 10km with
    max zoom will require a, substantially different target lead than a
    Nuremberg at 10km at max zoom given an identical target at identical
    speeds. The aiming reticule and tools are the same for both ships, it
    doesn’t adjust per ship.

    Here’s how you use it without having to pull out a piece of paper and write
    a calculus thesis before you pull the trigger on a volley:

    Can you count? Yes? Good. Now you have 100% of the tools required to hit
    your target approximately 100% of the time* (barring interference from
    dispersion and RNGesus). See those high notches on the horizontal bar of
    your aiming sights? They’re numbered so you can count them, with key
    indicators at the 5 and 10 marks only so as not to cause visual clutter.

    1: Use the alternate battle interface to show you to the shell travel time
    to target.

    2: Place your target reticule at a static point in front of your target and
    count out a few seconds (or use the battle clock if you can’t count) to get
    a guage of how fast the ship is moving.

    3. Adjust your zoom so that your target passes one of the high notches on
    your horizontal bar every second while it’s moving

    If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You are now using your aiming
    sights correctly. Since you’ve already picked a target and adjusted your
    sights to match one second of target movement to one high notch on your
    optics, there’s only one step left now:

    4. Use your optics to lead your target by a number of high notches equal to
    the seconds it will take for your shells to land on target. 1 second = 1
    high notch.

    5. Pull the trigger and watch those shells land right where they’re meant
    to go. (pray to RNGesus for good dispersion)

    What this does as you practice it over time, is create a natural
    relationship in your brain between the shell impact timer and target travel
    speed. After a while you’ll be making snap shots quite accurately since
    you’ve already subconsciously done the maths and worked out your required
    target lead without having to take those extra seconds to calculate target
    speed using the optics.

  38. christopher tucker

    ty chase

  39. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    Ahhhh, this. I have been using this for a while and I discovered that if
    you zoom one more out it gives lead close to 32kts or so, which in turn is
    very good for Cruisers and such. DD’s I go to the second zoom and then
    double the flight time to lead and it works very very well.

  40. Brian Lock (神通)

    This is only accurate if the target is parallel at 10km.

  41. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    chase the game is still too RNG and to much US ships being inferior to the
    others, I have recently gotten my first tier 7s, mahan and pensacola, and
    you won’t believe the types of things that happen, such as I just got back
    from a game in the mahan where I was outgunned by a minekaze… when I was
    on FULL health, the game before because I haven’t gotten my DD captain used
    to the mahan, I don’t have situational awarness, and I was randomly
    ambushed by a hipper and dropped smoke, and he used hydro and I had no clue
    so I ran away just to get spotted by his plane and he killed me, and he
    dodged while in smoke… 20 total torpedoes… and even worse has happened,
    I’ve been blind fired by a BB while in smoke and one shotted, and killed by
    a carrier while in smoke… and the carrier was 6 km away… maybe this is
    just because RNGESUS and matchmaker thinks i killed it’s parents…

  42. It would be awesome for a mod to take the shells flight time and the ships
    max speed to calculate and give you a little mark on where to aim.

  43. Didn’t realize how wonky the aim was. I figured if I led by bow shells
    would land at the bow, explains a lot of my misses now. I was leading
    centre mass.

  44. so that’s~~~ why i saw ya in a training room the other day

  45. Poor target lol. However I think most players have already figured out
    their own way (maybe not making any sense) of using the reticule.

  46. B-Baka Chase >.< I think thats how it sounds when you play with TsundereAdmiral ( ^ω^)

  47. When a target appears broadside to my ship at 5 seconds travel time :
    US BB | 5 (x1)
    IJN BB | 7.5 (x1.5)
    CA | 10 (x2)
    DD | 15-20 (x3 or x3.5 if boost)

    *values of the horizontal scale.
    **values decreases when target is angled.

  48. Awesome video!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort!!

  49. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Glad to see you remaster the previous aiming tutorial chase :3
    Personally I would say I prefer the new one since the reference point stuff
    was not so ideal.
    However, notice should be given about the zoom size.

  50. still prefer using a 30 knott crosshair, helps a lot more for those 15km+

  51. The fun part comes when you’re in a *Benson* and firing at max range, since
    then you’ll be aiming about one or two ship lengths past the edge of the
    screen (at max zoom), depending on ship you’re aiming at. And then you fire
    four or five more salvos before the first one lands and you see where you
    actually hit. :)

  52. My usual trick on this is get the ship centered, hit ‘x’ to unlock it from
    my view in zoom-out so it starts moving across the reticule, and count how
    many ticks it covers in a second, then calculate based on flight-time where
    to aim (don’t forget to relock the turrets)

  53. Sails Colorado. Aim perfectly, RNG, well…

  54. I wish you had said what ship you were using because it makes a big
    difference, for instance you have the Atlanta with the rainbow arc, and you
    have some guns whose arc, from your point of view, go up and left or right,
    some have a better curve than my pitches did when I was in baseball. All
    these you also have to account for, you have to know the different quirks
    of whatever ship your using.

  55. aiming only comes with experience, these reticles are a simple guide tool

  56. This is valid in full (maximum) zoom of artillery view, what I’d like to
    know is the exact relation between zoom-out “steps” and the aim indicator
    lines. The reticule is not auto-scaling, so if I decrease the zoom by one
    step the same interval covers more distance on the visual perspective so it
    will correspond to more than one second. Do you know this increment ratio?

  57. I love the vids man they are amazing

  58. cough strangers123 cough

  59. another great vid

  60. Good job with the editing and everything in this video, I can tell you put
    some serious effort into these videos and do really care. Thanks!

  61. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wow, that realy helped me a lot :). Thank you Chase :). I just went with
    some Basic numbers on different Ranges. U know like with BBs on 17km Range
    i went with 16 Seconds, that worked out most of the time^^

  62. One trick I have figured out for aiming accurately when my target ship is
    coming in on an angle is to drag my cursor along the waterline of the ship
    to a point out in front of it. It isn’t perfect but it works more often
    than not for an opening salvo.

  63. Chase this is really – i mean seriously – very good video explaining
    important things about aiming.
    But … to be honest … player need to “feel the shoot”, because then i
    tried to masure this like you explained in the same kind of video from very
    long time ago – i felt that i acually aim worse. Now i just … shoot how i
    feel …

  64. Frosty Thundertrod

    Thanks I will try it out.

  65. Also my shots never go where I aim them. That adds substantial challenge

  66. This was very useful. Thanks. :)

  67. I hereby proclaim thee “First”

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