World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #26 – The Armour Viewer

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Episode 26 of Captain’s Academy deals with the viewer that’s coming in patch 0.5.11. This viewer grants the player significant amounts of information with regards to the strengths and weaknesses of various ships . In this episode I look at the , Tier 10 battleships, as well as a few other random ships. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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  1. From my experience of montana vs tier ten german battleship. the german
    tier ten like tirpitz and bismarck is vulnerable to plunging fire and has
    weak armour in the superstructure and thanks to it’s size (313) meters
    according to wargaming. Not that hard to hit at distance with montana

  2. What’s the tirpitz armor layout?? I keep overpenning it with my Dunkerque

  3. So the Brit cruiser line is a whole bunch of Atlanta’s? :P

  4. Chase, do you think you could show the St Louis? I’ve been hearing some
    very interesting things about its armour lol

  5. Chase, may i point out, this is armor, not citadel area. I believe some
    ships have extra citadels (like atago’s open torpedo rooms).

  6. why they are not including magazine as part of citadel in some ship, is the
    armour viewer not finish or they done it on purpose?

  7. How do you look at the armour scheme?

  8. lee christmasgaming

    Now that we have the armor viewer we now can all see why the German
    battleships are SO overpowered and need to be nerfed

  9. How about the Japanese BB’s in comparison by the same tier? None of them
    were shown…

  10. Pensacola has a small citadel above water, doesn’t feel like it.

  11. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    You wait forever for the Royal navy and then they give you paper light
    Goddamit wargaming, god-fucking-dammit.

  12. just one question
    why is the hatred on US ships from WG….

  13. Unfortunately, the arcade simplicity of WoW really lends itself to pretty
    much screwing US ship design in a lot of areas. It basically assumes
    ‘bigger is better’ and runs with it. Materials, shell design, ships
    systems…none of these factors much. So, outside of historically incorrect
    armor in some respects, the game ignores a lot of advantages US ships had
    late war vs IJN ships. Most notably here is the fact that the US 16′ AP
    shells way out performed the 18.1′ shells of the IJN in ballistics and
    penetration (outside of extreme ranges where the higher mass of the
    Yamato’s shells helped).

  14. FINALLY I can start thinking up effective strategies per ship instead of
    using some general guidelines!
    Knowledge… is power!

  15. quest for ichase: say grosser kurfürst

  16. Gareth Fairclough

    Hmm. Those British t9 and 10 cruisers might be sitting a touch too high in
    the water, much how the warspite and other ships were. Possibly.

    Thanks for the vid, IC!

  17. Whoever runs wargamings t10 BB balance department should be shot.

  18. biggest problem with the montanais that it should have at least as much pen
    as the yamato and at long range has MORE (british naval ordenance review)

  19. great new feature, will surely elevate standard of play.

  20. Gotta love that magical, mystical *cough* fake trutleback armor! Good game
    mechanics are good! Also they should just give the Iowa/Montana 16″ L50
    guns the historical accuracy and penetration they deserve and just let them
    be sniper/support ships otherwise they will continue to simply be useless.

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