World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #37 pt.2 – Captain Skill Builds for Battleships and Carriers

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Episode 37 pt. 2 of Captain’s Academy talks about skill builds for and carrier captains after the 0.6.0 patch.

Table of contents:

– 0:47
– 12:16
Kurfurst – 16:38

Hakuryu – 20:33
Midway – 26:03

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. Chase, will you be doing a skill build for Warspite at all, or do you think
    that video would be better off waiting for when the Brit BB line comes out?

  2. Carriers are deadeded:'(

  3. Wait do high tier carrier bombers have rear gunners?

  4. Wait.So Seagal captain has a bonus?!And yes I do have him but aint using
    him atm.

  5. does stealth udaloi work?
    trying to figure out captain for the alt soviet dd tree

  6. Best skill for a carrier captain, select another class.
    They somehow managed to make a deadly ship that wrecks the whole enemy team
    impossible to play.

  7. i tend to use superintendent rather then basic fire training, the 10 %
    reload buff is so small that its not worth it ! the extra heal on GK or
    yamato can save you the ass most of the time

  8. expert loader not pE? lol i dont know what you are talking about, the GK
    guns break fast… how can you recommend so bad choices?

  9. does Steven Segal captain give a bonus which other captains do not offer?

  10. I thought the Jap BBs secondaries fired AP shells so how would IFHE really

  11. So… how about some selections for non Tier-X BB/CV? ;p

  12. Speaking for IJN Tier X CVs, how about AFT over Manual AA? Increase in
    range of AA guns by 20%, as well as secondary guns… say you’re in a
    close/mid range support role late game, and an enemy DD gets close to you –
    secondaries are meager protection but its better than nothing.

    Manual AA is totally viable imo, but only improves AA, whereas AFT improves
    performance of both types of armament. Thoughts?

  13. I hate the new skill system, it is a huge nerf for battleships. With the
    same points I lost super intendant and fire prevention. You have to choose
    AA and secondary’s or fire reduction and prevention. You can’t have both.

  14. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    I use the secondaries with adrenaline rush and IFHE on my Kurfurst however
    I use superintendent instead of BFT for that extra heal. With secondary
    reload module and 406’s (super quick firing at about half hp) you kill shit
    like a Viking berserker

  15. +iChase what do you think about exploiting AR to faster servicing of
    planes? For example Hakuryu 2/3/3, on the first attack take off TB then
    Figthers and last DB, do your normal attack against a DD while attacking
    yourself with the DB. Burn some HP and pop DCP. +50% HP gone and then
    prepare the second attack. Thoughts? see ya later

  16. T10 secondary build is…….. pretty much suicidal. T8 is the sweet spot.
    Maybe they can buff the secondary build to reach around 12km, otherwise,
    it’s pretty situational……… Poor Izumo.

  17. 16:56
    with enough paint you can make kurfurst into ninja kurfurst
    step 1: paint kurfurst green
    step 2: plant trees
    bam you have your kurfurst looking like iceland. thank me later

  18. Question: If you already have the top fighter planes in Tier X CV, does it
    make sense to take DFE? Since it states that the attack power when fighting
    higher tier CV fighters.

  19. Adrenaline rush effects all types of armament on a ship..this is what it
    says..which means..main secondary and torpedo tube reloading..? or not?

  20. I can’t quite see the Catapult Fighter skill being useful, if it works like
    I’m thinking it does. I’m not going to dispute the benefit of having an
    extra fighter every time you launch, but the speed reduction would make
    them react slower, creating a possibility that enemy bombers might get
    through. Even if I’m wrong, though, I’d say priority target is still the
    better skill for any BB.

    I’m also a little bit befuddled by some of the changes to the skill tree.
    While this was supposed to promote build variety, it seems like this has
    just added a bunch of useless skills and a couple of good ones, making a
    couple of old ones pointless (Jack of All Trades, for instance, now costs
    two skill points for the equivalent of a Signal Flag) and moving a bunch of
    others up the tree. BoS and BFT, for instance, despite being fairly
    critical starter skills, are now competing with high-end skills that they
    really can’t hold up against. I thought part of the point of this was to
    make crucial skills more accessible, not less so.

    Further, I really don’t see any new variety. Ideally, I would say that this
    would offer options between builds for tanking, brawling, fire support, and
    other such roles for BBs. What, instead, seems to be the case is that
    Brawler builds have a bit harder of a time getting the skills they need,
    while fire support builds have nothing new, but secondary-exclusive builds
    are easier to make. Tanking is still not a role that can be focused

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