World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #35 – How to Battleship

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Episode 35 of CaptainR;s Academy covers the essentials of battleship play.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. My favorite class :)

  2. I chase please do another Montana guide <3

  3. Wo_9 was so good in that Iowa making that such an extreme pleasure to

  4. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    I would also throw in German cruisers as ones to angle against. Hipper Roon
    and Hindenburg can really hurt you if you’re broadside regardless of what
    you’re sailing. Might not be citadels but in an Iowa taking 8-9k AP volleys
    every 10 seconds or so isn’t something you can keep up for long

  5. Can’t wait for your how-to-cv vid >.<

  6. there has to be a mechanic that every player has to watch at least 1
    tutorial for every ship class and nation before playing it ;-)

  7. I wouldn’t say high tier destroyers and cruisers stuggle against bbs

  8. I agree with the notion of staying with your team all the time, with a few
    exceptions. Sometimes both teams are stalemated bow-in to each other. If
    you have a fast battleship (Iowa or NC comes to mind), and you use islands
    to conceal your intentions, you can sweep around one flank and get into a
    position were you have the other team’s broadsides to shoot at. I have
    racked up some crazy scores doing this.

  9. try communicating in the ching ming Asian Server…they wont understand
    you..all you see are square Box Chat..

  10. About the repair, it is a bit hard to know when to use it, especially if
    you have 2 fires set, you repair and suddenly a torp bomber floods you…

  11. 17:30 If only people would learn that pushing is a viable option, and
    supporting the one pushing can yield great results!

  12. Why don’t you mention to use Catapult Fighters to get sight against enemy
    BB behind island/smokes or torpedoes?
    8/10 BB doesn’t even use them until they sunk or game ended.

  13. Wo_9 why u do dis

    and i bet he still doesn’t have the 19 point lol

  14. what ichase omitted to tell you guys is that the #1 rule absolutely does
    NOT apply to German BBs. In fact, the opposite applies: If you’re a German,
    be a fucking German and GO ALONE. Forget your so-called “allies”(they are
    worse than pigs), formation? pppfft German BB are designed to fight by
    itself.(ask any naval historian) don’t let your speed, relative stealth go
    to waste and surprise the enemy by showing up inside their immunity zone.
    After that, it’s to see whether they like taste of your fast-firing but
    equally powerful(in close quarter that is) main-calibre or be the prey of
    4x G7aT1 one-strike-kill. For the glory of Third Reich and the expectation
    of the Fuhr, knights, Charge!

  15. a couple point:

    Damage control should be used whenever you expect the next fire/flood would
    be after the CD.

    best time to use repair is when you’re actually taking damage.

    don’t sail in a straight line.

    don’t “poke” out of an landmass; turn away from it

    bow on – fire forward guns – angle – fire rear guns – bow on – fire forward
    guns ………….

    fire in salvos, especially in range – it increases the chance of some hit
    versus no hit

    for dodging shells, turning in should be accompanied by slowing down,
    turning out should be accompanied by acceleration

    if making a run, don’t hit reverse, full speed ahead, angle your ship 45
    degrees to the enemy, wait for a salvo, full rudder turning out
    immediately, you should be at 45 degrees at least when enemy finish

    don’t bother angle your ship to the enemy whose guns are not pointing at
    you, if fact you should be matching the angle (so the two ships are
    parallel) for optimum dispersion.

    never chase, even if your name is ichase.

  16. Um I just realised that your vid on the Yamato called “know your ship
    Yamato” got taken down for copyright reasons, don’t blame me ok it was the

  17. Great Video as always. Quick Question. Your first rule, which I religiously
    follow, is never go alone as a BB. However I tend to find other BB’s to
    team up with. Should I rather be teaming up with a combined arms
    battle-group or would it be better to continue with trying to create a
    powerful BB battle-group. Your thoughts.

  18. Nobody plays CV anymore… now its just DD Dankfest…

  19. My favorite too so are carriers

  20. Mihajlo Stojanovic

    Idk im pretty sure that HE shells do beter against DDs.

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